December 03, 2003

You Asked, Kin Answers

The wonderful, the fabulous Kin has answered your questions!

Kin was the first blogger to ask me to marry him and therefore holds a very special place in my heart.

You should read his interview.

I'll be checking to see that you did. :-)

Who is Christie and why is she diverting your attention from me?

She’s a wonderful girl, a fellow blogger, and someone who will remain nameless. Here’s hoping she gets some play soon.

Why blog?

Why brush your teeth?

Which blogs (if any) do you have to check every day?

Instapundit of course. Tim Blair is a long time favorite. The Bitch Girls was one of the first blogs I read and graces my browser regularly. For the daily dose of humor I check out The Yeti but since he has stopped chatting up the cute barmaids he’s less of a draw. If you consider Opinion Journal’s Best of the Web a blog then that’s actually my first read every day…on the wirless PDA and read on the way to work. I check out JenLars.Mu.Nu at least 8 times a day on the off chance that she’ll post some personal porn.

You only dated your wife 6 weeks before proposing. How will you react if one of your children ends up in a similar situation?

I’d be totally supportive. I’d be more worried if they dated for a year. If you don’t know after a month then something is wrong. Granted…I also don’t expect my kids to start dating until they’re ready to make a commitment.

How did you know she was "the one"?

When I realized that we had the same goals in life, that when we looked 10-15-20 years down the line, we both wanted to be in the exact same place. And you know what…we’re ahead of the game. Oh yeah…and she laughed at my jokes.

Why is your wife so wonderful?

Well, lots of reasons. I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, my wife is a very strong, independent minded person. She’s very much an individual who does things because she thinks they’re right and not to conform to anyone else’s opinion of how she should behave. With all that…she walks me to the door every morning when I go off to work. Sends me off with a kiss and stands by the door until I’m around the corner. She has breakfast ready for me in the morning and dinner when I get home at night. She knows when I need cuddling and puts up with me all grabbing her grabbable bits. She has a smile that radiates. If I’m happy…she’s happy. She’s the perfect mother, even handed, never snappy, always with a gentle word. And she laughs at my jokes.

You haven't had any pets of your own? Not even some goldfish from a fair that died after 3 hours?

Oh…one of those. I think I realized pets weren’t my thing when I did get a gold fish at the fair. I was changing it’s water and it slipped down the drain and died. Half the house stunk for a week. My sister had cat that lived 20 something years and a dog that could jump 12 foot fences. I was happy to have a book.

Why do you have such a problem being complimented?

I don’t know. Just makes me self-conscious. I know what I did. You know what I did. If there’s room for improvement, say ‘good job, here’s where it could have been better’. Anything else is wasting time.

Why were you kicked out of sleepaway camp?

Heh. Let’s see…I brought fireworks. And nunchakus. And shurekeins. And a Playboy. I also told a younger kid I’d beat him up if he told anyone about the Playboy. He told. I didn’t have the chance to follow through before I was on the next bus home. Granted, the camp director personally invited me to come back the following year. I never understood that. When I was a counselor and they kicked a kid out in my division I almost quit when they took him back for the second session. What idiocy.

Aren't you worried that Akira will show up to kick your ass?

That’s why I keep a Kaneda action figure on my computer.

Name your favorite constellation.

I was going to quip “that would require some knowledge of astronomy”, but could actually name a few dozen. None really stand out though. Orion I guess, because it was the easiest to spot from my granparents stoep( look it up) in Cape Town.

Who is your favorite "Sex and the City" girl?

The one played by Jen Lars.

Blondes, brunettes, or redheads? Or Sinead O'Connor?

All of the above? I always knew I’d marry a brunette with blue eyes, that’s been a given since about 2nd grade (thank you Amy). As a matter of fact all the girls I’ve ever dated have been brunettes (at least naturally…one was a bleach blonde and a bottle red head and black and she always made sure the carpet matched the curtains, needless to say I was a shocked little naïve boy). Red heads certainly are stunning, I can stair at a real red head for hours. But that also might have to do with having a thing for freckles. And blondes? Well…what guy doesn’t like blondes?

You can meet four people currently living. Who are they?

I’m not sure about this one. The number of people who stand out as truly great, in this day and age, is limited. We’re more a generation of lots of people doing small things that together makes us greater. I’ve had the privilege of being in the presence of some of the greatest Rabbis of our times so I really don’t feel lacking in the ‘people I’ve met’ department. I never had any great desire to meet famous people…well at least since I passed puberty and no longer lust after Linda Carter (mmmm…Wonder Woman fetish).

What is your favorite comic strip?

Hmmm…good question. I’m a big fan of Web Comics. Something Positive is one of my current favorites. It’s very irreverent and I get a tremendous kick out of it. It’s also exceptionally offensive, so come prepared. Chris Muir’s Day by Day also rocks. As far as syndicated strips go…all my favorites have been discontinued. Bloom County, Liberty Meadows, Frumpy the Clown. Siiiigh.

Is it difficult to keep kosher all the time?

Not really. Like anything else, once you’ve gotten over the initial willpower barrier it’s much easier. I wouldn’t say it was harder when I went to Japan, there is no kosher food there (except Haagen-Daz and M&Ms), but I adore Japanese food. So it was kind of annoying seeing all that amazing food all over the place and not being able to eat any. It wasn’t difficult in a – oh I gotta get me some of that now, kind of way. More like a – being thirsty on a boat in the middle of the sea kind of way.

What made you choose to live in Israel?

For 2000 years Jews have dreamed about coming back to Israel. It’s were we belong. I came after high school for the year and that was it. It was just the natural thing to do. I really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

What adjustments did you have to make, moving from America to Israel?

When I first came it was very different. It was much more Middle Eastern, with less Western influence. You couldn’t get all sorts of things that are commonplace in the US, even two-ply tissues. But now there’s almost nothing you can’t get here. Though I came when I was 18, so I had no problem ‘roughing’ it. I’ve gotten used to it know, so when I go to the states everything seems so opulent and over done. Dealing with socialism is a bit more of a pain. Lots of bureaucracy, which is evil, strikes suck.

When did you leave South Africa for America?

When I was 3. My father was very active in anti-apartheid and had a young family. We had our phone tapped and lots of his friends were banned. I became a naturalized American citizen when I was in 7th grade. They threw a party for my sister (who was in 8th at the time) and me, which was pretty cool.

What changes do you remember between the two?

I was really too young to know the difference. I do know that my sister fell in love with coffee yogurt and my father was amazed to see the selection in the supermarket. I’m still amazed when I go into a Safeway and see an entire aisle of just water. America…what a country.

Posted by Jennifer at December 3, 2003 12:02 AM


I might be just an old fool of a romantic, but I loved the answer to 'why is your wife so wonderful.'
Oh, and the hangover is chipping at me, but I think that's got no real bearing on my response. Probably.

Posted by: LeeAnn at December 3, 2003 09:05 AM