December 30, 2003

*Ask Jen: Attila's Dandruff Edition

Reader Jeff asks, "How did Attila the Hun die? Where is he buried"

As the story goes, he died while having sex on his wedding night. He had many wedding nights, but this was the last. The Huns buried him at night, in a secret spot in the mountains. When the funeral was over, they killed the slaves who had dug the grave. He died shortly after leaving Rome, so the location may be Austria. Check mountains "beyond the banks of the Danube"...that should narrow it down for you. I expect a fair cut if you find the treasure.

Reader James K. asks, "Why does your dander get up when you're angry?"

Dander is an old word meaning anger, possibly derived from the Dutch "donder" which means thunder. A second explanation is that dander is another word for dandruff, and when an animal is angry his hair stands on end...transferring this to humans, being angry would get our hair or dandruff up.

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Posted by Jennifer at December 30, 2003 10:05 AM