September 30, 2003

1974 Trivia: Billboard 100

As this is the last day of September, so too will this be the last post of "1974 Trivia" for the year.

I present to you Billboard's Top 100 Singles of 1974:

7 T.S.O.P. M.F.S.B.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Note: Woodrow Wilson had two wives...normally I would post about both, but I am splitting them up. Edith Wilson will get her turn tomorrow.

Ellen Wilson.

Ellen always went without the "finer things" for herself in an effort to economize. This allowed her husband to buy books, their children to study art and music, and for the family to entertain as necessary. She did this gladly, choosing to spend money on things that were more important to her than new clothes or jewelry.

While Woodrow was teaching at Princeton, Ellen once told someone her clothing expenses were only about forty dollars a year. Some faculty wives made rude comments about Ellen's wardrobe not being as fashionable as they deemed appropriate. One wife supposedly remarked with venom, "Mrs. Wilson, every fall you look sweeter in that brown dress."

After Woodrow was nominated for President in 1912, a female reporter demanded to know why Ellen never wore jewels. "Have you some sort of moral prejudice against jewelry, Mrs. Wilson?" Ellen tried to put off the nosy reporter, but the woman persisted.

Ellen finally responded, "I have no prejudice against (jewelry); we just haven't any."

Ellen seems to have been a sweet, unassuming woman. She died in August, 1914, with Woodrow holding her hand.

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September 29, 2003

*It's a Heartache

I remember going to my first game at Wrigley Field when I was in third grade, and I was quite impressed by the guy playing second base. He was a total hottie, although the slang at that time may have been "babe." Actually, I was a rather sheltered child, so I doubt there was any term in my vocabulary to describe the hunka hunka Cubbie love before me.

This was my first crush on a man. Two words and I know a lot of you ladies will know what I'm talking about:
1. Ryne
2. Sandberg


Throughout the years, my crush on Ryno did not abate. Even as he got older and slower, my interest did not wane. He retired, I was depressed. He was separated from his wife, I perked up a little.

Sure, my eye was caught by younger players...Mike Piazza anyone?...but Ryne always held a special place in my heart. He was at the games Saturday (when the Cubs clinched the division, of course)...and finally I had to admit it.

Ryne is looking old.

Plus his wife was with him. Hmph.

Now it's your turn...tell the class about your first crush.

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*Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Helen Taft.

When she was seventeen years old, Helen visited the White House and declared she would return someday as First Lady. She married William Howard Taft, a lawyer whose ambition was to be a judge rather than a politician.

When William was appointed a judge, Helen was displeased. She lamented the fact that a life on the bench relegated them to social circles of "old men." William's biggest dream was to join the U.S. Supreme Court, but when President Roosevelt offered him an appointment several times, Helen persuaded her husband to decline.

The Tafts, of course, ended up in the White House for four years. In that time, Helen alienated a large portion of the mansion's staff with her controlling nature and the changes she made. Chief Usher Ike Hoover complained, "She seems to have forgotten entirely that the White House is, in a measure, a public institution, and made an effort to conduct it along the lines of a private household."

Some of Helen's projects were met with praise, however. She sponsored dramatic and musical performances on the White House lawn. She also arranged for thousands of cherry trees to be planted in an effort to beautify Washington, D.C. Today those same cherry trees are a tourist attraction.

After leaving the White House, William finally accepted the Supreme Court appointment he had longed for...and Helen was happy to live out of the public eye. She didn't miss the excitement of politics as much as she thought she would.

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*1974 Trivia: TV

Two popular television shows premiered in 1974.

"Happy Days" first aired on January 15.

"Little House on the Prairie" made its debut on September 11.

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September 27, 2003

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

The Hawkeyes lost to Michigan State today, but who cares?


You don't see that every day...or year...or decade.

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September 26, 2003

*Frankly, My Dear...

Huh. So I have this little book that purports to explain common phrases. I flip through it now and then, and this one caught my eye:

"Don't give a damn."

Now what explanation would they have for that? I mean, it seems fairly self-explanatory...derived from damnation and the Bible and whatnot.

Apparently not.

According to this book, not giving a damn refers to a Hindu coin called a "damn." The value of this coin fluctuated greatly in India, and when it was at its lowest value British soldiers used its name to describe valueless items or facts. The phrase stuck.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Alice Lee Roosevelt.
Edith Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt's first wife, Alice, gave birth to the couple's daughter, also named Alice, while Theodore was in Albany, New York. He was working at the state capital and began making preparations to return to New York City when he received notice that his wife was seriously ill. He boarded the next train and when he arrived in the city he found that both his wife and his mother were dying.

Theodore's mother died the next morning, and his "sweetest little wife" died the day after that. Alice was only 22 years old. Theodore was stunned, but returned to Albany to finish his work in the legislature. When they adjourned, he went to the Dakota Badlands to pursue the life of a cowboy. He never mentioned his wife again, even to his daughter.

Almost two years later, he ran into Edith Carow, his childhood sweetheart, and they began seeing each other. Theodore was distressed by his feelings for Edith, telling his sister, "I utterly disbelieve in and disapprove of second marriages. I have always considered that they argued weakness in a man's character. You could not reproach me half as bitterly for my inconstancy and unfaithfulness as I reproach myself."

However, Theodore and Edith were married and they were extremely happy together. Their family included four boys and another girl. When the brood took over the executive mansion, Chief Usher Ike Hoover called it "the wildest scramble in the history of the White House." Alice, as the oldest, was the ringleader of the six children and their menagerie of pets. The children once snuck a pony into the family's quarters of the White House to comfort their sick brother Archie.

Edith was often worried that she hadn't been a good mother to her stepdaughter, but Alice definitely disagreed. She later allowed that Edith had probably treated her better than she had treated her other children.

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1974 Trivia: More Books

The Top Ten Nonfiction Books of 1974:

1. How To Be Your Own Best Friend.
2. The Joy of Sex.
3. You Can Profit From a Monetary Crisis.
4. Alistair Cooke's America.
5. Plain Speaking.
6. Times to Remember.
7. In One Era and Out the Other.
8. Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors.
9. All the President's Men.
10. Upstairs at the White House.

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September 25, 2003

1974 Trivia: Nobel Prize

In 1974, a couple of Swedes won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Eyvind Johnson and Harry Martinson are fine writers, I'm sure.

But neither of them is my favorite Swedish writer.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Ida Saxton McKinley.

Ida was a beautiful young lady, working in her father's bank when she met William McKinley. They fell deeply in love and wed in 1871. She was cultured and headstrong, and he was an ambitious young lawyer with a new practice. Upon their marriage, Ida's father bought the couple a beautiful home where they could start a family. Soon they welcomed a little daughter named Katie into the world.

Unfortunately, this idyllic beginning was soon overshadowed by tragedy. In their second year of marriage, Ida's beloved grandfather passed away, followed by Ida's mother. Soon after her mother's death, Ida gave birth to another daughter. This baby lived only five months.

Ida was heartbroken over her losses, and convinced herself God was punishing her. She became ill, developing phlebitis (inflammation of the veins, most commonly in legs due to blood clots) which left her unable to walk by herself. She probably suffered brain damage as a result of the phlebitis, because she would have headaches and seizures for the rest of her life. Ida became obsessed with young Katie's well-being, afraid God would take her, too. Sadly, Katie died of typhoid fever at age four. Her mother was destroyed.

William became his wife's caretaker, and by all accounts was tender and completely devoted to her. The year after Katie died, the McKinleys moved to Washington when William was elected to Congress. He spent all his free time with Ida, taking her for carriage rides and the theater. Gradually her health and spirits seemed to improve.

Fifteen years later, when William became Ohio's governor, the McKinleys moved into a hotel across from the Capitol grounds. Every day at 3:00 he would stop work and wave his handkerchief out the window, waiting for his wife to wave back from her window in the hotel.

When President McKinley was shot in 1901, Ida took the news bravely, hoping her husband would recover. He didn't, and after his funeral she slipped into a deep depression. She prayed to God to let her join William. The federal government made plans for a memorial McKinley Mausoleum, and Ida decided she wanted to live after all. She wanted to see the completion of the memorial. She passed away in 1907, four days before the dedication ceremony, and was laid to rest at William's side.

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September 24, 2003

WTC Pictures, Rebuilding

As promised (and I apologize for the delay), here are more WTC pictures, courtesy of Pete. These were taken this spring and summer, so you can get an idea of the rebuilding.

All commentary comes from Pete:

This is the Southwest side of the site, taken from my building, around April of this year.
View image

This is the East side of the site. If you squint a bit you can see the cross about 2/3 of the way up on the left. This is where the smaller buildings were located and it doesn't go as deep as the west side where the 2 towers were located.
View image

This is the first few floors of #7 taken from the 16th floor of my building. They are almost up to the 6th floor by now
View image

The Cross looking North. The Federal building is in the background.
View image

This is the Deutsche Bank building. I included pictures from right after the 11th to show the damage to the front side. About 12-15 floors were ripped out when the South Tower collapsed. They are still trying to decide wheather to tear it down or to fix it. During that day the sprinklers went off in the building and mold grew on everyting inside. If they do decide to tear it down if has to be done floor by floor. They cannot drop it due to the mold. (or so we are told) My boss' brother worked in this building and his office was in the area that was destroyed. He was out that day and escaped injury.
View image
View image
View image
View image

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Caroline Harrison.

"Carrie" was dismayed by the poor shape of the White House when she and Benjamin moved in. The Harrisons lobbied for a new executive mansion, but many people balked at the idea of leaving the historic White House. Instead, Congress set aside $35,000 for renovations.

Carrie threw herself into refurbishing the presidential home. She oversaw the modernization of the kitchen, installation of a heating system, replacement of moldy floors, painting and repapering of the walls, cleaning of the chandeliers, purchasing new curtains, upholstery, and furniture, and the installation of private bathrooms in the bedrooms. The White House was also wired for electricity at this time, and there was a new switchboard with several phone lines installed.

Carrie dug through the White House closets and cupboards to throw out broken and worn out china and utensils. While doing this, she assembled the now-popular White House collection of china. She also decorated the first Christmas tree for display at the executive mansion.

When the previous First Family, the Clevelands, returned to the White House again after four years, they were astonished by the transformation.

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1974 Trivia: Gay Rights

In August, 1974 AT&T established a homosexual anti-discrimination policy. They became the first major American corporation to have equal opportunity policies for lesbians and gay men.

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September 22, 2003

*What Do You Know?

About death and government?

In nineteenth century Britain, you could be sentenced to hang for the following offenses: attempted suicide (!), stealing a loaf of bread, setting fire to a haystack, writing a threatening letter, associating with Gypsies, and writing graffiti on the Westminster Bridge.

The last public hanging in Britain was in 1868. The death penalty was made illegal completely in 1965. Seventy-three nations, including all of western Europe, have abolished the death penalty.

China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia execute more people annually than the U.S.

In ancient Greece, convicted criminals were allowed to take their own life.

In many European countries, suicide victims had their bodies officially mutilated and property seized. England didn't take the law against suicide off the books until 1961.

Among the Japanese samurai, seppuku is the word for self-disembowelment. It was abolished by law in 1873.

A report for the Czech government in 2001 concluded that smokers saved the state millions by dying prematurely.

In 1999, there were approximately 250,000 to 300,000 deaths from AIDS in South Africa. President Mbeki denies HIV is the cause, and his government denounces the World Health Organization reports on the subject as "not credible."

Biological warfare is nothing new. The Assyrians threw rotten animal carcasses over the walls of cities they besieged, hoping to spread disease. Romans threw corpses into their enemies' water supplies. In the 1700s British soldiers distributed smallpox-infected blankets to American Indians.

The Saxon king Edmund Ironside was killed while sitting on the lavatory. An assassin had hidden in the pit below and thrust a sword up the king's backside.

In Russia, 4 out of 5 men born in 1923 were killed in WWII...they lost 11 million soldiers total.

One Ashanti king killed 200 young women and had their blood mixed into the construction materials of his palace. He believed this would protect his new home.

In Norway, there is a law that all tombstones be of the same height. This law was passed in the 1300s when the aristocracy was wiped out by the Black Plague.

Source: "Death: A User's Guide," by Tom Hickman.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Frances Cleveland.

When Grover Cleveland was elected President, he was a forty-eight year old confirmed bachelor. Little did the public know he had his eye on a young girl attending Wells College.

Grover knew Frances since she was an infant, having been a law partner of her father's. He sent her letters and flowers while she was at college, and once told one of his sisters cryptically that he was "waiting for his wife to grow up."

The couple became secretly engaged after Frances graduated from college, and the papers believed the President was up to something. However, they thought Grover's interest was in Frances's widowed mother...not Frances herself. At twenty-one, Frances was the youngest of the First Ladies.

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1974 Trivia: Boston Schools

In Boston, federal troops were called in to quell violence after the local school committee rejected a court-ordered bus plan for desegregation.

For more information, try this link.

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September 19, 2003

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Ellen Herndon Arthur.

Not much information has survived on "Nell" Arthur. She died at age 42 of pneumonia, and Chester destroyed most of his personal papers in 1886.

