October 03, 2003

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Grace Coolidge.

Grace was the polar opposite of her reserved, shy husband. She was gregarious and fun-loving, and made a habit of teasing Calvin.

When Calvin was the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, he gave a speech to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chickering Piano Company despite the fact he had no great interest in music. Grace loved music and attended the dinner as well. To her amazement, she heard her husband talk knowledgeably about the master composers and their works. Later she laughingly asked him when he had learned about music, and he quickly changed the subject. Grace decided the speech was the only ghostwritten one he ever delivered.

Calvin couldn't whistle, but his wife could do it very well. To call the dogs, Calvin got a little whistle he could blow. Unfortunately, he misplaced it one night and was trying his hardest to whistle for the dogs himself. Grace exclaimed, "What's the matter, papa, don't your teeth fit tonight?"

The Coolidges and friends took a cruise one evening, and two ladies were seated next to the quiet President. They were unable to get him to speak at all. The next morning at breakfast, Calvin asked his wife why the ladies had not come down yet. She explained they were still "exhausted by your conversation of last evening!"

Posted by Jennifer at October 3, 2003 05:33 AM