March 29, 2008

*Work In Progress

I am slowly getting the blog back in shape. It will be an ongoing project, but will eventually get done. [UPDATE: If you see problems with the site loading, etc, please let me know. The content-type messes will get sorted out as I have time to work on them. Thanks!]

Making a change going forward: any posts that deal with material that did not magically pop out of my brain will have reference(s) listed at the bottom. These will not be academic-format citations, but will allow anyone interested to explore the topic further, cite a "real" reference, etc. I've always expressed a willingness to divulge my sources to those who ask nicely, but this will just put it right out front for everybody.

Also, you'll forgive me if I occasionally repeat myself. I can't remember everything I've ever posted, and am basically too lazy to check the archives very often.

Posted by Jennifer at March 29, 2008 03:51 PM | TrackBack


Woo-hoo! It's back!!

Posted by: Daniel at March 29, 2008 08:25 PM

Will there be a new design?

Posted by: Daniel at March 29, 2008 08:25 PM


Posted by: Susie at March 30, 2008 03:29 AM

and there was much rejoicing. Yay!

Posted by: Pete at March 30, 2008 08:30 AM


I just added a buttload of new posts to my blog as well. They're just a bunch of crossword puzzle completion times that no one but me will ever be interested in perusing, though.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at March 30, 2008 11:16 PM

Woo hoo!

Is 'Ask Jen' coming back too?

Posted by: Jim at April 3, 2008 03:46 AM