Of note, however, is her father, William Lewis Herndon. He headed an exploration of the Amazon in 1851, but was unfortunately lost at sea in 1857. He went down with his ship in a storm off Cape Hatteras, and was memorialized at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. To read more about him, try this link.

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1974 Trivia: Clean Water

After cancer-causing chemicals were found in drinking water throughout the United States, the Safe Drinking Water Act set water pollution standards.

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September 18, 2003

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Lucretia Garfield.

The Garfields had a shaky courtship and early marriage. James even had an affair at one point. However, after a time, things got better between the two. They became good friends and companions for one another.

James once proclaimed, "We no longer love because we ought to but because we do." His papers during the 1870s were filled with similar sentiments, calling his wife "the light of my life" and "the solid land on which I build all my happiness and hope."

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1974 Trivia: Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Soviet ballet star, defected to Canada.

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September 17, 2003


The first session of the U.S. Senate took place from April 23 to May 14, 1789. Almost the entire meeting was preoccupied with what to call the President.

Vice-president John Adams insisted that the title should include specific words of dignity so as to keep the president of the nation from being mistaken as president of a "fire company or perhaps a cricket club." Adams wished to call the president "His Highness the President of the United States and Protector of the Rights of the Same."

The Senate finally agreed on the title "His Highness," borrowed from the English Parliament's term of address for the king. The House of Representatives opted for "The President of the United States." This simpler title was soon supported by everyone.

Senators also wanted to have themselves called "The Honorable" but the House balked at this as well. However, both the House and Senate supposedly agreed to secretly call the overweight vice-president "His Rotundity."

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Lucy Webb Hayes.

When President and Mrs. Hayes took a western trip in 1880, Lucy was exhausted by the autograph-seekers at every stop. Finally she stayed out of sight at one town until the train was ready to leave the station.

As she resumed her place at the window, the people outside began handing her items to sign. She signed so many that she was ready to collapse when the train finally started.

Soon her son came running into the President's car and handed an autograph book to his mother. He had gotten her signature fifty-six times through the window.

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1974 Trivia: Feeling Gassy

Gas prices skyrocketed in 1974. There were high prices and low supplies, and yet the oil companies averaged 90% profit increases during the first half of the year. Hmm.

This was also the year that saw the federal speed limit set at 55 mph. It was meant to conserve gas as well as improve highway safety.

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September 16, 2003


Here is a good link for anyone who wants to learn about Vietnam. It's a chronological history with links to more in-depth information.

It covers 1930 through the normalization of relations between Vietnam and America.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Julia Dent Grant.

Julia was cross-eyed and during her husband's presidency she looked into corrective surgery.

Ulysses, however, talked her out of it. "This operation might make you look better to other people; but to me you are prettier as you are."

Julia cancelled the surgery.

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1974 Trivia: The Oscars

Academy Award Winners:

Best Picture: Godfather 2
Best Director: Francis Ford Coppola, Godfather 2
Best Actor: Art Carney, Harry and Tonto
Best Actress: Ellen Burstyn, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Best Supporting Actor: Robert DeNiro, Godfather 2
Best Supporting Actress: Ingrid Bergman, Murder on the Orient Express

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September 15, 2003

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Eliza Johnson.

Eliza suffered from tuberculosis and therefore relinquished First Lady duties to her daugher, Martha. Eliza was so ill that she only made two public appearances during her husband's presidency.

Once was in August, 1866 when Queen Emma of Hawaii visited the White House. The second was in December, 1868 during a children's ball to celebrate President Johnson's 60th birthday. During both appearances, Eliza received guests while seated, explaining, "My dears, I am an invalid."

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1974 Trivia: Portugal's Coup

In Portugal, the army overthrew the president and ended the dictatorial rule that had marked the government for 25 years.

For more information on Portugal, you can go here.

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September 13, 2003

1974 Trivia: In the Nude

Streaking was a

Ray Stevens even wrote a song about it. "Don't look, Ethel!"

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September 12, 2003

WTC Reminder

I had wanted to post several more picture that Pete was kind enough to give me access to...but as happens sometimes, responsibilities got in the way. I will post more pics over the weekend, but probably not tonight. Tonight sounds like a good drinking night.

But I did want to post this a reminder.

Ladder 3

I'll have one for them, and I'll have one for you. Salut.

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Fun With Unrelated Statistics

The short but bloody period of the French Revolution that saw more than 17,000 people executed was called the Reign of Terror. It began in January, 1793 and lasted until July 29, 1794.

To put it in perspective...France averaged 895 deaths per month.

This August, approximately 11,400 to 15,000 people died in France's heat wave. In one month.

The guy who led the Reign of Terror was beheaded, by the way.


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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Mary Todd Lincoln.

Mary is quite possibly the most maligned and misunderstood First Lady in history. The venom and vigor of the press's attacks on her were unprecedented in her time. Many of the lies and rumors about her persevere to this day.

One of the most vindictive enemies Mary had was William Herndon. Herndon was Abe Lincoln's law partner in Springfield, Illinois. He and Mary never got along, and following Abe's assassination he began preparing a Lincoln biography that was unflattering to Mary.

On November 16, 1866, Herndon lectured in Springfield about Ann Rutledge and her relationship with Abe Lincoln. Herndon spun a tale about Rutledge being Abe's first and only real love. When Rutledge died at age nineteen, Abe was destroyed and never loved again. Over the years, Herndon added to the story. He claimed Abe married Mary Todd only to further his own ambitions. He even said the couple had planned to wed in early 1841, but Abe left Mary at the altar. The couple reconciled and married in 1842, but Mary made Abe's life miserable.

None of Herndon's assertions are based in fact. Historians have found no reliable sources to confirm a romantic attachment between Ann Rutledge and Abe Lincoln. The supposed 1841 wedding was pure fiction. And evidence points to a happy marriage between Mary and Abe. Mary's older sister Francis wrote, "He was devoted to his home...they certainly did live happily together--as much so as any man and woman I have ever known."

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1974 Trivia: Sporting News

Sporting news:

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-7 in Super Bowl VIII, which was held in Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas.

Muhammed Ali regained the world heavyweight title by knocking George Foreman out in the "Rumble in the Jungle."

The Oakland A's beat the LA Dodgers 4 games to 1 in the World Series.

Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians became the MLB's first black manager.

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September 11, 2003

Final Post Today

This will be my last post for the day. I may post more pictures tomorrow. If you have some you would like me to include, please e-mail them to jenlars-at-hotmail-dot-com.

In the meantime, here is a message an NYPD Sergeant sent his guys this morning:

Can you believe it's been 2 years since that terrible day? I, for one, still can't believe it actually happened sometimes. I think about it often and it still hurts...still makes me angry as hell. On this anniversary I pray for the victims, the rescuers who died saving others, the victims'/rescuers' families & friends, the survivors who have suffered and still do-and sad to say, probably always will. And last but not least those that worked tirelessly down there for months on end sacrificing their health, their time with their loved ones and who, though seemingly impossible to believe at that time, maintained order and gave the city back its sense of security in such insecure times. It was truly an amazing accomplishment when you take time out to think of it. I salute each and every one of these men & women mentioned here. I hope you all do the same.

Be good to your families, friends and those we work side by side with--for they are truly all we have. God Bless Always...

Never Forget.

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WTC Aftermath

More pics, courtesy of Pete.

This first one was taken by me from inside our building about a month after the attack. We had gone in to recover some equipment. It is looking down on where Building 7 once stood. There was nothing left to show that a 47 story building had once stood there, save for the concrete foundation. The Verizon building is on the right. Straight ahead is the remains of one of the smaller buildings, WTC #6 I think, and the pile of rubble.

View image

View image

View image

View image

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More WTC Pictures

Pete has more pictures to share.

View image

View image

View image

View image

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The Pentagon 9/11

Via Victor's friend.

View image

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WTC Pictures

Thank you, Pete, for sharing these pictures.

My building is the white one with the roof that looks like stairs. These were taken by someone who lived several blocks North of WTC.

View image

View image

Here is the south side of my building.

View image

This is the Verizon building which took hits from the North Tower and Building #7 which collapsed later that afternoon.

View image

Here is one seconds after the collapse of the second tower.

View image

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I have been thinking about this post for quite awhile. I thought about how I could express my feelings about the terrorist attacks. I thought about how that day affected me and my own plans for the future. I wasn't in New York or Washington that day. I was at home. I was packing. I was moving to the New York area in a couple of weeks.

I had quit my job, saved my pennies, had an apartment lined up, and was moving east. So I had a decision to make. I was in a plane two weeks after the attacks, I saw Ground Zero on October 1, and I felt the same horror everyone in the country felt. The job I was going to was no longer there, and the job market was very tight. I was in New York for a few months, and I loved it. I hope to go back someday.

But the thing's not about me today. There were a lot of people more affected by the attacks than I. Thousands of people woke up, got their kids off to school, and went to work on a gorgeous morning...then never came home. So I can have a pity-party over how the attacks affected me, but it's not about me.

It's about them...


Gordon McCannel Aamoth, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Maria Rose Abad, 49, Syosset, N.Y.*

Edelmiro (Ed) Abad, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Anthony Abate, 37, Melville, N.Y.*

Vincent Abate, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Laurence Christopher Abel, 37*

William F. Abrahamson, 58, Cortland Manor, N.Y.*

Richard Anthony Aceto, 42, Wantagh, N.Y.*

Erica Van Acker, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Heinrich B. Ackermann, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Andrew Acquaviva, 29, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Donald L. Adams, 28, Chatham, N.J.*

Shannon Lewis Adams, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen Adams, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Patrick Adams, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Ignatius Adanga, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Christy A. Addamo, 28, New Hyde Park, N.Y.*

Terence E. Adderley, 22, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.*

Sophia B. Addo, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Lee Adler, 48, Springfield, N.J.*

Daniel Thomas Afflitto, 32, Manalapan, N.J.*

Emmanuel Afuakwah, 37, New York, N.Y.

Alok Agarwal, 36, Jersey City, N.J.*

Mukul Agarwala, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Agnello, 35, New York, N.Y.*

David Scott Agnes, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Joao A. Aguiar Jr., 30, Red Bank, N.J.*

Lt. Brian G. Ahearn, 43, Huntington, N.Y.*

Jeremiah J. Ahern, 74, Cliffside Park, N.J.*

Joanne Ahladiotis, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Shabbir Ahmed, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Terrance Andre Aiken, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Godwin Ajala, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Gertrude M. Alagero, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Alameno, 37, Westfield, N.J.*

Margaret Ann (Peggy) Jezycki Alario, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Albero, 39, Emerson, N.J.*

Jon L. Albert, 46, Upper Nyack, N.Y.*

Peter Craig Alderman, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Grace Alegre-Cua, 40, Glen Rock, N.J.*

David D. Alger, 57, New York, N.Y.*

Ernest Alikakos, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Edward L. Allegretto, 51, Colonia, N.J.*

Eric Allen, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Ryan Allen, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Lanard Allen, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Dennis Allen, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Edward Allingham, 36, River Edge, N.J.*

Janet M. Alonso, 41, Stony Point, N.Y.*

Anthony Alvarado, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Antonio Javier Alvarez, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Telmo Alvear, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Cesar A. Alviar, 60, Bloomfield, N.J.*

Tariq Amanullah, 40, Metuchen, N.J.*

Angelo Amaranto, 60, New York, N.Y.*

James Amato, 43, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.*

Joseph Amatuccio, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Charles Amoroso, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Kazuhiro Anai, 42, Scarsdale, N.Y.

Calixto Anaya, 35, Suffern, N.Y.*

Jorge Octavio Santos Anaya, 25, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Joseph Peter Anchundia, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Kermit Charles Anderson, 57, Green Brook, N.J.*

Yvette Anderson, 53, New York, N.Y.*

John Andreacchio, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Rourke Andrews, 34, Belle Harbor, N.Y.*

Jean A. Andrucki, 42, Hoboken, N.J.*

Siew-Nya Ang, 37, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Joseph Angelini, 38, Lindenhurst, N.Y.*

Joseph Angelini, 63, Lindenhurst, N.Y.*

Laura Angilletta, 23, New York, N.Y.

Doreen J. Angrisani, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Lorraine D. Antigua, 32, Middletown, N.J.*

Peter Paul Apollo, 26, Hoboken, N.J.*

Faustino Apostol, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Frank Thomas Aquilino, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Patrick Michael Aranyos, 26, New York, N.Y.*

David Gregory Arce, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Michael G. Arczynski, 45, Little Silver, N.J.*

Louis Arena, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Adam Arias, 37, Staten Island, N.Y.*

Michael J. Armstrong, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Jack Charles Aron, 52, Bergenfield, N.J.*

Joshua Aron, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Avery Aronow, 48, Mahwah, N.J.*

Japhet J. Aryee, 49, Spring Valley, N.Y.

