December 02, 2003

*Ask Jen

Paige writes, "What is a, anyway? And where the hell is Niue?"

Mu is explained here, and Nu is explained here. If you require further explanation, Pixy Misa will be victim subject to an interview one of these days...that might be a good question for him.

Niue is in the South Pacific, east of Tonga and northeast of New Zealand.

Simon asks, "Why are people from Holland called and speak Dutch?"

Dutch is simply the English name of the language, which is similar to German. The Netherlands is the official name of what most of us call Holland. Holland is an area of the Netherlands. Specifically, North Holland and South Holland are two of the twelve provinces in the Netherlands. People from the Netherlands call their language "Nederlands."

Do you have a question for me? You can e-mail it. If I know the answer, I'll answer it. If I don't, I might make something up.

Posted by Jennifer at December 2, 2003 05:16 AM


I google searched a Noonan quote and landed on this weblog (I've heard of them but this is the first I've seen). I'm all hooked and you're all bookmarked. Charm wit and wisdom intrigue though so I write to ask about the source. Is there some "all about Jen" link I missed?

-nu fan

Posted by: jody at December 6, 2003 09:15 PM

Welcome. :-)

Try these:

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Posted by: Jennifer at December 7, 2003 06:47 AM