November 06, 2008

*Get a Grip

If you didn't see last night's South Park because you're some kind of grownup or something, and you read this article, you might believe that Trey and Matt (whom I seriously considered as my write-in candidates, btw, but in reverse order) spent all their time making fun of Obama's dead grandmother.

Not even close.

The episode was funny...a spoof of Ocean's Eleven, with Obama and McCain and company as jewel thieves who only ran for president to be able to steal the Hope diamond. The dead grandma bit was part of the intrigue...she faked her death to help out. By Trey and Matt standards, pretty low on the controversy totem pole.

I loved the episode. The reactions from Obama supporters, thinking the whole world would change the next day (it didn't)...and the reactions of the McCain supporters, thinking the whole world would end the next day (it didn't) on. It was the strongest SP episode of the current run, and all the more impressive for having Obama and McCain speech reenactments less than 24 hours after they occurred.

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