Carl Asaro, 39, Middletown, N.Y.*

Michael A. Asciak, 47, Ridgefield, N.J.*

Michael Edward Asher, 53, Monroe, N.Y.*

Janice Ashley, 25, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Thomas J. Ashton, 21, New York, N.Y.*

Manuel O. Asitimbay, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Gregg Arthur Atlas, 45, Howells, N.Y.*

Gerald Atwood, 38, New York, N.Y.*

James Audiffred, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Kenneth W. Van Auken, 47, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Louis F. Aversano, Jr, 58, Manalapan, N.J.*

Ezra Aviles, 41, Commack, N.Y.*

Ayodeji Awe, 42, New York, N.Y

Samuel (Sandy) Ayala, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Arlene T. Babakitis, 47, Secaucus, N.J.*

Eustace (Rudy) Bacchus, 48, Metuchen, N.J.*

John James Badagliacca, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Jane Ellen Baeszler, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Robert J. Baierwalter, 44, Albertson, N.Y.*

Andrew J. Bailey, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Brett T. Bailey, 28, Bricktown, N.J.*

Tatyana Bakalinskaya, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Michael S. Baksh, 36, Englewood, N.J.*

Sharon Balkcom, 43, White Plains, N.Y.*

Michael Andrew Bane, 33, Yardley, Pa.*

Kathy Bantis, 44, Chicago, Ill.*

Gerard Jean Baptiste, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Walter Baran, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Gerard A. Barbara, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Paul V. Barbaro, 35, Holmdel, N.J.*

James W. Barbella, 53, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Ivan Kyrillos Fairbanks Barbosa, 30, Jersey City, N.J.*

Victor Daniel Barbosa, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Colleen Ann Barkow, 26, East Windsor, N.J.*

David Michael Barkway, 34, Toronto, Ontario, Canada*

Matthew Barnes, 37, Monroe, N.Y.*

Sheila Patricia Barnes, 55, Bay Shore, N.Y.*

Evan J. Baron, 38, Bridgewater, N.J.*

Renee Barrett-Arjune, 41, Irvington, N.J.

Arthur T. Barry, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Diane G. Barry, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Maurice Vincent Barry, 49, Rutherford, N.J.*

Scott D. Bart, 28, Malverne, N.Y.*

Carlton W. Bartels, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Guy Barzvi, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Inna Basina, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Alysia Basmajian, 23, Bayonne, N.J.*

Kenneth William Basnicki, 48, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada*

Lt. Steven J. Bates, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Paul James Battaglia, 22, New York, N.Y.*

W. David Bauer, 45, Rumson, N.J.

Ivhan Luis Carpio Bautista, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Marlyn C. Bautista, 46, Iselin, N.J.*

Jasper Baxter, 45, Philadelphia, Pa.*

Michele (Du Berry) Beale, 37, Essex, Britain*

Paul F. Beatini, 40, Park Ridge, N.J.*

Jane S. Beatty, 53, Belford, N.J.*

Larry I. Beck, 38, Baldwin, N.Y.*

Manette Marie Beckles, 43, Rahway, N.J.*

Carl John Bedigian, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Beekman, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Maria Behr, 41, Milford, N.J.

Yelena Belilovsky, 38, Mamaroneck, N.Y.*

Nina Patrice Bell, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Andrea Della Bella, 59, Jersey City, N.J.*

Debbie S. Bellows, 30, East Windsor, N.J.*

Stephen Elliot Belson, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Michael Benedetti, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Denise Lenore Benedetto, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Bryan Craig Bennett, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Oliver Duncan Bennett, 29, London, England*

Eric L. Bennett, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Margaret L. Benson, 52, Rockaway, N.J.*

Dominick J. Berardi, 25, New York, N.Y.

James Patrick Berger, 44, Lower Makefield, Pa.*

Steven Howard Berger, 45, Manalapan, N.J.*

John P. Bergin, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Alvin Bergsohn, 48, Baldwin Harbor, N.Y.*

Daniel D. Bergstein, 38, Teaneck, N.J.*

Michael J. Berkeley, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Donna Bernaerts-Kearns, 44, Hoboken, N.J.*

David W. Bernard, 57, Chelmsford, Mass.*

William Bernstein, 44, New York, N.Y.*

David M. Berray, 39, New York, N.Y.*

David S. Berry, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph J. Berry, 55, Saddle River, N.J.*

William Reed Bethke, 36, Hamilton, N.J.*

Timothy D. Betterly, 42, Little Silver, N.J.*

Edward F. Beyea, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Michael Beyer, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Anil T. Bharvaney, 41, East Windsor, N.J.*

Bella Bhukhan, 24, Union, N.J.*

Shimmy D. Biegeleisen, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Peter Alexander Bielfeld, 44, New York, N.Y.*

William Biggart, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Brian Bilcher, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Carl Vincent Bini, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Bird, 51, Tempe, Ariz.*

Joshua David Birnbaum, 24, New York, N.Y.*

George Bishop, 52, Granite Springs, N.Y.*

Jeffrey D. Bittner, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Balewa Albert Blackman, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Joseph Blackwell, 42, Patterson, N.Y.*

Susan L. Blair, 35, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Harry Blanding, 38, Blakeslee, Pa.*

Janice L. Blaney, 55, Williston Park, N.Y.*

Craig Michael Blass, 27, Greenlawn, N.Y.*

Rita Blau, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Richard M. Blood, 38, Ridgewood, N.J.*

Michael A. Boccardi, 30, Bronxville, N.Y.

John Paul Bocchi, 38, New Vernon, N.J.*

Michael L. Bocchino, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Susan Mary Bochino, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Bruce Douglas (Chappy) Boehm, 49, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Mary Katherine Boffa, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Nicholas A. Bogdan, 34, Browns Mills, N.J.*

Darren C. Bohan, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Lawrence Francis Boisseau, 36, Freehold, N.J.*

Vincent M. Boland, 25, Ringwood, N.J.*

Alan Bondarenko, 53, Flemington, N.J.*

Andre Bonheur, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Colin Arthur Bonnett, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Frank Bonomo, 42, Port Jefferson, N.Y.*

Yvonne L. Bonomo, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Sean Booker, 35, Irvington, N.J.*

Sherry Ann Bordeaux, 38, Jersey City, N.J.*

Krystine C. Bordenabe, 33, Old Bridge, N.J.*

Martin Boryczewski, 29, Parsippany, N.J.*

Richard E. Bosco, 34, Suffern, N.Y.*

John Howard Boulton, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Francisco Bourdier, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas H. Bowden, 36, Wyckoff, N.J.*

Kimberly S. Bowers, 31, Islip, N.Y.*

Veronique (Bonnie) Nicole Bowers, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Larry Bowman, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Shawn Edward Bowman, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin L. Bowser, 45, Philadelphia, Pa.*

Gary R. Box, 37, North Bellmore, N.Y.*

Gennady Boyarsky, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Pamela Boyce, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Boyle, 37, Westbury, N.Y.*

Alfred Braca, 54, Leonardo, N.J.*

Sandra Conaty Brace, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin H. Bracken, 37, New York, N.Y.*

David Brian Brady, 41, Summit, N.J.*

Alexander Braginsky, 38, Stamford, Conn.*

Nicholas W. Brandemarti, 21, Mantua, N.J.*

Michelle Renee Bratton, 23, Yonkers, N.Y.*

Patrice Braut, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Lydia Estelle Bravo, 50, Dunellen, N.J.*

Ronald Michael Breitweiser, 39, Middletown Township, N.J.*

Edward A. Brennan, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Frank H. Brennan, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Emmett Brennan, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Peter Brennan, 30, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.*

Thomas M. Brennan, 32, Scarsdale, N.Y.

Capt. Daniel Brethel, 43, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Gary L. Bright, 36, Union City, N.J.*

Jonathan Eric Briley, 43, Mount Vernon, N.Y.*

Mark A. Brisman, 34, Armonk, N.Y.*

Paul Gary Bristow, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Victoria Alvarez Brito, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Mark Francis Broderick, 42, Old Bridge, N.J.*

Herman C. Broghammer, 58, North Merrick, N.Y.*

Keith Broomfield, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Janice J. Brown, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Lloyd Brown, 28, Bronxville, N.Y.*

Capt. Patrick J. Brown, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Bettina Browne, 49, Atlantic Beach, N.Y.*

Mark Bruce, 40, Summit, N.J.*

Richard Bruehert, 38, Westbury, N.Y.*

Andrew Brunn, 28*

Capt. Vincent Brunton, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Ronald Paul Bucca, 47, Tuckahoe, N.Y.*

Brandon J. Buchanan, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Greg Joseph Buck, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis Buckley, 38, Chatham, N.J.*

Nancy Bueche, 43, Hicksville, N.Y.*

Patrick Joseph Buhse, 36, Lincroft, N.J.*

John E. Bulaga, 35, Paterson, N.J.*

Stephen Bunin, 45, New York, N.Y.

Thomas Daniel Burke, 38, Bedford Hills, N.Y.*

Capt. William F. Burke, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Matthew J. Burke, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Donald James Burns, 61, Nissequogue, N.Y.*

Kathleen A. Burns, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Keith James Burns, 39, East Rutherford, N.J.*

John Patrick Burnside, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Irina Buslo, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Milton Bustillo, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas M. Butler, 37, Kings Park, N.Y.*

Patrick Byrne, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Timothy G. Byrne, 36, Manhattan, N.Y.*

Jesus Cabezas, 66, New York, N.Y.*

Lillian Caceres, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Brian Joseph Cachia, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Cafiero, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Richard M. Caggiano, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Cecile M. Caguicla, 55, Boonton, N.J.*

Michael John Cahill, 37, East Williston, N.Y.*

Scott W. Cahill, 30, West Caldwell, N.J.*

Thomas J. Cahill, 36, Franklin Lakes, N.J.*

George Cain, 35, Massapequa, N.Y.*

Salvatore B. Calabro, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Calandrillo, 49, Hawley, Pa.*

Philip V. Calcagno, 57, New York, N.Y.

Edward Calderon, 44, Jersey City, N.J.*

Kenneth Marcus Caldwell, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Dominick E. Calia, 40, Manalapan, N.J.*

Felix (Bobby) Calixte, 38, New York, N.Y.

Capt. Frank Callahan, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Liam Callahan, 44, Rockaway, N.J.*

Luigi Calvi, 34, East Rutherford, N.J.*

Roko Camaj, 60, Manhasset, N.Y.*

Michael Cammarata, 22, Huguenot, N.Y.*

David Otey Campbell, 51, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Geoffrey Thomas Campbell, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Sandra Patricia Campbell, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Jill Marie Campbell, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Robert Arthur Campbell, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Juan Ortega Campos, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Sean Canavan, 39, New York, N.Y.*

John A. Candela, 42, Glen Ridge, N.J.*

Vincent Cangelosi, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen J. Cangialosi, 40, Middletown, N.J.*

Lisa B. Cannava, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Brian Cannizzaro, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Michael R. Canty, 30, Schenectady, N.Y.*

Louis A. Caporicci, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Jonathan N. Cappello, 23, Garden City, N.Y.*

James Christopher Cappers, 33, Wading River, N.Y.*

Richard M. Caproni, 34, Lynbrook, N.Y.*

Jose Cardona, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis M Carey, 51, Wantagh, N.Y.*

Stephen Carey, 50, Chatsworth, CA

Edward Carlino, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Scott Carlo, 34, New York, N.Y.*

David G. Carlone, 46, Randolph, N.J.*

Rosemarie C. Carlson, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Mark Stephen Carney, 41, Rahway, N.J.

Joyce Ann Carpeneto, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Alicia Acevedo Carranza, Teziutlan, Puebla, Mexico

Jeremy M. Carrington, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Michael T. Carroll, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Peter Carroll, 42, New York, N.Y.*

James J. Carson, 32, Massapequa, N.Y.*

James Marcel Cartier, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Vivian Casalduc, 45, New York, N.Y.*

John F. Casazza, 38, Colts Neck, N.J.*

Paul Cascio, 23, Manhasset, N.Y.*

Kathleen Hunt Casey, 43, Middletown, N.J.*

Margarito Casillas, 54, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Thomas Anthony Casoria, 29, New York, N.Y.*

William Otto Caspar, 57, Eatontown, N.J.*

Alejandro Castano, 35, Englewood, N.J.*

Arcelia Castillo, 49, Elizabeth, N.J.*

Leonard M. Castrianno, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Jose Ramon Castro, 37, New York, N.Y.

Richard G. Catarelli, 47, New York, N.Y.

Christopher Sean Caton, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Robert J. Caufield, 48, Valley Stream, N.Y.*

Mary Teresa Caulfield, 58, New York, N.Y.*

Judson Cavalier, 26, Huntington, N.Y.*

Michael Joseph Cawley, 32, Bellmore, N.Y.*

Jason D. Cayne, 32, Morganville, N.J.*

Juan Armando Ceballos, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Marcia G. Cecil-Carter, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Jason Cefalu, 30, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Thomas J. Celic, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Ana M. Centeno, 38, Bayonne, N.J.*

Joni Cesta, 37, Bellmore, N.Y.*

Jeffrey M. Chairnoff, 35, West Windsor, N.J.*

Swarna Chalasani, 33, Jersey City, N.J.*

William Chalcoff, 41, Roslyn, N.Y.*

Eli Chalouh, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Lawrence (Chip) Chan, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Mandy Chang, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Mark L. Charette, 38, Millburn, N.J.*

Gregorio Manuel Chavez, 48, New York, N.Y.

