October 06, 2003


If nothing else, it's certainly interesting to see the accusations of anti-Semitism and womanizing being flung at Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all, anti-Semitism and womanizing are nothing new to the Kennedy family. Patriarch Joe Kennedy did pretty well in both departments.

While serving as America's ambassador to England, Joe opined the Jews had "brought on themselves" everything Hitler did. He said that Hitler had done "great things" for Germany and that the Germans were thriving.

Morton Downey Jr, whose father was a close friend of Joe's, said, "I think if Joe had his way, Hitler would have succeeded in his annihilation of the Jews....He always found great favor in Hitler. He would have loved to see him succeed."

When Joe's son, Joe Jr, was traveling through Germany, he wrote a letter home that complemented his father's own views. In it, he remarked on Hitler's "sterilization law which I think is a good thing. I don't know how the (Catholic) Church feels about it but it will do away with many of the disgusting specimens of men who inhabit this earth."

Joe was aggressively anti-Semitic. He even lobbied his son John to incorporate attacks on Jews into his political platform.

As for womanizing, I'll just say two words: Gloria Swanson.

Posted by Jennifer at October 6, 2003 12:06 AM