August 12, 2004

*War Games

The Olympics began in 776 B.C. and were held every four years in tribute to Zeus. The events were similar to warfare--throwing spears or rocks, wrestling, etc.

The Olympics continued until Roman Emperor Theodosius--a Christian convert--put an end to the games in 394 A.D.. The Olympics fell victim to his efforts to end pagan worship in the Roman Empire.

In 1892, Pierre de Coubertin proposed an Olympic revival. He thought the Games would help prepare France for a possible war with Germany, and in 1896 the modern Olympics debuted.

Many of the events are still reminiscent of the warfare games from the ancient Olympics--archery, javelin throwing, shot put, and of course wrestling.

Posted by Jennifer at August 12, 2004 09:08 PM


What about solo synchronized swimming?

Posted by: Pete at August 14, 2004 12:31 PM