About Jennifer

Brief Biography

Jennifer Larson was born in Superior, Wisconsin on a lovely fall day.  Oops, sorry.  It was northern Wisconsin.  Let’s try this again.  Ahem. 


Jennifer Larson was born in Superior, Wisconsin on a freezing fall day.  The sky was a clear blue with nary a cloud in sight.  She remembers it well.  The waves gently lapped onto the shore of Lake Superior as a giant ship carcass graced the scene.  (That ship is still being constructed to this day.)


Jennifer was welcomed into the world by her parents, four grandparents, and countless aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Some of them are still alive to this day.  She spent many a summer frolicking about the north woods with her extended family.  She loved to swim and had to be dragged out of the water kicking and swimming at mealtimes.  But that was last year.  We’re getting ahead of ourselves.


When she wasn’t turning pruney in the water, Jennifer loved to read.  She’d read anything she could get her hands on.  When she was in eighth grade, her mother told Jennifer, “You’re smarter than I am.”  Jennifer knew better than to say, “I know.”  She simply kept quiet while listening to the remainder of the lecture.


In high school, Jennifer was unaffected by peer pressure.  She had fun doing what she wanted to do, and always spoke her mind.  A friend later admitted to her that she envied that about Jennifer.  That friend is still alive to this day.  Admittedly, however, she is no longer a friend.


Jennifer’s family moved around quite a lot, so Jennifer had to make new friends often.  She has fallen out of touch with most of her school friends.  There aren’t many people who have known Jennifer her whole life.  She prefers it that way.  People shouldn’t know too much.


Which brings us to the end of the biographical portion of our page.

Awards and Accomplishments

Jennifer is a world-renowned writer.  She has at least one reader in Australia and another in Hong Kong, which clearly makes her an international sensation.  She has also won awards:

  • 4th grade spelling bee champion
  • 5th grade spelling bee champion
  • 6th grade Citizenship Award

Free Time

In her free time, Jennifer likes to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours.  Sometimes she drools, but only a little.




Picture meant to represent Superior’s Shipyard—

is actually Ohio or something.  Maybe Ontario?  They’re all the same.







Spelling bee cartoon