December 07, 2003

Pearl Harbor Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor...and military bases at Guam, Wake Island, and the Philippines. The attack on Pearl Harbor became a rallying cry for the American people throughout World War II.

Since this is the 62nd anniversary and not some nice, round number, the media doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the anniversary.

MSNBC has a short story, including a bit about an Iowan who served on the USS Nevada.

FoxNews has the nearly identical story on their site. Let me check. Yep, it's an AP feed.

CNN has a story on dive expeditions to the USS Arizona, site of 1,177 fatalities.

If you're reading this, please take a moment to remember. Then take a few more to see Sgt Hook.

Posted by Jennifer at December 7, 2003 03:37 PM