February 03, 2005

*I'll Give You a Topic...

High heels. The work of Satan or a gift from God? Discuss.

Posted by Jennifer at February 3, 2005 09:00 AM


Satanic gift from God!

Posted by: Keith at February 3, 2005 09:26 AM

What Keith said!

I do have one problem with high heels though. They squish my toes together.


Seriously though - why do naked girlie magazines and porns always have the girls wearing high heels? About the last thing I want in bed with me is a six inch stiletto. That's an accident waiting to happen.

Posted by: Jim at February 3, 2005 10:10 AM

Satan at work in order to make those beautiful God-designed creatures look even more tempting,..you know, a forbidden fruit with legs up to heaven.

Posted by: jrd at February 3, 2005 12:37 PM

Sorry to interrupt - but did somebody say porn?

Posted by: shank at February 3, 2005 02:54 PM

A gift from God for the men who get to look at women wearing them. The work of Satan for the women who wear them.

Posted by: Andrew at February 3, 2005 04:08 PM

The short version of Andrew's comment:

Wearing - Satan
Watching - God

Posted by: Harvey at February 3, 2005 10:32 PM

Satan... although they do make my legs look nicer, it't not worth it. At all.. Blech.

Posted by: Boudicca at February 4, 2005 11:10 PM

What Andrew and Harvey said. They not only make yer legs look better, they force you to walk s&xier.

Hey, the word s-e-x is banned! :(

Posted by: Tuning Spork at February 5, 2005 01:08 PM

Beatiful Woman wearing them - Gift from God

Any man wearing them -- Work of Satan.

And before you ask. Yes, I have seen a man wearing 6 inch stilleto heels... and I don't want to say anymore.

Posted by: contagion at February 6, 2005 03:08 PM

Hmm, as an athiest I'd have to say that they're just another device to help keep women objectified as lust objects rather than as equals (it makes us boys feel so much more secure).

And Jim makes a point I think about often while perusing my 300 gigs of porn, why do they make them wear high heels in bed? It looks stupid. I'm all for the full nudity thing. Just like I'd laugh at some guy who wore his socks into bed. Though its much harder to puncture a lung with a sock.

Posted by: Johnny Huh? at February 7, 2005 02:39 PM

I'll take stiletto heels over platform shoes, or the latest thing, athletic shoes, in porn.

In real live I would put them entirely in the diabolic column. I don't appreciate the distortions they create, especially after working with a woman whose leg muscles had shortened to where she could not walk barefoot any more.

Posted by: triticale at February 8, 2005 10:53 PM