January 30, 2006

He's not dead until we say he is dead

From the "what were they thinking files"

In 1661 the body of Oliver Comwell is exhumed so that it can be formally executed.
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From what I recall, that guy was one mean puritanical motherf@#$er. Cromwell's men committed an... infamous massacre at Wexford (Ireland) when they broke into the town during surrender negotiations, and killed over 2000 Irish soldiers and civilians

As the Pogues wrote and sang:
"A curse upon you Oliver Cromwell, you raped our motherland. I hope you're rotting down in hell for the horrors that you sent, to our misfortunate forefathers, whom you robbed of their birthright, to hell or Connaught may you burn in hell tonight."

Posted by: Oorgo at January 30, 2006 11:49 PM