November 22, 2003

November 22

Somebody asked why I hadn't posted anything for the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

The main reason is that I think the mainstream media has this one covered.

The second reason is...I don't know. No one asked why I didn't have a McKinley post up September 14. Or a Lincoln post up April 15. Okay, I didn't have a blog on April 15.

Kennedy was killed eleven years before I was born. No president has died in office during my lifetime. No president has prematurely left office during my lifetime for any reason whatsoever.

I could attempt some meaningful post about President Kennedy, but I think I'll pass. I will say I have been to his grave in Arlington. I have been to Herbert Hoover's grave as well. I was in solemn awe at both. Any man (and let's hope woman someday) with the courage to take on the presidency has my complete respect for that. There has been a president or two in my lifetime that I disagree with and even dislike, but anyone willing to assume such awesome responsibility is indeed a special person, regardless of their personal conduct--or political slant. I don't think anyone could take on such a job without understanding the importance of it.

So there you have Kennedy non-post.

Here is a "real" Kennedy post for you.

Posted by Jennifer at November 22, 2003 06:48 PM