September 11, 2003

The Pentagon 9/11

Via Victor's friend.

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Posted by Jennifer at September 11, 2003 03:22 PM


Hi, Jen,
Don't know if Victor gave you the background on the picture. A friend of mine (from way back) works in Arlington and took this from his office window before his building was evacuated.
It's not like the photos from New York, but it was very close to home for us. Thanks for including it.

Posted by: Nic at September 11, 2003 07:22 PM

No, Victor didn't give me much on it. But I know the Pentagon is kind of "forgotten" so I'm really glad I could post it. Thanks, Nic. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at September 11, 2003 07:29 PM

Check out Bill Whittle's post on 9/11

Posted by: Pete at September 11, 2003 08:23 PM