Jayceryll M. de Chavez, 24, Carteret, N.J.*

Pedro Francisco Checo, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas MacMillan Cherry, 38, Maplewood, N.J.*

Stephen Patrick Cherry, 41, Stamford, Conn.*

Vernon Paul Cherry, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Nestor Chevalier, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Swede Joseph Chevalier, 26, Locust, N.J.*

Alexander H. Chiang, 51, New City, N.Y.*

Dorothy J. Chiarchiaro, 61, Glenwood, N.J.*

Luis Alfonso Chimbo, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Robert Chin, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Wing Wai (Eddie) Ching, 29, Union, N.J.*

Nicholas P. Chiofalo, 39, Selden, N.Y.*

John Chipura, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Peter A. Chirchirillo, 47, Langhorne, Pa.*

Catherine E. Chirls, 47, Princeton, N.J.*

Kyung (Kaccy) Cho, 30, Clifton, N.J.*

Abul K. Chowdhury, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Mohammed Salahuddin Chowdhury, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Kirsten L. Christophe, 39, Maplewood, N.J.*

Pamela Chu, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Paul Chucknick, 44, Cliffwood Beach, N.J.*

Wai-ching Chung, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Ciafardini, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Alex F. Ciccone, 38, New Rochelle, N.Y.*

Frances Ann Cilente, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Elaine Cillo, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Edna Cintron, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Nestor Andre Cintron, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Robert Dominick Cirri, 39, Nutley, N.J.*

Juan Pablo Alvarez Cisneros, 23, Weehawken, N.J.*

Gregory Alan Clark, 40, Teaneck, N.J.*

Mannie Leroy Clark, 54, New York, N.Y.

Thomas R. Clark, 37, Summit, N.J.*

Eugene Clark, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Benjamin Keefe Clark, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Robert Clarke, 34, Philadelphia, Pa.*

Donna Clarke, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Clarke, 27, Prince's Bay, N.Y.*

Suria R.E. Clarke, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin Francis Cleary, 38, New York, N.Y.*

James D. Cleere, 55, Newton, Iowa*

Geoffrey W. Cloud, 36, Stamford, Conn.*

Susan M. Clyne, 42, Lindenhurst, N.Y.*

Steven Coakley, 36, Deer Park, N.Y.*

Jeffrey Coale, 31, Souderton, Pa.*

Patricia A. Cody, 46, Brigantine, N.J.*

Daniel Michael Coffey, 54, Newburgh, N.Y.*

Jason Matthew Coffey, 25, Newburgh, N.Y.*

Florence Cohen, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin Sanford Cohen, 28, Edison, N.J.*

Anthony Joseph Coladonato, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Mark J. Colaio, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen J. Colaio, 32, Montauk, N.Y.*

Christopher M. Colasanti, 33, Hoboken, N.J.*

Michel Paris Colbert, 39, West New York, N.J.*

Kevin Nathaniel Colbert, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Keith Eugene Coleman, 34, Warren, N.J.*

Scott Thomas Coleman, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Tarel Coleman, 32*

Liam Joseph Colhoun, 34, Flushing,, N.Y.*

Robert D. Colin, 49, West Babylon, N.Y.*

Robert J. Coll, 35, Glen Ridge, N.J.*

Jean Marie Collin, 42, New York, N.Y.*

John Michael Collins, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Michael L. Collins, 38, Montclair, N.J.*

Thomas J. Collins, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Collison, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Patricia Malia Colodner, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Linda M. Colon, 46, Perrineville, N.J.*

Soledi Colon, 39, New York, N.Y.

Ronald Comer, 56, Northport, N.Y.*

Jaime Concepcion, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Albert Conde, 62, Englishtown, N.J.*

Denease Conley, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Susan Clancy Conlon, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Margaret Mary Conner, 57, New York, N.Y.*

John E. Connolly, 46, Allenwood, N.J.*

Cynthia L. Connolly, 40, Metuchen, N.J.

James Lee Connor, 38, Summit, N.J.*

Jonathan (J.C.) Connors, 55, Old Brookville, N.Y.

Kevin P. Connors, 55, Greenwich, Conn.*

Kevin Francis Conroy, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Brenda E. Conway, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis Michael Cook, 33, Colts Neck, N.J.*

Helen D. Cook, 24, New York, N.Y.*

John A. Cooper, 40, Bayonne, N.J.*

Joseph J. Coppo, 47, New Canaan, Conn.*

Gerard J. Coppola, 46, New Providence, N.J.*

Joseph Albert Corbett, 28, Islip, N.Y.*

Alejandro Cordero, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Robert Cordice, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Ruben D. Correa, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Danny A. Correa-Gutierrez, 25, Fairview, N.J.*

James Corrigan, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Carlos Cortes, 57, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin M. Cosgrove, 46, West Islip, N.Y.*

Dolores Marie Costa, 53, Middletown, N.J.*

Digna Alexandra Rivera Costanza, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Gregory Costello, 46, Old Bridge, N.J.*

Michael S. Costello, 27, Hoboken, N.J.*

Conrod K.H. Cottoy, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Martin Coughlan, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin, 43, Pomona, N.Y.*

Timothy John Coughlin, 42, New York, N.Y.*

James E. Cove, 48, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Andre Cox, 29, New York, N.Y.

Frederick John Cox, 27, New York, N.Y.*

James Raymond Coyle, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Michelle Coyle-Eulau, 38, Garden City, N.Y.*

Anne M. Cramer, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Seton Cramer, 34, Manahawkin, N.J.*

Denise Crant, 46, Hackensack, N.J.*

Robert James Crawford, 62, New York, N.Y.*

James L. Crawford, 33, Madison, N.J.*

Joanne Mary Cregan, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Lucia Crifasi, 51, Glendale, N.Y.*

Lt. John Crisci, 48, Holbrook, N.Y.*

Daniel Hal Crisman, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis A. Cross, 60, Islip Terrace, N.Y.*

Helen Crossin-Kittle, 34, Larchmont, N.Y.*

Kevin Raymond Crotty, 43, Summit, N.J.

Thomas G. Crotty, 42, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

John Crowe, 57, Rutherford, N.J.*

Welles Remy Crowther, 24, Upper Nyack, N.Y.*

Robert L. Cruikshank, 64, New York, N.Y.

Francisco Cruz, 47, New York, N.Y.*

John Robert Cruz, 32, Jersey City, N.J.*

Kenneth John Cubas, 48, Woodstock, N.Y.*

Richard Joseph Cudina, 46, Glen Gardner, N.J.*

Neil James Cudmore, 38, Port Washington, N.Y.*

Thomas Patrick Cullen, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Joan McConnell Cullinan, 47, Scarsdale, N.Y.*

Joyce Cummings, 65*

Brian Thomas Cummins, 38, Manasquan, N.J.*

Nilton Albuquerque Fernao Cunha, 41

Michael Joseph Cunningham, 39, Princeton Junction, N.J.*

Robert Curatolo, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Laurence Curia, 41, Garden City, N.Y.*

Paul Dario Curioli, 53, Norwalk, Conn.*

Beverly Curry, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Sgt. Michael Curtin, 45, Medford, N.Y.*

Gavin Cushny, 47, Hoboken, N.J.*

Caleb Arron Dack, 39, Montclair, N.J.*

Carlos S. DaCosta, 41, Elizabeth, N.J.*

John D'Allara, 47, Pearl River, N.Y.*

Vincent D'Amadeo, 36, East Patchoque, N.Y.*

Thomas A. Damaskinos, 33, Matawan, N.J.*

Jack L. D'Ambrosi, 45, Woodcliff Lake, N.J.

Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Patrick W. Danahy, 35, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.*

Nana Kwuku Danso, 47, New York, N.Y.

Mary D'Antonio, 55, New York, N.Y.

Vincent G. Danz, 38, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Dwight Donald Darcy, 55, Bronxville, N.Y.*

Elizabeth Ann Darling, 28, Newark, N.J.*

Annette Andrea Dataram, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Michael D. D'Auria, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Lawrence Davidson, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Allen Davidson, 27, Westfield, N.J.*

Scott Matthew Davidson, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Titus Davidson, 55, New York, N.Y.

Niurka Davila, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Clinton Davis, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Wayne Terrial Davis, 29, Fort Meade, Md.*

Calvin Dawson, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Anthony Richard Dawson, 32, Southampton, Hampshire, England*

Edward James Day, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Emerita (Emy) De La Pena, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Melanie Louise De Vere, 30, London, England*

William T. Dean, 35, Floral Park, N.Y.*

Robert J. DeAngelis, 48, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Thomas P. Deangelis, 51, Westbury, N.Y.*

Tara Debek, 35, Babylon, N.Y.*

Anna Debin, 30, East Farmingdale, N.Y.*

James V. DeBlase, 45, Manalapan, N.J.*

Paul DeCola, 39, Ridgewood, N.Y.*

Simon Dedvukaj, 26, Mohegan Lake, N.Y.*

Jason Christopher DeFazio, 29, New York, N.Y.*

David A. Defeo, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Jennifer DeJesus, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Monique E. DeJesus, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Nereida DeJesus, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Donald A. Delapenha, 37, Allendale, N.J.*

Vito Joseph Deleo, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Danielle Delie, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Colleen Ann Deloughery, 41, Bayonne, N.J.*

Anthony Demas, 61, New York, N.Y.*

Martin DeMeo, 47, Farmingville, N.Y.*

Francis X. Deming, 47, Franklin Lakes, N.J.*

Carol K. Demitz, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin Dennis, 43, Peapack, N.J.

Thomas F. Dennis, 43, Setauket, N.Y.*

Jean C. DePalma, 42, Newfoundland, N.J.*

Jose Nicolas Depena, 42, New York, N.Y.

Robert J. Deraney, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Michael DeRienzo, 37, Hoboken, N.J.*

David Paul Derubbio, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Jemal Legesse DeSantis, 28, Jersey City, N.J.*

Christian L. DeSimone, 23, Ringwood, N.J.*

Edward DeSimone, 36, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.*

Lt. Andrew Desperito, 44, Patchogue, N.Y.*

Michael Jude D'Esposito, 32, Morganville, N.J.*

Cindy Ann Deuel, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Jerry DeVito, 66, New York, N.Y.*

Robert P. Devitt, 36, Plainsboro, N.J.*

Dennis Lawrence Devlin, 51, Washingtonville, N.Y.*

Gerard Dewan, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Simon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani, 62, Hartsdale, N.Y.*

Michael L. DiAgostino, 41, Garden City, N.Y.*

Matthew Diaz, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Nancy Diaz, 28, New York, N.Y.

Obdulio Ruiz Diaz, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Lourdes Galletti Diaz, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Diaz-Piedra, 49*

Judith Belguese Diaz-Sierra, 32, Bay Shore, N.Y.*

Patricia F. DiChiaro, 63, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Dermot Dickey, 50, Manhasset, N.Y.*

Lawrence Patrick Dickinson, 35, Morganville, N.J.*

Michael David Diehl, 48, Brick, N.J.*

John DiFato, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Vincent F. DiFazio, 43, Hampton, N.J.*

Carl DiFranco, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Donald J. DiFranco, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Debra Ann DiMartino, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen P. Dimino, 48, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

William J. Dimmling, 47, Garden City, N.Y.*

Christopher Dincuff, 31, Jersey City, N.J.*

Jeffrey M. Dingle, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Anthony DiOnisio, 38, Glen Rock, N.J.*

George DiPasquale, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph DiPilato, 57, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas Frank DiStefano, 24, Hoboken, N.J.*

Ramzi A. Doany, 35, Bayonne, N.J., Jordanian*

John J. Doherty, 58, Hartsdale, N.Y.*

Melissa C. Doi, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Brendan Dolan, 37, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Neil Dollard, 28, Hoboken, N.J.*

James Joseph Domanico, 56, New York, N.Y.*

Benilda Pascua Domingo, 37, New York, N.Y.

Charles (Carlos) Dominguez, 34, East Meadow, N.Y.*

Geronimo (Jerome) Mark Patrick Dominguez, 37, Holtsville, N.Y.*

Lt. Kevin W. Donnelly, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Jacqueline Donovan, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen Dorf, 39, New Milford, N.J.*

Thomas Dowd, 37, Monroe, N.Y.*

Lt. Kevin Christopher Dowdell, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Mary Yolanda Dowling, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Raymond M. Downey, 63, Deer Park, N.Y.*

Joseph M. Doyle, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Frank Joseph Doyle, 39, Englewood, N.J.*

Randy Drake, 37, Lee's Summit, Mo.*

Stephen Patrick Driscoll, 38, Lake Carmel, N.Y.*

Mirna A. Duarte, 31, New York, N.Y.

