September 19, 2003

1974 Trivia: Clean Water

After cancer-causing chemicals were found in drinking water throughout the United States, the Safe Drinking Water Act set water pollution standards.

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Posted by: jim at September 19, 2003 08:23 AM

Here's a link to get you can report back to the rest of us about what you find.

Posted by: Jennifer at September 19, 2003 08:28 AM have spent the worst part of 2 years battling the Erisa Gods. I have lobbied a few times and even have an "exemption" credited to my name. However, I was hoping you could review it and by bring your new perspective..identify a better way to regulate investment managers serving the pension holder with a new, more logical set of guidelines. What? is that too much to ask?

Posted by: jim at September 21, 2003 05:58 PM

Hmmm...let me think. Yeah. :-) But if you care to educate or rant for the rest of us, the offer is open...I'll post it for you. You haven't put a URL on your name, so I assume you don't have your own blog to post on. Let me know, Jim.

Posted by: Jennifer at September 22, 2003 04:41 AM