June 02, 2008

*Superstitions--Gold Earrings

Ever wonder why the stereotypical buccaneer sports a gold hoop or two?

It's partly because of an old sailors' superstition that gold earrings will prevent one from drowning. The reasons for this are unknown, but probably relate in some way to the value of gold and the fact that having some is a bit lucky in and of itself.

The other part of the equation is the belief that gold can help improve eyesight--even if the gold is located in the ear. Figure that one out. But rubbing gold across the eyelid will supposedly cure a stye, and it can also clear up vision problems of other sorts. Perhaps by paying off the optometrist?

Good vision is not a bad thing to have when one is at sea...and not drowning is pretty good, too. Hence the gold earrings.

Reference: Most of the material from this post was found in David Pickering's Dictionary of Superstitions and Christina Hole's The Encyclopedia of Superstitions.

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Thank you so much! You have provided an official explanation as to why the American Idol chicks all wore those ridiculous giant soul-crushing gold hoop earrings all season! There's a moat outside the studio!

Posted by: sarahk at June 2, 2008 01:28 PM