July 09, 2008

*Pictures. Of *Iowa* Flooding

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First, my favorite flood pic, which ran with a caption something like "A dam expert supervises the construction of a National Guard sandbag levee." It made me laugh even when I thought my apartment was probably hosting 5 feet of water.

And now some pics with truly Iowa flava:
Several pigs swam to a levee, and they were shot due to fears they'd weaken it. Some people (check out the comments section of that link) got their panties in a bunch about it, but then a few days later, muskrats weakened a different levee and it gave way.

Still kinda hard not to feel a little sorry for them, looking at that cute fat piggy on the tippy-top of his barn roof.

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We have beaver dams in a slough that runs through our property. People were getting all pissy about the risk that beaver dams might pose should we get torrential rains (this is hurricane territory); so they had some guy come drain the dams, trap the beavers, and relocate them.

He was a really old dude, and he kept saying things like "Trapped a female at the dam on the other side of the road there. That was a nasty beaver," and "People might think I don't like beavers, but the truth is I do this job because I think beavers are great." Except he was serious and I couldn't stop laughing.

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Uh, isn't that a groundhog checking out the sandbags?

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