June 16, 2008


Flood recovery is a long process. I worked at a flooded business in 1993, and stayed on during the long cleanup and rebuilding phase, and it's not easy. It also smells bad. Flood water contains sewage, so you can smell the fecal matter that touched everything the water reached.

Good times.

Anywho, the Iowa River will be slow to recede, and as the I.C. city manager points out, just because the water is gone doesn't mean things are going to be back to normal...

Regina Bailey, Iowa City Mayor said "In some areas there's still a very stiff current so it's still unsafe to enter those manditorily evacuated areas."

It could be several days before people are allowed to look at their homes. The city has three conditions to meet. Is it safe? Is there a low risk of fast moving water following a potential breach. Can the power be turned on? All of this is just to look at homes.

Michael Lombardo, Iowa City City Manager said "Keep in mind that you'll be able to re-enter areas long before re-occupancy."

It could be months before homes pass inspections and people are allowed to move back in.

(all emphasis mine)

The Red Cross sees donations pour in after tornadoes, where the devastation looks so much more impressive, but floods never bring in the donation dollars. The Red Cross disaster relief fund is tapped already, so please consider donating. Besides providing food and shelter to displaced residents, they provide things like help with deposits on new places, bleach/other cleaning supplies to those cleaning up, and other support services.

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Well, you know if there's anything else I can do, you know how to reach me.

You know, you could come to the beach for the summer; and finish classes through distance learning, or just transfer to the university here. Assuming the campus is flooded too, has the U said what they're going to do about summer classes?

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