December 05, 2005

Gift Time

I have decided that the referrer of visitor 250,000 (or closest thereafter to claim it) will receive a Hawkeye gift basket of some sort. Everyone I know is getting Hawkeye stuff for Christmas. Why should you be any different?

I think I'll also have a handful (i.e. 5) of "nearly first place" prizes for the readers who come close to being the 250,000th visitor themselves and send in a screen shot as proof. They will be small prizes (under $10), but a small something is better than a big nothing. Those prizes will go to anyone who is 249,998 and beyond who claims it first, until all 5 are claimed.

So. Keep an eye on the Sitemeter in the lower right column. And feel free to help it along by linking, visiting more often, etc. You can win the big prize by referring the 250,000th visitor, or the other prizes by being here yourself.

Posted by Jennifer at December 5, 2005 09:19 PM | TrackBack