April 22, 2009

4/22 Lyrical Pursuit Lyric

A little working music for your Wednesday

(See rules/intro here.)

I keep my nose on the grindstone, I work hard every day

might get a little tired on the weekend, after I draw my pay

but I'll go back workin

Cheaters will be escorted out of the building

Clue #1: He is on your fighting side
We have the artist - it is Merle Haggard
Clue #2: It has been covered by Diamond Rio. Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson & The Alarm also have songs with the same name.
Clue #3: This song was targeted to his core group of fans
Clue #4: Man you guys are reallying me work on this one

No winner today: It was Merle Haggard - Working man blues

Posted by Pete at April 22, 2009 07:32 AM | TrackBack


Merle Haggard? Dunno the song, though...

Posted by: nic at April 22, 2009 03:26 PM