April 19, 2004

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from Woodrow Wilson's inaugurations:

1. Wilson's journey to Washington, D.C. from Princeton, New Jersey was the last time a president-elect's journey played a large part in the inaugural festivities. Over 600 Princeton students accompanied the Wilsons on the train to D.C., singing the school fight song and later participating in the inaugural parade.

2. Wilson's wife was seated in front of the inaugural stand, and she could not see her husband as he prepared to take the Oath. Mrs. Wilson proceeded to move her chair to the side of the stand, where she stood on the chair and peered over the stand to see her husband take the Oath of Office and deliver his inaugural address.

3. When Wilson stepped up to deliver his address, he noticed the police has moved the crowd away from the stand for security purposes. He instructed them to "Let the people come forward!"

4. For the parade, only one band was allowed to play "Hail to the Chief" before the President. Previous parades had every band subjecting the new president to the same song over and over, and parade organizers decided to put an end to it.

5. Wilson's second inauguration occured with the country on the brink of war. Security was the tightest it had been since Lincoln took office.

6. For his second inauguration, Wilson's wife broke with tradition and rode to the Capitol with her husband.

7. For the first time, many women marched in the inaugural parade.

Posted by Jennifer at April 19, 2004 08:00 AM


It would have been funnier if Grover Cleveland or William McKinley had said #3...

Posted by: Nathan at April 21, 2004 07:20 PM