May 12, 2004

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Tidbits from Harry Truman's inauguration:

1. Truman's 1949 inauguration was the first broadcast on television. Of course, not many people saw it since not many people had televisions at that time, but that's beside the point.

2. Broadway star Tallulah Bankhead didn't have a ticket to join Truman's reviewing stand at the parage, but when she raised a commotion a Secret Service agent recognized her and let her in.

3. Bankhead loudly booed when Strom Thurmond passed the reviewing stand. Thurmond had run against Truman and Dewey in the election. Mrs. Truman murmured to a friend that she wished she "had nerve enough to do that."

4. For his part, Truman simply turned his back on Thurmond's group.

5. Truman pledged to integrate the inaugural festivities, and blacks were included in all major events--including his inaugural ball. The inaugural ball tradition was revived with Truman.

Posted by Jennifer at May 12, 2004 02:20 PM