Luke A. Dudek, 50, Livingston, N.J.*

Christopher Michael Duffy, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Gerard Duffy, 53, Manorville, N.Y.*

Michael Joseph Duffy, 29, Northport, N.Y.*

Thomas W. Duffy, 52, Pittsford, N.Y.

Antoinette Duger, 44, Belleville, N.J.*

Jackie Sayegh Duggan, 34*

Sareve Dukat, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Joseph Dunne, 28, Mineola, N.Y.

Richard A. Dunstan, 54, New Providence, N.J.*

Patrick Thomas Dwyer, 37, Nissequogue, N.Y.*

Joseph Anthony Eacobacci, 26, New York, N.Y.*

John Bruce Eagleson, 53, Middlefield, Conn.*

Robert D. Eaton, 37, Manhasset, N.Y.*

Dean P. Eberling, 44, Cranford, N.J.*

Margaret Ruth Echtermann, 33, Hoboken, N.J.*

Paul Robert Eckna, 28, West New York, N.J.

Constantine (Gus) Economos, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis Michael Edwards, 35, Huntington, N.Y.*

Michael Hardy Edwards, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Lisa Egan, 31, Cliffside Park, N.J.*

Capt. Martin Egan, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Egan, 51, Middletown, N.J.*

Christine Egan, 55, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada*

Samantha Egan, 24, Jersey City, N.J.*

Carole Eggert, 60, New York, N.Y.

Lisa Caren Weinstein Ehrlich, 36, New York, N.Y.*

John Ernst (Jack) Eichler, 69, Cedar Grove, N.J.*

Eric Adam Eisenberg, 32, Commack, N.Y.*

Daphne F. Elder, 36, Newark, N.J.*

Michael J. Elferis, 27, College Point, N.Y.*

Mark J. Ellis, 26, South Huntington, N.Y.*

Valerie Silver Ellis, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Albert Alfy William Elmarry, 30, North Brunswick, N.J.*

Edgar H. Emery, 45, Clifton, N.J.*

Doris Suk-Yuen Eng, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher S. Epps, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Ulf Ramm Ericson, 79, Greenwich, Conn.*

Erwin L. Erker, 41, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

William J. Erwin, 30, Verona, N.J.*

Sarah (Ali) Escarcega, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Jose Espinal, 31

Fanny M. Espinoza, 29, Teaneck, N.J.*

Francis Esposito, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Michael Esposito, 41, New York, N.Y.*

William Esposito, 51, Bellmore, N.Y.*

Brigette Ann Esposito, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Ruben Esquilin, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Sadie Ette, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Barbara G. Etzold, 43, Jersey City, N.J.*

Eric Brian Evans, 31, Weehawken, N.J.*

Robert Edward Evans, 36, Franklin Square, N.Y.*

Meredith Emily June Ewart, 29, Hoboken, N.J.*

Catherine K. Fagan, 58, New York, N.Y.*

Patricia M. Fagan, 55, Toms River, N.J.*

Keith G. Fairben, 24, Floral Park, N.Y.*

William Fallon, 38, Coram, N.Y.*

William F. Fallon, 53, Rocky Hill, N.J.*

Anthony J. Fallone, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Dolores B. Fanelli, 38, Farmingville, N.Y.*

John Joseph Fanning, 54, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Kathleen (Kit) Faragher, 33, Denver, Colo.*

Capt. Thomas Farino, 37, Bohemia, N.Y.*

Nancy Carole Farley, 45, Jersey City, N.J.*

Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Farmer, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas Farnum, 33, New York, N.Y.*

John W. Farrell, 41, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Terrence Patrick Farrell, 45, Huntington, N.Y.*

John G. Farrell, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Capt. Joseph Farrelly, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas P. Farrelly, 54, East Northport, N.Y.*

Syed Abdul Fatha, 54, Newark, N.J.*

Christopher Faughnan, 37, South Orange, N.J.*

Wendy R. Faulkner, 47, Mason, Ohio*

Shannon M. Fava, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Bernard D. Favuzza, 52, Suffern, N.Y.*

Robert Fazio, 41, Freeport, N.Y.*

Ronald C. Fazio, 57, Closter, N.J.*

William Feehan, 72, New York, N.Y.*

Francis J. (Frank) Feely, 41, Middletown, N.Y.*

Garth E. Feeney, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Sean B. Fegan, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Lee S. Fehling, 28, Wantagh, N.Y.*

Peter Feidelberg, 34, Hoboken, N.J.*

Alan D. Feinberg, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Rosa Maria Feliciano, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Edward T. Fergus, 40, Wilton, Conn.

George Ferguson, 54, Teaneck, N.J.

Henry Fernandez, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Judy H. Fernandez, 27, Parlin, N.J.*

Jose Manuel Contreras Fernandez, El Aguacate, Jalisco, Mexico

Elisa Giselle Ferraina, 27, London, England*

Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira, 29, Jersey City, N.J.*

Robert John Ferris, 63, Garden City, N.Y.*

David Francis Ferrugio, 46, Middletown, N.J.

Louis V. Fersini, 38, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Michael David Ferugio, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Bradley James Fetchet, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Jennifer Louise Fialko, 29, Teaneck, N.J.*

Kristen Fiedel, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Samuel Fields, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Bradley Finnegan, 37, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Timothy J. Finnerty, 33, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Michael Curtis Fiore, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen J. Fiorelli, 43, Aberdeen, N.J.*

Paul M. Fiori, 31, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.*

John Fiorito, 40, Stamford, Conn.*

Lt. John R. Fischer, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Fisher, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas J. Fisher, 36, Union, N.J.*

Bennett Lawson Fisher, 58, Stamford, Conn.

John Roger Fisher, 46, Bayonne, N.J.*

Lucy Fishman, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Ryan D. Fitzgerald, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas Fitzpatrick, 35, Tuckahoe, N.Y.*

Richard P. Fitzsimons, 57, Lynbrook, N.Y.*

Salvatore A. Fiumefreddo, 47, Manalapan, N.J.*

Christina Donovan Flannery, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Eileen Flecha, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Andre G. Fletcher, 37, North Babylon, N.Y.*

Carl Flickinger, 38, Conyers, N.Y.*

John Joseph Florio, 33, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Joseph W. Flounders, 46, East Stroudsburg, Pa.*

David Fodor, 38, Garrison, N.Y.*

Lt. Michael N. Fodor, 53, Warwick, N.Y.*

Steven Mark Fogel, 40, Westfield, N.Y.*

Thomas Foley, 32, West Nyack, N.Y.*

David Fontana, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Chih Min (Dennis) Foo, 40, Holmdel, N.J.*

Del Rose Forbes-Cheatham, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Godwin Forde, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Donald A. Foreman, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Hugh Forsythe, 44, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Claudia Alicia Martinez Foster, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Noel J. Foster, 40, Bridgewater, N.J.*

Ana Fosteris, 58, Coram, N.Y.*

Robert J. Foti, 42, Albertson, N.Y.*

Jeffrey L. Fox, 40, Cranbury, N.J.*

Virginia Fox, 58, New York, N.Y.*

Virgin (Lucy) Francis, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Pauline Francis, 57, New York, N.Y.*

Joan Francis

Gary J. Frank, 35, South Amboy, N.J.*

Morton Frank, 31, New York, N.Y.

Peter Christopher Frank, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Richard K. Fraser, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin Joseph Frawley, 34, Bronxville, N.Y.*

Clyde Frazier, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Lillian I. Frederick, 46, Teaneck, N.J.*

Andrew Fredericks, 40, Suffern, N.Y.*

Tamitha Freemen, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Brett O. Freiman, 29, Roslyn, N.Y.*

Lt. Peter L. Freund, 45, Westtown, N.Y.*

Arlene E. Fried, 49, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.*

Alan Wayne Friedlander, 52, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.*

Andrew K. Friedman, 44, Woodbury, N.Y.*

Gregg J. Froehner, 46, Chester, N.J.*

Peter Christian Fry, 36, Wilton, Conn.*

Clement Fumando, 59, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Elliot Furman, 40, Wesley Hills, N.Y.*

Paul James Furmato, 37, Colts Neck, N.J.*

Fredric Gabler, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Richard S. Gabrielle, 50, West Haven, Conn.*

James Andrew Gadiel, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Pamela Gaff, 51, Robinsville, N.J.

Ervin Vincent Gailliard, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Deanna L. Galante, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Grace Galante, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Anthony Edward Gallagher, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Daniel James Gallagher, 23, Red Bank, N.J.*

John Patrick Gallagher, 31, Yonkers, N.Y.*

Cono E. Gallo, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Vincenzo Gallucci, 36, Monroe Township, N.J.*

Thomas Edward Galvin, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Giovanna (Genni) Gambale, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas Gambino, 48, Babylon, N.Y.*

Giann F. Gamboa, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Peter J. Ganci, 55, North Massapequa, N.Y.*

Claude Michael Gann, 41, Roswell, Ga.*

Lt. Charles William Garbarini, 44, Pleasantville, N.Y.*

Cesar Garcia, 36, New York, N.Y.*

David Garcia, 40, Freeport, N.Y.*

Jorge Luis Morron Garcia, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Juan Garcia, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Marlyn C. Garcia, 21, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Gardner, 36, Darien, Conn.*

Douglas B. Gardner, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Harvey J. Gardner, 35, Lakewood, N.J.*

Thomas A. Gardner, 39, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Jeffrey B. Gardner, 36, Hoboken, N.J.*

William Arthur Gardner, 45, Lynbrook, N.Y.*

Francesco Garfi, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Rocco Gargano, 28, Bayside, N.Y.*

James M. Gartenberg, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Matthew David Garvey, 37*

Bruce Gary, 51, Bellmore, N.Y.*

Palmina Delli Gatti, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Boyd A. Gatton, 38, Jersey City, N.J.*

Donald Richard Gavagan, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Terence D. Gazzani, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Geidel, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Hamilton Geier, 36, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Julie M. Geis, 44, Lees Summit, Mo.*

Peter Gelinas, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Paul Geller, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Howard G. Gelling, 28, New York, N.Y.

Peter Victor Genco, 36, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Steven Gregory Genovese, 37, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Alayne F. Gentul, 44, Mountain Lakes, N.J.*

Edward F. Geraghty, 45, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Suzanne Geraty, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Ralph Gerhardt, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Robert J. Gerlich, 56, Monroe, Conn.*

Denis P. Germain, 33, Tuxedo Park, N.Y.*

Marina R. Gertsberg, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Susan M. Getzendanner, 57, New York, N.Y.*

James Gerard Geyer, 41, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Joseph M. Giaccone, 43, Monroe, N.J.*

Lt. Vincent Francis Giammona, 40, Valley Stream, N.Y.*

Debra L. Gibbon, 43, Hackettstown, N.J.*

James A. Giberson, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Craig Neil Gibson, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Ronnie Gies, 43, Merrick, N.Y.*

Laura A. Giglio, 35, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Andrew Clive Gilbert, 39, Califon, N.J.

Timothy Paul Gilbert, 35, Lebanon, N.J.

Paul Stuart Gilbey, 39, Chatham, N.J.*

Paul John Gill, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Mark Y. Gilles, 33, New York, N.Y.

Evan H. Gillette, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Ronald Gilligan, 43, Norwalk, Conn.*

Sgt. Rodney C. Gillis, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Laura Gilly, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. John F. Ginley, 37, Warwick, N.Y.*

Jeffrey Giordano, 46, New York, N.Y.*

John Giordano, 46, Newburgh, N.Y.*

Donna Marie Giordano, 44, Parlin, N.J.*

Steven A. Giorgetti, 43, Manhasset, N.Y.*

Martin Giovinazzo, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Kum-Kum Girolamo, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Salvatore Gitto, 44, Manalapan, N.J.*

Cynthia Giugliano, 46, Nesconset, N.Y.*

Mon Gjonbalaj, 65, New York, N.Y.*

Dianne Gladstone, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Keith Alexander Glascoe, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas I. Glasser, 40, Summit, N.J.*

Harry Glenn, 38, Piscataway, N.J.*

Steven Lawrence Glick, 42, Greenwich, Conn.*

Barry H. Glick, 55, Wayne, N.J.*

John T. Gnazzo, 32, New York, N.Y.*

William (Bill) Robert Godshalk, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Michael Gogliormella, 43, New Providence, N.J.*

Brian Fredric Goldberg, 26, Union, N.J.*

Jeffrey Grant Goldflam, 48, Melville, N.Y.*

Michelle Herman Goldstein, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Monica Goldstein, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Goldstein, 35, Princeton, N.J.*

Andrew H. Golkin, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis James Gomes, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Manuel Gomez, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Enrique Antonio Gomez, 42, New York, N.Y.

Jose Bienvenido Gomez, 45, New York, N.Y.

Wilder Gomez, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Jenine Gonzalez, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Joel Guevara Gonzalez, 23, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Rosa J. Gonzalez, 32, Jersey City, N.J.*

Mauricio Gonzalez, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Calvin J. Gooding, 38, Riverside, N.Y.*

Harry Goody, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Kiran Reddy Gopu, 24, Bridgeport, Conn.*

Catherine Carmen Gorayeb, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Kerene Gordon, 43, New York, N.Y.

