June 01, 2005

*Speaking of Half-Stories...

Henry Hudson discovered and explored the Hudson River/Bay areas, looking for the Northwest Passage. This is about the extent of what I learned about him in school.

Maybe in the East, y'all learn the rest of the story.

Hudson did not discover that area. Giovanni da Verrazano did so about 85 years before Hudson showed up. Hudson didn't really explore much, either. He was just trying to pass through.

Either way, his explorations came to an end when the ship he was on got stuck in the ice of Hudson Bay for winter. When June rolled around and the ice finally broke up, Hudson wanted to continue westward. His crew, which had just spent a winter stuck on the ship, was less inclined to find that a great idea. Eventually they mutinied. Hudson, his son, and seven sickly crew members were let off the ship to do as they wished. The rest of the crew sailed back to Europe.

Hudson was never seen again, and the crew was never punished for their mutiny.

Posted by Jennifer at June 1, 2005 06:00 PM