November 21, 2003

You Asked, Stevie Answers

Stevie has answered all your questions!

Learn things you didn't want to know about cows; learn how she spends her, umm, relaxation time; and learn which male celebs she wants in bed.

Mmmm...Bret Hart.........huh? What?

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What's the grossest thing about cows?
My first thought was: Dealing with the people who own them, sometimes. But then, I remembered what it really is. They...I don't even wanna say, but...they eat about 150 lbs. of afterbirth, after giving birth. It is disgusting to see. *Shudders* Whomever asked that one...thanks. (*shudders again*)

You often mention meals that you've cooked in your blog, what is your favorite dish to prepare? And why?
Hmmm....I'd have to say ribs. Big, huge country ribs...browned lightly and left to finish cooking in barbeque sause. Then, garlic lima beans and baked potatoes. (Great. Now I'm hungry...) Followed up by a spice cake (grinning at Ted) with cream cheese icing. And, good Folger's coffee. (Okay...I just radioed George and Eric and now that's dinner tonight....excellent!) Next?

You seem to blog a mile a minute and I sometimes have to re-read an entry to keep up. Do you also speak this way or is it just your blogging style?
Nope, unfortunately, it's not just how I blog. What you see is stream-of-consciousness, pretty much, usually rattled off at the approximate speed of Wile E. Coyote on rocket-skates. My Dad is even worse. The two of us together have been known to cause rooms full of people to be either laughing their asses off or sitting in gape-mouthed wonder trying to figure out what the hell we're talking about. Let's put it this way...I had no trouble understanding that Federal Express (?) guy that talked 200 mph back in the 70's.

What's the perfect breakfast?
My personal favorite is pretty simple..pancakes and link sausage. But, the 'perfect breakfast' is (are?) really the ones where I get to make about 92 different things, then sit back and watch it get devoured by Eric's Sr and Jr, George and whomever else happens to be here. That is just...I don't know how to articulate it. It's just really cool to do and see. I really think I'd like to cook for guys on a ranch out West somewhere. The idea of feeding a buncha hungry, hard working men just makes me really happy. That'd be a cool 'job'. (They could pretty much pay me for that one by liking it, behaving, sliding me a horse and just a little cash. Maybe a place to live there, too, as part of the salary...hmmm...Eric's from Idaho...ooops. Sorry. This was about breakfast, wasn't it? Okay...back to the questions.)

Pork or beef?
You want me to chose between ribs and steak? Please. Both.

If you could re-live one day in your life that happened before you were 20 -- with the hindsight to appreciate it in a way you didn't at the time -- which would it be?
Hmmm....excellent question. Okay...I got it. It was the first day I ever spent around the guy, Michael Steven Robbins, to whom I eventually know. And, my heart. I was 16. It was the summer of '79. I was in the process of switching high schools. I lived right on the line of the districts and all I had to do was take courses at Woodstown they didn't offer at Salem, like Ag, so I did. Besides, my Dad went there. So, we went there one day, toward the end of the school year to get me enrolled. When I visited the Ag. building, I looked down into the shop from the teacher's office and saw Mike. I had gone to school with him before when I started school in the Woodstown system. (We had since moved, to within the Salem district...) Anyway, I saw Mike, he saw me and scarfed my phone number outta my paperwork when Mr. Coles wasn't looking. He called me that night and after bullshittin' for a while he announced that, since I was single, he was my boyfriend now. Well, he was cute. I did know him. I had nuthin else happening in that, okay. Why not? The next day was a Saturday and it was beautiful out. My Dad was going to a sale and agreed to drop me off at Mike's on his way. He lived in Alloway, where I grew up and my Dad kinda knew his Dad and it was cool. So, Dad drops me off and after I waved goodbye, I looked around. I could hear Neil Young playing in the house. It was a huge yard, surrounded by pastures with black steers. I could hear pigs, off in the distance and there were chickens and peacocks (!) everywhere. I turned and looked at the house and there, framed in the screen door, stood Mike. Tall, blonde, slender, shirtless...just gorgeous. I went inside, saw that he not only had Neil Young playing, but Looney Tunes on with the sound turned down. There was a beanbag chair in the middle of the living room floor. Nobody was there, except us. So, I remember plopping into the bean bag, chattering nervously, all silly, lighting a cigarette and then....Mike just leaned over and kissed me. That shut me up. He sat back and looked at me. I just smiled at him. He said " we can relax and quit wondering when that's gonna happen." I also remember getting...stoned that day. It was pure magic, from one end, to the other. We didn't do the deed that day, because I remember where that happened and it wasn't there. I still love Mike. He died in 1982. He was electrocuted. I miss him and it's because of him that dairy cows are a part of my life, which is a whole other story...

Where did you lose your virginity?
Under Mike.

What did you think of New Coke?
I don't like Coke at all, because it makes my teeth feel gritty, like all the enamal is gone, or something. Beisdes, it's rare that I'm drinking anything except coffe or iced tea (with no ice, thanks).

