June 16, 2008

*Dwelling Equals Insomnia, Denial Equals Sleep

I find I sleep better if I don't think about it too much...no use getting all distraught until you know how distraught to get. Or something.

The only recent aerial photos do not show my specific building, but other buildings I can see in my apartment complex have at least half the first floor under water.

And here is the intersection a few blocks away...
(click to enlarge)

The traffic light posts give good perspective as to depth. This intersection is on lower ground than my building, but not by a whole lot.

Donations to the Red Cross, United Way, University of Iowa Flood Fund, or even to me would all be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, as I can actually get back to my building to have a look-see (estimated to be about two weeks from now), I'll take pictures and all that. Hopefully my desktop computer with the memory card reader made it through okay (I had it 6 feet off the ground). Otherwise, well, I'm not sure how I'll show you the pics.

So that's me. How are all you?

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Well, crap. Are you on the 1st floor?

Posted by: shank at June 16, 2008 11:57 AM

Yes, I am on the first floor.

Posted by: Jennifer at June 16, 2008 12:03 PM

Renter's insurance?

Because I can't get into my building, I can't claim any damages yet for insurance, FEMA, Iowa state aid, or whatever else I might be qualified for. Additionally, when you're suddenly displaced, you have some expenses. When I go back to campus in the next couple days, I'll have to buy things like paper plates and cups and garbage bags and stuff like that because I left my dishes and whatnot behind. Also, I'll be living without a kitchen for the foreseeable future, which will put some strain on my food budget. I'll be living in a dorm, with my car parked miles away. When my job starts back up again, I won't be able to get to my car or my job on weekends without using a taxi service, because bus service on the weekends from where I'll be to where my car will be does not run until too late in the day...and the bus doesn't run to my work anyway. Close enough if I wasn't gimping around with a broken ankle. There are just all kinds of little things I can think of that I may not NEED, but they'd sure be nice to have. Like a robe for walking from my dorm room to the communal shower room.

I definitely got off lucky, even if I lost all my belongings that were left behind, because I didn't lose a house or anything really important in the big picture. So I don't necessarily NEED help as I'd define it when related to others, but it would make my life easier right now.

Posted by: shank at June 16, 2008 12:11 PM