April 12, 2005

*Raring To Go Interview

It's the Raring to Go Interview!

Tell us a little bit about your military background...were you active
military before becoming a teacher?

** I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1990, transferred to the Texas Army National Guard in 1991. From 1997 to 2000 I was on Active Duty in Germany. I re-enlisted in Aug 2001 in the TX Guard. **

Which branch of the military do you belong to?

** I am in the Texas Army National Guard, 36th Infantry Division**

You're being sent to Afghanistan soon...what are you looking forward
to about the mission?

** I am looking forward to helping the Afghan people to build up their country and to help establish peace to a country that has not know true peace since 1974. **

Do you have any trepidations about going there?

** Mostly just the long time that I will be away from my family **

How did your kids react to the news of your deployment?

** We had talked many times about the War on Terror and what might be required of me. Even though I have been in the service for many years, this is my first deployment away from them for so long. They are sad that I am gone, but proud of me, and eager to help their mommy. **

How did your other kids--your students--react?

** I teach three grade levels, and each reacted differently. The 8th graders knew that this was their only year with me, and so were not too sad that I was leaving. The 6th graders know that I will be back for their 8th grade year and are OK with me being gone. The 7th graders, were the most upset. They were looking forward to being in my class again next year, and are sad that I will not be their. All of them, though, are excited to know that their teacher is going to defend freedom, and all of them gave me specific instructions on what to say to Osama if my unit is the one to capture him. **

What subject(s) do you teach?

** 6th Grade is World Regions, 7th - Texas History, and 8th is US History to 1870. **

Besides your family and students, what will you miss most about
being away?

** Pizza! **

What "personal" items did you pack for your deployment?

** Books, my laptop, a coffee maker, my heating pad, religious items and an Economics textbook for a online class I am taking. **

Any music coming along to the desert?

** Over 900 songs on my laptop, mostly country but some rock and classical as well. **

How long will your training last before you go overseas?

** About 70 days or so **

Why did you start your blog?

** Mostly as a way to stay in touch with my students and family. **

Who are the other contributors listed on your blog?

** Ah, yes...my stealth partners...my wife is one, another soldier in my unit, and another family member of a deploying soldier **

Which other blogs do you read?

** Right now, I don't have much time to read any...but back when I was a civilian I read many, Glen Reynolds, Emperor Misha, IMAO, Bill Whittle, American Soldier just to name a few. **

Do any other bloggers influence your own writing?

** The other Mil-Bloggers gave me the inspiration to start my own site.**

It's obvious from reading your site how much your wife means to
you. How did you meet?

** We met at the end of my sophomore year of college. I was blowing off steam after finals with some friends by shooting pool. They had to leave to study for finals the next day, but since I did not have any I decided to stay out. Alone, but wanting to play air hockey, I went over to the table and noticed a group of girls nearby playing pinball. I asked if any of them wanted to play air hockey. One did and proceeded to beat me three straight games. I challenged her to a game of cards, and we went to an open study area and played cards until about 2 AM...then we went for a long walk around campus and talked all night long. 14 month later we were married and have been for almost 12 years. We have had our ups and downs...but I can assure you that she is the One that completes me...**

Posted by Jennifer at April 12, 2005 08:45 PM