February 23, 2004

I'll Give You a Topic...

Free time.

What do you do with yours?

Posted by Jennifer at February 23, 2004 04:19 PM



Posted by: Ryan Gabbard at February 23, 2004 05:35 PM

Hey, me too!

Posted by: Jennifer at February 23, 2004 06:23 PM

Me three...
Although I also waste a lot of time doing web surfing, and watching T.V...

My problem is that I have many things to do, and I am frequently behind on a lot of things, but I find it hard to focus, and to get things done... It's much easier to waste time on... Well, on internet surfing, and blog reading, and... blog commenting, and other stuff. That is not good...

I have a lot of "free time" that shouldn't be free.

Gotta go...

Posted by: Aakash at February 23, 2004 09:19 PM

Talk to my adorable wife. Read. Hang with the kids. Read. Watch CSI. Read.

Posted by: Kin at February 24, 2004 07:04 AM

What is free time?

Posted by: Pete at February 24, 2004 03:30 PM