Sebastian Gorki, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Kieran Gorman, 35, Yonkers, N.Y.*

Thomas E. Gorman, 41, Middlesex, N.J.*

Michael Edward Gould, 29, Hoboken, N.J.*

Yugi Goya, 42, Rye, N.Y.*

Jon Richard Grabowski, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Michael Grady, 39, Cranford, N.J.*

Edwin John Graf, 48, Rowayton, Conn.*

David M. Graifman, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Gilbert Granados, 51, Hicksville, N.Y.*

Elvira Granitto, 43, New York, N.Y.

Winston Arthur Grant, 59, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Christopher Stewart Gray, 32, Weehawken, N.J.*

James Michael Gray, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Linda Mair Grayling, 44, New York, N.Y.*

John Michael Grazioso, 41, Middletown, N.J.*

Timothy Grazioso, 42, Gulf Stream, Fla.*

Wade Brian Green, 42, Westbury, N.Y.*

Derrick Arthur Green, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Elaine Myra Greenberg, 56, New York, N.Y.*

Gayle R. Greene, 51, Montville, N.J.*

James Arthur Greenleaf, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Eileen Marsha Greenstein, 52, Morris Plains, N.J.*

Elizabeth (Lisa) Martin Gregg, 52, New York, N.Y.

Donald H. Gregory, 62, Ramsey, N.J.*

Florence M. Gregory, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Denise Gregory, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Pedro (David) Grehan, 35, Hoboken, N.J.*

John M. Griffin, 38, Waldwick, N.J.*

Tawanna Griffin, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Joan D. Griffith, 39, Willingboro, N.J.*

Warren Grifka, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Ramon Grijalvo, 58*

Joseph F. Grillo, 46, New York, N.Y.*

David Grimner, 51, Merrick, N.Y.*

Kenneth Grouzalis, 56, Lyndhurst, N.J.*

Joseph Grzelak, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Matthew J. Grzymalski, 34, New Hyde Park, N.Y.*

Robert Joseph Gschaar, 55, Spring Valley, N.Y.*

Liming (Michael) Gu, 34, Piscataway, N.J.*

Jose A. Guadalupe, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Yan Zhu (Cindy) Guan, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Geoffrey E. Guja, 47, Lindenhurst, N.Y.*

Lt. Joseph Gullickson, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Babita Guman, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas B. Gurian, 38, Tenafly, N.J.*

Philip T. Guza, 54, Sea Bright, N.J.*

Barbara Guzzardo, 49, Glendale, N.Y.*

Peter Gyulavary, 44, Warwick, N.Y.*

Gary Robert Haag, 36, Ossining, N.Y.*

Andrea Lyn Haberman, 25, Chicago, Ill.*

Barbara M. Habib, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Philip Haentzler, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Nizam A. Hafiz, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Karen Hagerty, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Steven Hagis, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Mary Lou Hague, 26, New York, N.Y.*

David Halderman, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Maile Rachel Hale, 26, Cambridge, Mass.*

Richard Hall, 49, Purchase, N.Y.*

Vaswald George Hall, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Robert John Halligan, 59, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Lt. Vincent Gerard Halloran, 43, North Salem, N.Y.*

James D. Halvorson, 56, Greenwich, Conn.*

Mohammad Salman Hamdani, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Felicia Hamilton, 62, New York, N.Y.

Robert Hamilton, 43, Washingtonville, N.Y.*

Frederic Kim Han, 45, Marlboro, N.J.*

Christopher James Hanley, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Sean Hanley, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Valerie Joan Hanna, 57, Freeville, N.Y.*

Thomas Hannafin, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Kevin James Hannaford, 32, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Michael L. Hannan, 34, Lynbrook, N.Y.*

Dana Hannon, 29, Suffern, N.Y.*

Vassilios G. Haramis, 56, New York, N.Y.*

James A. Haran, 41, Malverne, N.Y.*

Jeffrey P. Hardy, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Timothy John Hargrave, 38, Readington, N.J.*

Daniel Harlin, 41, Kent, N.Y.*

Frances Haros, 76, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Harvey L. Harrell, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Stephen Gary Harrell, 44, Warwick, N.Y.*

Stewart D. Harris, 52, Marlboro, N.J.*

Aisha Harris, 22, New York, N.Y.*

John Patrick Hart, 38, Danville, Calif.*

John Clinton Hartz, 64, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Emeric J. Harvey, 56, Montclair, N.J.*

Capt. Thomas Theodore Haskell, 37, Massapequa, N.Y.*

Timothy Haskell, 34, Seaford, N.Y.*

Joseph John Hasson, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Capt. Terence S. Hatton, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Leonard William Hatton, 45, Ridgefield Park, N.J.*

Michael Helmut Haub, 34, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.*

Timothy Aaron Haviland, 41, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Donald G. Havlish, 53, Yardley, Pa.*

Anthony Hawkins, 30, New York, N.Y.

Nobuhiro Hayatsu, 36, Scarsdale, N.Y.*

Philip Hayes, 67, Northport, N.Y.*

William Ward Haynes, 35, Rye, N.Y.*

Scott Hazelcorn, 29, Hoboken, N.J.*

Lt. Michael K. Healey, 42, East Patchogue, N.Y.*

Roberta Bernstein Heber, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Francis Xavier Heeran, 23, Belle Harbor, N.Y.*

John Heffernan, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Howard Joseph Heller, 37, Ridgefield, Conn.*

JoAnn L. Heltibridle, 46, Springfield, N.J.*

Mark F. Hemschoot, 45, Red Bank, N.J.*

Ronnie Lee Henderson, 52, Newburgh, N.Y.*

Janet Hendricks, 48, New York, N.Y.

Brian Hennessey, 35, Ringoes, N.J.

Michelle Marie Henrique, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph P. Henry, 25, New York, N.Y.*

William Henry, 49, New York, N.Y.*

John Henwood, 35, New York, N.Y.

Robert Allan Hepburn, 39, Union, N.J.*

Mary (Molly) Herencia, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Lindsay Coates Herkness, 58, New York, N.Y.*

Harvey Robert Hermer, 59, New York, N.Y.*

Claribel Hernandez, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Norberto Hernandez, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Raul Hernandez, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Herold, 44, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Jeffrey A. Hersch, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas Hetzel, 33, Elmont, N.Y.*

Capt. Brian Hickey, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Ysidro Hidalgo-Tejada, 47, New York, N.Y., Dominican Republic*

Lt. Timothy Higgins, 43, Farmingville, N.Y.*

Robert D. Higley, 29, New Fairfield, Conn.*

Todd Russell Hill, 34, Boston, Mass.*

Clara Victorine Hinds, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Neal Hinds, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Mark D. Hindy, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Bruce Van Hine, 48, Greenwood Lake, N.Y.*

Katsuyuki Hirai, 32, Hartsdale, N.Y.

Heather Malia Ho, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Tara Yvette Hobbs, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas A. Hobbs, 41, Baldwin, N.Y.*

James L. Hobin, 47, Marlborough, Conn.*

Robert Wayne Hobson, 36, New Providence, N.J.*

DaJuan Hodges, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Ronald George Hoerner, 58, Massapequa Park, N.Y.*

Patrick Aloysius Hoey, 53, Middletown, N.J.*

Marcia Hoffman, 52, New York, N.Y.

Stephen G. Hoffman, 36, Long Beach, N.Y.*

Frederick J. Hoffmann, 53, Freehold, N.J.*

Michele L. Hoffmann, 27, Freehold, N.J.*

Judith Florence Hofmiller, 53, Brookfield, Conn.*

Thomas Warren Hohlweck, 57, Harrison, N.Y.*

Jonathan R. Hohmann, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Francis Holland, 32, Glen Rock, N.J.*

John Holland, 30

Elizabeth Holmes, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas P. Holohan, 36, Chester, N.Y.*

Bradley Hoorn, 22, New York, N.Y.*

James P. Hopper, 51, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Montgomery McCullough Hord, 46, Pelham, N.Y.*

Michael Horn, 27, Lynbrook, N.Y.*

Matthew D. Horning, 26, Hoboken, N.J.*

Robert L. Horohoe, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Aaron Horwitz, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Charles J. Houston, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Uhuru G. Houston, 32, Englewood, N.J.*

George Howard, 45, Hicksville, N.Y.*

Michael C. Howell, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Steven L. Howell, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Jennifer L. Howley, 34, New Hyde Park, N.Y.*

Milagros "Millie" Hromada, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Marian Hrycak, 56, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen Huczko, 44, Bethlehem, N.J.*

Kris R. Hughes, 30, Nesconset, N.Y.*

Melissa Harrington Hughes, 31, San Francisco, Calif.*

Thomas F. Hughes, 46, Spring Lake Heights, N.J.*

Timothy Robert Hughes, 43, Madison, N.J.*

Paul R. Hughes, 38, Stamford, Conn.*

Robert T. "Bobby" Hughes, 23, Sayreville, N.J.*

Susan Huie, 43, Fair Lawn, N.J.*

Mychal Lamar Hulse, 30, New York, N.Y.*

William C. Hunt, 32, Norwalk, Conn.*

Joseph G. Hunter, 31, South Hempstead, N.Y.*

Robert Hussa, 51, Roslyn, N.Y.*

Capt. Walter Hynes, 46, Belle Harbor, N.Y.*

Thomas E. Hynes, 28, Norwalk, Conn.*

Joseph Anthony Ianelli, 28, Hoboken, N.J.*

Zuhtu Ibis, 25, Clifton, N.J.*

Jonathan Lee Ielpi, 29, Great Neck, N.Y.*

Michael Patrick Iken, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Daniel Ilkanayev, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Capt. Frederick Ill, 49, Pearl River, N.Y.*

Abraham Nethanel Ilowitz, 51, New York, N.Y.

Anthony P. Infante, 47, Chatham, N.J.*

Louis S. Inghilterra, 45, New Castle, N.Y.*

Christopher N. Ingrassia, 28, Watchung, N.J.*

Paul Innella, 33, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Stephanie V. Irby, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas Irgang, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Todd A. Isaac, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Erik Hans Isbrandtsen, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Taizo Ishikawa, 50

Aram Iskenderian, 41, Merrick, N.Y.*

John Iskyan, 41, Wilton, Conn.*

Kazushige Ito, 35, New York, N.Y.

Aleksandr Valeryerich Ivantsov, 23, New York, N.Y.

Virginia Jablonski, 49, Matawan, N.J.*

Brooke Alexandra Jackman, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Aaron Jacobs, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Jason Kyle Jacobs, 32, Mendham, N.J.*

Michael Grady Jacobs, 54, Danbury, Conn.*

Ariel Louis Jacobs, 29, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.*

Steven A. Jacobson, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Ricknauth Jaggernauth, 58, New York, N.Y.*

Jake Denis Jagoda, 24, Huntington, N.Y.*

Yudh V.S. Jain, 54, New City, N.Y.*

Maria Jakubiak, 41, Ridgewood, N.Y.*

Gricelda E. James, 44, Willingboro, N.J.*

Ernest James, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Mark Jardim, 39, New York, N.Y.

Mohammed Jawara, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Francois Jean-Pierre, 58, New York, N.Y.

Maxima Jean-Pierre, 40, Bellport, N.Y.

Paul E. Jeffers, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Jenkins, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Alan K. Jensen, 49, Wyckoff, N.J.*

Prem N. Jerath, 57, Edison, N.J.*

Farah Jeudy, 32, Spring Valley, N.Y.*

Hweidar Jian, 42, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Eliezer Jimenez, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Luis Jimenez, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Nicholas John, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Gregory John, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Scott M. Johnson, 26, New York, N.Y.*

LaShawana Johnson, 27, New York, N.Y.*

William Johnston, 31, North Babylon, N.Y.*

Arthur Joseph Jones, 37, Ossining, N.Y.

Donald W. Jones, 43, Fairless Hills, Pa.*

Allison Horstmann Jones, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Brian L. Jones, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher D. Jones, 53, Huntington, N.Y.

Donald T. Jones, 39, Livingston, N.J.*

Linda Jones, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Mary S. Jones, 72, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Jordan, 35, Remsenburg, N.Y.*

Robert Thomas Jordan, 34, Williston, N.Y.*

Ingeborg Joseph, 60, Germany

Stephen Joseph, 39, Franklin Park, N.J.*

Karl Henri Joseph, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Albert Joseph, 79

Jane Eileen Josiah, 47, Bellmore, N.Y.*

Lt. Anthony Jovic, 39, Massapequa, N.Y.*

Angel Luis Juarbe, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Karen Susan Juday, 52, New York, N.Y.*

The Rev. Mychal Judge, 68, New York, N.Y.*

Paul W. Jurgens, 47, Levittown, N.Y.*

Thomas Edward Jurgens, 26, Lawrence, N.Y.*

Kacinga Kabeya, 63, McKinney, Texas

Shashi Kiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba, 25, Hackensack, N.J.*

Gavkharoy Mukhometovna Kamardinova, 26, New York, N.Y.

