November 21, 2003

What is Wrong With People?

So, every now and then I like to look at the SiteMeters of people I read. See what kind of traffic they get, that sort of thing.

A recent trend is to happen across a SiteMeter that is recording thousands of daily hits above what a blogger normally gets.


Googlers and the like searching for a certain heiress's sex video. (Purposely left out the name, but you all know who I'm talking about.)

Seriously, is it that exciting to see some rich girl getting boffed? I'm all for porn, but why would there be so many thousands of people looking for this girl's sex tape?

It must be something I don't "see." She's just not that...interesting.

***Update: Ed has a thought on the matter...

So, I am kazaa鈥檌ng the hell out of this trying to find it. Not because it is P**** H***** having sex but because, well, it is anyone having sex.

(name editing mine)

Posted by Jennifer at November 21, 2003 02:43 PM

Hell from what I have seen she's not even that good looking.

Posted by: Pete at November 21, 2003 09:31 PM

That gives me an idea: If I write posts everyday about Anna Kornakova, I can stop my free-fall in the Ecosystem! Yay!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at November 21, 2003 09:31 PM

I guess it's more popular than the Bea Arthur home porn movie...but I didn't care to know anything about said heiress, and don't feel a pull towards it now either. It's like asking me to be interested in edible kelp. I'm content to be a unicellular being in the ecosystem.

Posted by: Jerry at November 22, 2003 01:57 AM

Jen, you're a girl. You're not really expected to "get" why people want to see her video. If you were a guy, though.....

Oh, and a Bea Arthur video-nasty? That would take the prize for ironic porno of the year.

Posted by: Jon Henke at November 22, 2003 12:03 PM

Well, Jon, if it was Heather Locklear or Rachel Weisz porn, I might be interested. Paris Hilton? Not so much. :-p

Posted by: Jennifer at November 22, 2003 12:16 PM

Why, Jen! I didn't know you drifted that way! :)

Posted by: Jon Henke at November 22, 2003 06:34 PM

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