November 11, 2003

Veteran's Day

A huge and heartfelt thank you to the men and women who have risked their lives to protect ours...and those who continue to do so. Please take a moment out of your day to remember the ones who gave their lives for your freedom.

Paul has a good post up about today. I'm a fan of the last line in particular.

Today is a nice day to visit Front Line Voices to read letters from our servicemen and women.

I didn't have time to write anything particularly significant for today, for which I apologize...please visit the links above instead.

Posted by Jennifer at November 11, 2003 09:32 AM



We are set to Celebrate our Vets
In this year Two Thousand Four
And sadly it’s another year
When our Soldiers are off at War.

There’s some say, "The War is just!"
And some who say, "It’s just not right!"
But the ones we should be talking to
Are Those who Walk, not Talk the Fight.

For, not all see things the way we do
In this good ol’ U S of A
For they have lived for centuries
In a completely different way.

Our Troops there Work to show them
How a People Freed can live
And They put Their Lives on the Line
And for Some, that’s what They Give.

So, following this Election Day
And as our Nation starts to heal
We must all come together
And let Them know how we all feel.

For, to One and All we send our, "Thanks!"
And Pray for Their Quick and Safe return
And Hope Their Torch of Freedom lit
Will for Now and Always Burn.

And to Those who Served before Them
In all times of Peace and War
We owe them a Debt of Gratitude
For our Life of Liberty, and so much more.

Del "Abe" Jones

Posted by: Del "Abe" Jones at November 6, 2004 07:23 PM