Shari Kandell, 27, Wyckoff, N.J.*

Howard Lee Kane, 40, Hazlet, N.J.*

Jennifer Lynn Kane, 26, Fair Lawn, N.J.*

Vincent D. Kane, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Joon Koo Kang, 34, Riverdale, N.J.*

Sheldon R. Kanter, 53, Edison, N.J.*

Deborah H. Kaplan, 45, Paramus, N.J.*

Alvin Peter Kappelmann, 57, Green Brook, N.J.*

Charles Karczewski, 34, Union, N.J.*

William A. Karnes, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Douglas G. Karpiloff, 53, Mamaroneck, N.Y.*

Charles L. Kasper, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Kates, 37, New York, N.Y.*

John Katsimatides, 31, East Marion, N.Y.*

Sgt. Robert Kaulfers, 49, Kenilworth, N.J.*

Don Jerome Kauth, 51, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.*

Hideya Kawauchi, 36, Fort Lee, N.J.*

Edward T. Keane, 66, West Caldwell, N.J.*

Richard M. Keane, 54, Wethersfield, Conn.*

Lisa Kearney-Griffin, 35, Jamaica, N.Y.*

Karol Ann Keasler, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Hanlon Keating, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Leo Russell Keene, 33, Westfield, N.J.*

Joseph J. Keller, 31, Park Ridge, N.J.*

Peter Rodney Kellerman, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph P. Kellett, 37, Riverdale, N.Y.*

Frederick H. Kelley, 57, Huntington, N.Y.*

Maurice Patrick Kelly, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas W. Kelly, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Timothy C. Kelly, 37, Port Washington, N.Y.*

James Joseph Kelly, 39, Oceanside, N.Y.*

Joseph A. Kelly, 40, Oyster Bay, N.Y.*

Richard John Kelly, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas Michael Kelly, 41, Wyckoff, N.J.*

Thomas Richard Kelly, 38, Riverhead, N.Y.*

William Hill Kelly, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Robert C. Kennedy, 55, Toms River, N.J.*

Thomas J. Kennedy, 36, Islip Terrace, N.Y.*

John Keohane, 41, Jersey City, N.J.*

Lt. Ronald T. Kerwin, 42, Levittown, N.Y.*

Howard L. Kestenbaum, 56, Montclair, N.J.*

Douglas D. Ketcham, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Ruth E. Ketler, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Boris Khalif, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Sarah Khan, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Taimour Firaz Khan, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Rajesh Khandelwal, 33, South Plainfield, N.J.*

SeiLai Khoo, 38, Jersey City, N.J.

Michael Kiefer, 25, Hempstead, N.Y.*

Satoshi Kikuchihara, 43, Scarsdale, N.Y.

Andrew Jay-Hoon Kim, 26, Leonia, N.J.*

Lawrence Don Kim, 31, Blue Bell, Pa.*

Mary Jo Kimelman, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Andrew Marshall King, 42, Princeton, N.J.*

Lucille T. King, 59, Ridgewood, N.J.*

Robert King, 36, Bellerose Terrace, N.Y.*

Lisa M. King-Johnson, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Takashi Kinoshita, 46, Rye, N.Y.

Chris Michael Kirby, 21, New York, N.Y.*

Howard (Barry) Kirschbaum, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Glenn Davis Kirwin, 40, Scarsdale, N.Y.*

Richard J. Klares, 59, Somers, N.Y.*

Peter A. Klein, 35, Weehawken, N.J.*

Alan D. Kleinberg, 39, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Karen J. Klitzman, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Ronald Philip Kloepfer, 39, Franklin Square, N.Y.*

Yevgeny Kniazev, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas Patrick Knox, 31, Hoboken, N.J.*

Andrew Knox, 30, Adelaide, Australia*

Rebecca Lee Koborie, 48, Guttenberg, N.J.*

Deborah Kobus, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Edward Koecheler, 57, Harrison, N.Y.*

Frank J. Koestner, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Ryan Kohart, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Vanessa Lynn Kolpak, 21, New York, N.Y.*

Irina Kolpakova, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Suzanne Kondratenko, 27, Chicago, Ill.*

Abdoulaye Kone, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Bon-seok Koo, 42, River Edge, N.J.*

Dorota Kopiczko, 26, Nutley, N.J.*

Scott Kopytko, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Bojan Kostic, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Danielle Kousoulis, 29, New York, N.Y.*

John J. Kren, 52*

William Krukowski, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Lyudmila Ksido, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Shekhar Kumar, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Kenneth Kumpel, 42, Cornwall, N.Y.*

Frederick Kuo, 53, Great Neck, N.Y.*

Patricia Kuras, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Nauka Kushitani, 44, New York, N.Y.

Thomas Joseph Kuveikis, 48, Carmel, N.Y.*

Victor Kwarkye, 35, New York, N.Y.

Kui Fai Kwok, 31, New York, N.Y.

Angela R. Kyte, 49, Boonton, N.J.*

Amarnauth Lachhman, 42, Valley Stream, N.Y.*

Andrew LaCorte, 61, Jersey City, N.J.*

Ganesh Ladkat, 27, Somerset, N.J.*

James P. Ladley, 41, Colts Neck, N.J.*

Daniel M. Van Laere, 46, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Joseph A. Lafalce, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Jeanette LaFond-Menichino, 49, New York, N.Y.*

David LaForge, 50, Port Richmond, N.Y.*

Michael Patrick LaForte, 39, Holmdel, N.J.*

Alan Lafrance, 43*

Juan Lafuente, 61, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.*

Neil K. Lai, 59, East Windsor, N.J.

Vincent A. Laieta, 31, Edison, N.J.*

William David Lake, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Franco Lalama, 45, Nutley, N.J.*

Chow Kwan Lam, 48, Maywood, N.J.*

Stephen LaMantia, 38, Darien, Conn.*

Amy Hope Lamonsoff, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Robert T. Lane, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Brendan M. Lang, 30, Red Bank, N.J.*

Rosanne P. Lang, 42, Middletown, N.J.*

Vanessa Langer, 29, Yonkers, N.Y.*

Mary Lou Langley, 53, New York, N.Y.

Peter J. Langone, 41, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.*

Thomas Langone, 39, Williston Park, N.Y.*

Michele B. Lanza, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Ruth Sheila Lapin, 53, East Windsor, N.J.*

Carol Ann LaPlante, 59, New York, N.Y.*

Ingeborg Astrid Desiree Lariby, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Robin Larkey, 48, Chatham, N.J.*

Christopher Randall Larrabee, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Hamidou S. Larry, 37, New York, N.Y.

Scott Larsen, 35, New York, N.Y.*

John Adam Larson, 37, Colonia, N.J.*

Gary E. Lasko, 49, Memphis, Tenn.*

Nicholas C. Lassman, 28, Cliffside Park, N.J.*

Paul Laszczynski, 49, Paramus, N.J.*

Jeffrey Latouche, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Cristina de Laura

Oscar de Laura

Charles Laurencin, 61, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen James Lauria, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Maria Lavache, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Denis F. Lavelle, 42, Yonkers, N.Y.*

Jeannine M. LaVerde, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Anna A. Laverty, 52, Middletown, N.J.*

Steven Lawn, 28, West Windsor, N.J.*

Robert A. Lawrence, 41, Summit, N.J.*

Nathaniel Lawson, 61, New York, N.Y.*

Eugen Lazar, 27, New York, N.Y.*

James Patrick Leahy, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Joseph Gerard Leavey, 45, Pelham, N.Y.*

Neil Leavy, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Leon Lebor, 51, Jersey City, N.J.*

Kenneth Charles Ledee, 38, Monmouth, N.J.

Alan J. Lederman, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Elena Ledesma, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Alexis Leduc, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Hyun-joon (Paul) Lee, 32, New York, N.Y.

Jong-min Lee, 24, New York, N.Y.

Myung-woo Lee, 41, Lyndhurst, N.J.

David S. Lee, 37, West Orange, N.J.*

Linda C. Lee, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Gary H. Lee, 62, Lindenhurst, N.Y.*

Juanita Lee, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Lorraine Lee, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Y.C. Lee, 34, Great Neck, N.Y.*

Yang Der Lee, 63, New York, N.Y.*

Kathryn Blair Lee, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Stuart (Soo-Jin) Lee, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Stephen Lefkowitz, 50, Belle Harbor, N.Y.*

Adriana Legro, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Edward J. Lehman, 41, Glen Cove, N.Y.*

Eric Andrew Lehrfeld, 32, New York, N.Y.*

David Ralph Leistman, 43, Garden City, N.Y.*

David Prudencio LeMagne, 27, North Bergen, N.J.*

Joseph A. Lenihan, 41, Greenwich, Conn.*

John J. Lennon, 44, Howell, N.J.*

John Robinson Lenoir, 38, Locust Valley, N.Y.*

Jorge Luis Leon, 43, Union City, N.J.

Matthew Gerard Leonard, 38, New York, N.Y.

Michael Lepore, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Antoine Lesperance, 55*

Jeffrey Earle LeVeen, 55, Manhasset, N.Y.*

John D. Levi, 50, New York, N.Y.*

Neil D. Levin, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Alisha Caren Levin, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Robert Levine, 56, West Babylon, N.Y.

Robert M. Levine, 66, Edgewater, N.J.*

Shai Levinhar, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Adam J. Lewis, 36, Fairfield, Conn.*

Margaret Susan Lewis, 49, Elizabeth, N.J.*

Ye Wei Liang, 27, New York, N.Y.*

Orasri Liangthanasarn, 26, Bayonne, N.J.*

Daniel F. Libretti, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Ralph M. Licciardi, 30, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Edward Lichtschein, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Steven B. Lillianthal, 38, Millburn, N.J.*

Carlos R. Lillo, 37, Babylon, N.Y.*

Craig Damian Lilore, 30, Lyndhurst, N.J.*

Arnold A. Lim, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Darya Lin, 32, Chicago, Ill.*

Wei Rong Lin, 31, Jersey City, N.J.*

Nickie L. Lindo, 31, New York, N.Y.

Thomas V. Linehan, 39, Montville, N.J.*

Robert Thomas Linnane, 33, West Hempstead, N.Y.*

Alan Linton, 26, Jersey City, N.J.*

Diane Theresa Lipari, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Kenneth P. Lira, 28, Paterson, N.J.*

Francisco Alberto Liriano, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Lorraine Lisi, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Paul Lisson, 45, New York, N.Y.

Vincent Litto, 52, New York, N.Y.*

Ming-Hao Liu, 41, Livingston, N.J.*

Nancy Liz, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Harold Lizcano, 31, East Elmhurst, N.Y.*

Martin Lizzul, 31, New York, N.Y.*

George A. Llanes, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Elizabeth Claire Logler, 31, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Catherine Lisa Loguidice, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Jerome Robert Lohez, 30, Jersey City, N.J.*

Michael W. Lomax, 37, New York, N.Y.

Laura M. Longing, 35, Pearl River, N.Y.*

Salvatore P. Lopes, 40, Franklin Square, N.Y.*

Luis Lopez, 38, New York, N.Y.

Manuel L. Lopez, 54, Jersey City, N.J.*

Daniel Lopez, 39, New York, N.Y.*

George Lopez, 40, Stroudsburg, Pa.*

Joseph Lostrangio, 48, Langhorne, Pa.*

Chet Louie, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Stuart Seid Louis, 43, East Brunswick, N.J.*

Joseph Lovero, 60, Jersey City, N.J.*

Michael W. Lowe, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Garry Lozier, 47, Darien, Conn.*

John Peter Lozowsky, 45, New York, N.Y.

Charles Peter Lucania, 34, East Atlantic Beach, N.Y.*

Edward (Ted) H. Luckett, 40, Fair Haven, N.J.*

Mark G. Ludvigsen, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Lee Charles Ludwig, 49, New York, N.Y.

Sean Thomas Lugano, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Daniel Lugo, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Marie Lukas, 32, New York, N.Y.*

William Lum, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Michael P. Lunden, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Christopher Lunder, 34, Wall, N.J.*

Anthony Luparello, 62, New York, N.Y.*

Gary Lutnick, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Linda Luzzicone, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Alexander Lygin, 28, New York, N.Y.*

James Francis Lynch, 47, Woodbridge, N.J.

Farrell Peter Lynch, 39, Centerport, N.Y.*

Louise A. Lynch, 58, Amityville, N.Y.*

Michael Lynch, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Michael F. Lynch, 33, New Hyde Park, N.Y.*

Michael Francis Lynch, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Richard Dennis Lynch, 30, Bedford Hills, N.Y.*

Robert H. Lynch, 44, Cranford, N.J.*

Sean Patrick Lynch, 36, Morristown, N.J.*

Sean Lynch, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Monica Lyons, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Michael J. Lyons, 32, Hawthorne, N.Y.*

Patrick Lyons, 34, South Setauket, N.Y.*

Robert Francis Mace, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Jan Maciejewski, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Catherine Fairfax MacRae, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Richard B. Madden, 35, Westfield, N.J.*

Simon Maddison, 40, Florham Park, N.J.*

Noell Maerz, 29, Long Beach, N.Y.*

Jeannieann Maffeo, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Maffeo, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Jay Robert Magazine, 48, New York, N.Y.*

Brian Magee, 52, Floral Park, N.Y.

