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My college education is in history
and anthropology. I have done
genealogical research for individuals
as well as the State Historical Society
of Iowa. I provided an article for
the most recent Iowa Biographical
Dictionary, and have conducted
historical research for individuals
and companies interested in Iowa.

References and/or writing samples
available upon request.

Available Services


I will not knowingly write your term paper for you, but I can do historical
research for a variety of other reasons: I have researched early 1900s
Des Moines for an historical hotel’s marketing department; I looked into
Iowa’s Underground Railroad for a screenwriter; and I wrote a detailed
timeline plus historical re-enactment of Iowa’s Constitutional Convention
for a State museum. I am willing to take on any historical or anthropo-
logical subject, and I can provide you with a range of finished products:
essay, timeline, outlined notes, and more. Email your requirements and
we will work out a fee.


1. On-site research in or near Iowa: involves travel to and from a site.
This can include trips to gravesites, visiting county courthouses or local
historical societies, and other sites of importance to your family history.
The cost for this kind of research is $25 an hour, and will be calculated
using Mapquest’s estimation of travel time (round-trip) plus additional
research time needed. Times will be rounded up to the nearest half-hour.
You will receive copies of all documents I use, all of my notes, a written
summary of findings, and digital pictures of any important sites I visit.
Document fees charged by courthouses, historical societies, etc., will be
added to your invoice.

Example: you hire me to visit your great-great-grandparents’ gravesite
which is 37 minutes from my home. You will be charged for 1.5 hours,
or $37.50, assuming the gravesite is reasonably easy to access from the
roadside. You will get transcribed information from available grave
markers, and digital pictures of those markers. If the cemetery is
overgrown and unkempt, you may be charged for additional time
required to locate specific gravesites.

I am available to do on-site research that will require overnight stays
outside Iowa, and those assignments will be priced differently. My
day-trip region generally consists of Iowa, eastern Nebraska, southern
Minnesota, and northern Missouri.

I require pre-payment on the estimated travel time, and will bill you
for any additional time or fees when the job is complete.

2. State Historical Society of Iowa research: involves document
research that can be completed in Des Moines. This often includes
newspaper obituary retrieval. The SHSI has most Iowa newspapers
on film. Census reports, etc., can also be found at the SHSI. You
will get all document copies I make, all of my notes, and a written
summary of what I have found. The minimum charge for SHSI
research is $25. This charge is payable in advance, and you will be
billed for any additional time or fees upon completion of the assignment.
(Note: SHSI copies are 25˘ per page.)

3. Basic internet research: involves online genealogical records. I have
access to several online genealogical service databases, and a surprising
amount of family history can be found online. You will get copies of any
pages I print, my notes, and a written summary of my findings. A basic
search through online records is $10 an hour, with the first hour payable
up front. You will not be charged any document fees, and additional time
spent will be billed upon job completion.