February 25, 2009

Loosen Up My Buttons...

'Tis a quote.

"Yeah, you know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons.

--Homer J. Simpson

So lay down your fave Simpsons quotes in the comments if you must. Or Pussycat Dolls song lyrics, I guess.

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February 16, 2009


Mrs. Shank is preggers.

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February 05, 2009


Has anyone been to Biltmore House in Asheville, NC? Is it worth the price of admission?

UPDATE for the benefit of anyone getting here through a search engine...yes, it is totally worth the price of admission. Better to go when the flowers are in bloom and such, but a very nice way to spend the day, according to my parents. Good tour, good shopping, etc.

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