December 12, 2004

A Little Thank You

Welcome to the 2004 Windies! What's a "Windy", you ask? It's the nickname for the JenLars Blog Award statue.

This marks the first-ever JLB Awards, an exciting roundup of the bloggers who helped JenLars the most. These award winners inspired, sent traffic to, and/or are the most loyal readers of Jen's blog. Windies are awarded based on a completely arbitrary process that is top-secret. Due to failing memory accompanying old age, it is possible you were inadvertently left out of the Windies (or your whininess was underestimated)...if this is the case, apologies all around.

Now, randomly ordered, we present the Windy Winners!

The Sunshine Award is happily given to Harvey, for always making me smile with his comments and innuendo.

The Longevity Award is given to Victor, who I believe is the longest regular reader of my blog who still reads and comments regularly.

The Top Commenter Award goes to another long-time reader, Tuning Spork, who is my most ardent commenter.

The Underpants Gnome Award is presented without comment to Ted. :-)

The Legacy Award is given to Susie, who has blogrolled me longer than anybody else.

I once commented that Trey Givens was the cutest guy on my blogroll. That's why he wins the Still #1 Award. Should Trey be unable to fulfill his duties as the winner, Flibby will take his place.

The Stalker of the Year is undoubtedly Kin, who gave me my own category in his blogroll. You should all follow his example.

My Favorite BlogParent Award goes to Kevin, who blogrolls me and even acknowledges my existence now and then.

The Andrea Yates BlogParent Award is given to Frank J, without comment.

The Frozen Pop BlogParent Award is presented without comment to Citizen Smash/The Indepundit.

My Favorite BlogChild Award has to go to Pete, even though he is on a blogging break at the moment.

The Best Pinger Award is given to Jack, who gives great ping.

Referrer of the Year is undoubtedly Blackfive, who has sent me approximately 10% of my traffic.

The Vicarious Award is presented to Jay and Deb, whom I love to live vicariously through. Duh.

The Newbie Award goes to Kyle because I recently noticed him commenting a lot.

The Eric Cartman Award is given to Laurence Simon, because he says what other people only think. And several things we never thought of in the first place.

The Kurt Cobain Award is presented to Bill for being the most suicidal blogger. Don't do it!

The Muse of the Year goes to a blogger who has inspired more posts than anyone else--directly or indirectly. DFMoore is that blogger.

The Blind Date Award goes to Paul, because I have no idea what he looks like but I'd have his children anyway. You know, theoretically.

The Alexander Graham Bell Award is presented without comment to WindRider.

The Jimmy from the Block Award goes to the Jim who most remembers the little people.

The BlogGod Award clearly goes to Pixy Misa, who makes all of this possible for me and so many others.

And finally, the Man of the Year Award goes to Sgt Hook for obvious reasons.

(Feeling left out and want your own Windy? Want one a little racier? Here's a blank one for all your photo-shopping needs.)

Posted by Jennifer at December 12, 2004 06:30 PM

You're quite welcome.

And I'm still waiting for those catsuit pictures...

Posted by: Harvey at December 12, 2004 11:59 PM

Yay! Thanks Jen!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 13, 2004 12:12 AM

I didn't know pinging did it for you, otherwise I'd have been doing it more!!!

Posted by: Jack at December 13, 2004 02:29 AM

Why, thank you, Jen! I shall proudly post my Windy sometime this week!

Posted by: Victor at December 13, 2004 06:47 AM

I'm touched!

And I don't mean in that psychotic way that most people use to refer to me.

Thanks Jen :)

Posted by: Jim at December 13, 2004 08:13 AM

Why thank you Jen... I'll always remember you as my first.... award presenter.

Posted by: Kyle at December 13, 2004 09:41 AM

Great Awards, Jen!! [And I'm not just saying that because I received a most justly deserved one ;P]

Posted by: Susie at December 13, 2004 10:12 AM

Melissa Rivers:

"And here come's Paul, from Sanity's-Edge. Wow! Now that's what a guy in a tuxedo should look like!"

Joan Rivers:

"He's the king of the red carpet, Melissa. And look at that bulge in his trousers..."

Posted by: Paul at December 13, 2004 11:14 AM

Oh crap.

I swore I wouldn't cry.



Thanks, Jen!

Posted by: Trey Givens at December 13, 2004 11:38 AM

Wow. I'm moved beyond words. Thank you.

Posted by: Sgt Hook at December 13, 2004 01:30 PM

Daniel inspired some freakin' great posts!

Posted by: Victor at December 13, 2004 01:43 PM

You know what I'm going to say about that award, don't you?

Looks awfully painful to have to go blow it out of your ass.

Damn, I hate awards.

Posted by: Laurence Simon at December 13, 2004 02:55 PM

I know, LS, and I'd expect nothing less from you.

Posted by: Jennifer at December 13, 2004 02:58 PM

There are catsuit pictures? Cool!

I wonder... does that qualify for entry in Carnival of the Cats?

Posted by: Jay at December 13, 2004 05:01 PM

WOO HOO! "Top Commenter"! An award just for showing up! It's... like a paycheck!! :D

Posted by: Tuning Spork at December 13, 2004 08:07 PM

What?!? No TRO? Sheesh...some stalker award.

Posted by: Kin at December 13, 2004 11:30 PM

oh hell, now I am going to have to post something. Thanks.

Posted by: Pete at December 14, 2004 02:18 PM