January 05, 2005

*Presidential Fun Fact: Silent Cal's Will

Calvin Coolidge's will did nothing to change the perception that he was a man of few words:

"Not unmindful of my son, I give all of my estate, both real and personal, to my wife, Grace Coolidge, in fee simple."

If only all legal documents (or politicians, for that matter) could be as short and to-the-point.

Posted by Jennifer at January 5, 2005 02:28 PM


Have you done the one where a woman buttonholed Coolidge at a party and said that she'd bet a friend that she could get Cal to say more than 3 words?

Posted by: Dr_Funk at January 5, 2005 10:22 PM

And he said, "You lose."


Brevity is the soul of good journalism. And the antithesis of all those who subscribe to our therapeutic, "emotion-and-sentiment-over-reason-reality-and-the-rule-of-law" culture.

Damn that's a lot of hyphens.

C. Coolidge

Posted by: C. Coolidge at January 6, 2005 01:13 AM