September 19, 2008

*Johnny Depp be a Scabrous Dog

Ahoy, me hearties. 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we be celebratin' with movie quotes from that bloody scallywag, Johnny Depp. There be more than one quote upon the horizon, and the rules be much the same as before.

One bit o' shine for the character name.

One bit o' shine for the movie title (ye'll need be specific on this, you cursed sea dogs).

One bit o' shine for the context.

Two bits o' shine for trivia, making me laugh, and the like.

It'll be down to the depths with any filthy, slimy, mangy cur what be a cheater.

Here be the first quote:

You seem familiar. Have I threatened you before?

You best start. Ye have one hour, maybe two. Prove your mettle and ye shall be rewarded with swag, savvy?

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Arr, that be Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl. He was threatening that cursed Will Turner in the swordmaker's shop.

Posted by: Dread Pirate Jameson at September 19, 2008 10:46 AM