What are your favorite movies?
Got a year? God...Let's see...Max Dugan Returns, Weekend at Bernies, Porky's, Full Metal Jacket, the original Odd Couple, Sibling Rivalry, Norma Rae, Overboard, The Godfather, the Walking Tall Trilogy, Billy Jack and a PBS documentary called The Farmer's Wife. And, that's just off the top of my head. Really. I gotta include NatLamps Animal House and Christmas Vacation, too. Next question before I think of any more..quick!

What movie are you most confident that you could recite the dialogue verbatim?
Billy Jack, The Godfather...two I'd like to are the DI's ranting in the beginning of Full Metal Jacket and Chevy Chase's rant when he gets his 'bonus'. I will master both of those some day.

If you could secretly watch, who would you choose to send on a date with Paris Hilton? Don or Daniel?
Who thinks of this...stuff? Seeing as to how Ms. Hilton's life seems to revolve around being a rich bimbette, I'd say both of 'em. Make it a contest or endurance test or something. Whatever they felt like...You go guys.

How often do you give other drivers the finger?
My middle finger looks like Popeye's bicep from the work out it gets. I don't limit it to drivers either. Animals, the TV, the toilet...whatever pisses me off can easily get flipped off. Being inanimate doesn't exclude ya.

If you can live with one Munuvian in a penthouse suite which you can never leave, who would it be and why?
Hmmm...well, Collins is pretty quiet.

If you can live in bed with one male celebrity, who would it be and why?
Bret Hart or Kurt Russell...hmmm. How am I supposed to choose between these two? They both make me feel faint.

Do any other bloggers influence you or your writing?
Not influence me, no. No more than maybe a trackback kind of post or something. But, I do see where I've got things in common with other people. Acidman posts multiple times a day and so do I. Greg Beck goes from one topic to another at great speeds within a single post, so do I, sometimes. Stuff like that.

Why did you start your blog?
Rob 'Acidman' Smith. Plain and simple. I found him one day, started reading, eventually read his archives. I said once in his comments that it was like a Disney short of a flower bud. It opens, blooms, comes to life, then they pan back and blow your mind with a field fulla flowers. His blog saved him. Mine is saving me, too. I honestly believe that I've had depression, been depressed-whatever- since I was about 9, the first time my life blew up. I've never been medicated or anything, except 'self'. I do one thing, and only that one thing. And, it is NOT a gateway drug. Not in my experience. (For anyone still not sure, let me say that I adore Cheech and Chong, okay?)

Which blogs do you have to read every day?
God...again with the mile long lists...lem'me go look...I don't want to forget anybody. I don't read every one on the 'roll, every day, but there are a bunch I do make sure I get to...hang on. nearly alphabetical order, here are the ones I try to read first. I get annoyed if I can't get all the way thru in one sitting. There are several others I also try to read everyday, but those, I don't mind so much 'getting back to later'. For the sake of brevity (Hah!), this is the 'short list', okay?
Ain't Done It, Altered Perceptions, Bloviating Inanites, Dog Snot Diaries, Gut Rumbles, Jett Superior, Dax Montana, Ken's Page, Lobowalk, Light & Dark (except I keep keeping Paul from being able to post for IM-ing half the night, every night *hugs Paul*), Scooby Snax, Social Reject, Snowball and Velociworld. (pant, pant..whew)

Do you think comments are an important part of a blog? Either as a writer or reader?
To me, yes. I want the feedback and other perspectives. If I feel a strong enough need to comment somewhere else where there are no comments, there's always email.

What is one activity that you can do to relax yourself?
Legal? Singing. Not so legal? I'm sure you can guess. (Puff, puff, pass...)(cough)

Do you have any hobbies we don't know about?
Not that I'm aware of...hmmmm. Nope. None that I can think of.

Thanks again, Jen. That was great! You guys asked really good questions. Hell, if ya have any more, feel free to ask. My comments get emailed to me anyway. Feel free to use 'em.

Thanks everybody! This was a blast!

Posted by Jennifer at November 21, 2003 12:42 PM


Thank you one more time and damn, I really screwed up my spelling in that "Coke" question, didn't I?

Posted by: Stevie at November 21, 2003 12:55 PM

Now, that's the kind of contest I could enjoy - maybe a reality show??

Posted by: Daniel at November 21, 2003 05:00 PM

Stevie, you had me laughing so hard I startled the cat with this one: "Hmmm...well, Collins is pretty quiet." Great interview!

Posted by: Susie at November 21, 2003 09:03 PM

Nice interview! I grew up on a ranch milking cows every morning, butchering cows, pigs, chickens, growing vegetables in the fields and fruit in the trees, riding horses (only barback, can't ride with a saddle - is that weird?), flinging cow pies, move irrigation.... shit I had a flashback... to much moto [pass the joint]!

Posted by: The Bartender at November 22, 2003 06:09 PM