August 26, 2003

War! Announcement

He Who is Not Yet Named (vote in the poll to your left) was offered multiple chances to surrender to the Axis of Evil Naughty. He scoffed. He scoffed, ladies and gentlemen, at you and at me.

Therefore, I entered into negotiations with Kevin, hoping to increase the power of the Axis. (Or maybe he was concerned that "Allegiance Alliance" didn't have much oomph...I forget.) So, in exchange for links, I have agreed to loan out the "Axis of Evil Naughty" name for the Instapundit cause. This in no way changes my official stance as "neutral" in the BlogWar of Glenn/Frank. Like Susie says, "Consistency is for Wimps."

The Axis of Evil Naughty's first and foremost concerns are links and hits...this new partnership should advance our cause. Hopefully those of you who are original members of the Axis as well as members of the Bloggers' Alliance will continue to stay with the Axis...your contributions are priceless, and absolutely appreciated. You will always be the Charter Members of the Axis of Evil Naughty. You will always hold a special place in my heart and on my blogroll, regardless of your decision.

So, you can stay with me, who loves you. You can go to the Nameless one, who scoffed at you. Or you can subscribe to the "Consistency is for Wimps" theory and try to belong to both. I hope you will stay.

Posted by Jennifer at August 26, 2003 07:00 AM