Charles Wilson Magee, 51, Wantagh, N.Y.*

Joseph Maggitti, 47, Abingdon, Md.*

Ronald E. Magnuson, 57, Park Ridge, N.J.*

Daniel L. Maher, 50, Hamilton, N.J.*

Thomas Anthony Mahon, 37, East Norwich, N.Y.*

William Mahoney, 38, Bohemia, N.Y.*

Joseph Maio, 32, Roslyn Harbor, N.Y.*

Takashi Makimoto, 49, New York, N.Y.

Abdu Malahi, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Debora Maldonado, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Myrna T. Maldonado-Agosto, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Alfred R. Maler, 39, Convent Station, N.J.*

Gregory James Malone, 42, Hoboken, N.J.*

Edward Francis (Teddy) Maloney, 32, Darien, Conn.

Joseph E. Maloney, 46, Farmingville, N.Y.*

Gene E. Maloy, 41, New York, N.Y.*

Christian Maltby, 37, Chatham, N.J.*

Francisco Miguel (Frank) Mancini, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Mangano, 53, Jackson, N.J.*

Sara Elizabeth Manley, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Debra M. Mannetta, 31, Islip, N.Y.*

Terence J. Manning, 36, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Marion Victoria (vickie) Manning, 27, Rochdale, N.Y.*

James Maounis, 42, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph Ross Marchbanks, 47, Nanuet, N.Y.*

Peter Edward Mardikian, 29, New York, N.Y.*

Edward Joseph Mardovich, 42, Lloyd Harbor, N.Y.*

Lt. Charles Joseph Margiotta, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Kenneth Joseph Marino, 40, Monroe, N.Y.*

Lester Vincent Marino, 57, Massapequa, N.Y.*

Vita Marino, 49, New York, N.Y.

Kevin D. Marlo, 28, New York, N.Y.*

Jose J. Marrero, 32, Old Bridge, N.J.*

John Marshall, 35, Congers, N.Y.*

James Martello, 41, Rumson, N.J.*

Michael A. Marti, 26, Glendale, N.Y.*

Lt. Peter Martin, 43, Miller Place, N.Y.*

William J. Martin, 35, Rockaway, N.J.*

Brian E. Martineau, 37, Edison, N.J.*

Betsy Martinez, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Edward J. Martinez, 60, New York, N.Y.*

Jose Angel Martinez, 49, Hauppauge, N.Y.*

Robert Gabriel Martinez, 24, New York, N.Y.*

Lizie Martinez-Calderon, 32, New York, N.Y.*

Francis (Frank) Albert De Martini, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. Paul Richard Martini, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Joseph A. Mascali, 44, New York, N.Y.*

Bernard Mascarenhas, 54, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada*

Stephen F. Masi, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Nicholas G. Massa, 65, New York, N.Y.*

Patricia A. Massari, 25, Glendale, N.Y.*

Michael Massaroli, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Philip W. Mastrandrea, 42, Chatham, N.J.*

Rudolph Mastrocinque, 43, Kings Park, N.Y.*

Joseph Mathai, 49, Arlington, Mass.*

Charles William Mathers, 61, Sea Girt, N.J.*

William A. Mathesen, 40, Morristown, N.J.*

Marcello Matricciano, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Margaret Elaine Mattic, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Robert D. Mattson, 54, Green Pond, N.J.*

Walter Matuza, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Charles A. (Chuck) Mauro, 65, New York, N.Y.*

Charles J. Mauro, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Dorothy Mauro, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Nancy T. Mauro, 51, New York, N.Y.*

Tyrone May, 44, Rahway, N.J.*

Keithroy Maynard, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Robert J. Mayo, 46, Morganville, N.J.*

Kathy Nancy Mazza-Delosh, 46, Farmingdale, N.Y.*

Edward Mazzella, 62, Monroe, N.Y.*

Jennifer Mazzotta, 23, New York, N.Y.*

Kaaria Mbaya, 39, Edison, N.J.*

James J. McAlary, 42, Spring Lake Heights, N.J.*

Brian McAleese, 36, Baldwin, N.Y.*

Patricia A. McAneney, 50, Pomona, N.Y.*

Colin Richard McArthur, 52, Howell, N.J.*

John McAvoy, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Kenneth M. McBrayer, 49, New York, N.Y.*

Brendan McCabe, 40, Sayville, N.Y.*

Michael J. McCabe, 42, Rumson, N.J.*

Thomas McCann, 46, Manalapan, N.J.*

Justin McCarthy, 30, Port Washington, N.Y.*

Kevin M. McCarthy, 42, Fairfield, Conn.*

Michael Desmond McCarthy, 33, Huntington, N.Y.*

Robert Garvin McCarthy, 33, Stony Point, N.Y.*

Stanley McCaskill, 47, New York, N.Y.*

Katie Marie McCloskey, 25, Mount Vernon, N.Y.*

Tara McCloud-Gray, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Austin McCrann, 55, New York, N.Y.*

Tonyell McDay, 25, Colonia, N.J.*

Matthew T. McDermott, 34, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Joseph P. McDonald, 43, Livingston, N.J.

Brian G. McDonnell, 38, Wantagh, N.Y.*

Michael McDonnell, 34, Red Bank, N.J.*

John F. McDowell, 33, New York, N.Y.*

Eamon J. McEneaney, 46, New Canaan, Conn.*

John Thomas McErlean, 39, Larchmont, N.Y.*

Daniel F. McGinley, 40, Ridgewood, N.J.*

Mark Ryan McGinly, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Lt. William E. McGinn, 43, New York, N.Y.*

Thomas H. McGinnis, 41, Oakland, N.J.*

Michael Gregory McGinty, 42, Foxboro, Mass.*

Ann McGovern, 68, East Meadow, N.Y.*

Scott Martin McGovern, 35, Wyckoff, N.J.*

William J. McGovern, 49, Smithtown, N.Y.*

Stacey S. McGowan, 38, Basking Ridge, N.J.*

Francis Noel McGuinn, 48, Rye, N.Y.*

Patrick J. McGuire, 40, Madison, N.J.

Thomas M. McHale, 33, Huntington, N.Y.*

Keith McHeffey, 31, Monmouth Beach, N.J.*

Denis J. McHugh, 36, New York, N.Y.*

Dennis P. McHugh, 34, Sparkill, N.Y.*

Michael Edward McHugh, 35, Tuckahoe, N.Y.*

Ann M. McHugh, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Robert G. McIlvaine, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Donald James McIntyre, 38, New City, N.Y.*

Stephanie McKenna, 45, New York, N.Y.*

Barry J. McKeon, 47, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.*

Evelyn C. McKinnedy, 60, New York, N.Y.

Darryl Leron McKinney, 26, New York, N.Y.*

Robert C. McLaughlin, 29, Westchester, N.Y.*

George Patrick McLaughlin, 36, Hoboken, N.J.*

Gavin McMahon, 35, Bayonne, N.J.*

Robert Dismas McMahon, 35, New York, N.Y.*

Edmund M. McNally, 41, Fair Haven, N.J.*

Daniel McNeal, 29, Towson, Md.

Walter Arthur McNeil, 53, Stroudsburg, Pa.*

Jaselliny McNish, 37

Sean Peter McNulty, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Christine Sheila McNulty, 42, Peterborough, England

Robert William McPadden, 30, Pearl River, N.Y.*

Terence A. McShane, 37, West Islip, N.Y.*

Timothy Patrick McSweeney, 37, New York, N.Y.*

Martin E. McWilliams, 35, Kings Park, N.Y.*

Rocco A. Medaglia, 49, Melville, N.Y.*

Abigail Medina, 46, New York, N.Y.*

Ana Iris Medina, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Deborah Medwig, 46, Dedham, Mass.

William J. Meehan, 49, Darien, Conn.*

Damian Meehan, 32, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Alok Kumar Mehta, 23, Hempstead, N.Y.*

Raymond Meisenheimer, 46, West Babylon, N.Y.*

Manuel Emilio Mejia, 54, New York, N.Y.

Eskedar Melaku, 31, New York, N.Y.*

Antonio Melendez, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Mary Melendez, 44, Stroudsburg, Pa.*

Yelena Melnichenko, 28, Brooklyn, N.Y.*

Stuart Todd Meltzer, 32, Syosset, N.Y.*

Diarelia Jovannah Mena, 30, New York, N.Y.*

Charles Mendez, 38, Floral Park, N.Y.*

Lizette Mendoza, 33, North Bergen, N.J.*

Shevonne Mentis, 25, New York, N.Y.*

Steve Mercado, 38, New York, N.Y.*

Wesley Mercer, 70, New York, N.Y.*

Ralph Joseph Mercurio, 47, Rockville Centre, N.Y.*

Alan H. Merdinger, 47, Allentown, Pa.*

George C. Merino, 39, New York, N.Y.*

Yamel Merino, 24, Yonkers, N.Y.

George Merkouris, 35, Levittown, N.Y.*

Deborah Merrick, 45

Raymond J. Metz, 37, Trumbull, Conn.*

Jill A. Metzler, 32, Franklin Square, N.Y.*

David Robert Meyer, 57, Glen Rock, N.J.*

Nurul Huq Miah, 35, New York, N.Y.*

William Edward Micciulli, 30, Matawan, N.J.*

Martin Paul Michelstein, 57, Morristown, N.J.

Luis Clodoaldo Revilla Mier, 54

Peter T. Milano, 43, Middletown, N.J.*

Gregory Milanowycz, 25, Cranford, N.J.*

Lukasz T. Milewski, 21, New York, N.Y.*

Corey Peter Miller, 34, New York, N.Y.*

Henry Miller, 52, East Norwich, N.Y.*

Phillip D. Miller, 53, New York, N.Y.*

Craig James Miller, 29, Va.

Douglas C. Miller, 34, Port Jervis, N.Y.*

Michael Matthew Miller, 39, Englewood, N.J.*

Robert C. Miller, 55, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.

Robert Alan Miller, 46, Matawan, N.J.*

Joel Miller, 55, Baldwin, N.Y.*

Benjamin Millman, 40, New York, N.Y.*

Charles M. Mills, 61, Brentwood, N.Y.*

Ronald Keith Milstein, 54, New York, N.Y.*

Robert Minara, 54, Carmel, N.Y.*


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September 10, 2003

New York on 9/11

The following story was submitted by Pete.

I was working in an office building in the shadow of the Twin towers. Every morning I would walk past the line of trucks that were being inspected before being allowed to enter the underground garage to make their deliveries. The strange thing about it is that the people in my group didn’t even know about what had happened at first. Our office had no windows and we found out when someone came in and asked us how we could be sitting there as if nothing was happening. I remember rushing to the south side windows to see what he was talking about. The first thing I noticed was all the paper flying around. It was like a bizarre tickertape parade. Then I saw the hole in the North tower. As strange as it sounds my first thought was “how in the hell are they ever going to fix that”. We had a clear view of the hole from our location and I could see the fires spreading. Then we saw the first body falling from the tower and we all went silent. It looked like a rag doll flying through the air. I remember wondering what might have caused that person to jump. Could it have been that bad that there was no other escape? Or worse did they fall because of some sort of damage to the building? In the silence we could hear was the continuous wail of the sirens as the emergency services converged on the building. That would be the background noise for the rest of the day. Even now, after 2 years, every time I hear multiple sirens I still get the awful feeling in my stomach.

Our building fire safety officer made an announcement asking us to stay in the building for our own safety. The streets were totally chaotic and we heard of several near misses from some of our coworkers.

I called my parents in New Mexico to tell them about what was happening and to see if they might be able to get some more info for me. Here I was right next to everything that was happening and I was calling ½ way across the country to get details. I also wanted to let them know that I was ok. The lack of knowing what was going on was the worst.

We had barely returned to our room when we felt our whole building shake. Back to the windows to see the flames starting to come from the south tower. At the time we had no idea that the second plane had hit that tower and we though that it might have had something to do with what was happening at the north tower. We soon found out soon enough though. After that there was no doubt that it had to be terrorists, but there was no real panic. Ironically our building was still not evacuated and they were telling us to remain inside as a precaution against falling debris. They didn’t mention that some of those debris were bodies. Part of me wanted to go out to see if I could offer any kind of assistance. I have first aid training and I knew that there would be a large number of people who might need assistance but at the same time I didn’t want to get in the way of the professionals. I was also somewhat afraid of the continuous reign of debris.

I didn’t see the first tower collapse. Several of us were setting up some workstations incase people from another nearby site were directed to our building. We heard a rumbling and our building started to shake again. I could hear people screaming and all I could think about was another explosion. We made a break for the fire exits on the North side of our building (away from the towers). I remember seeing my boss turn around and run back the way we had come. I figured that he was crazy and kept going out with everyone else. There was no way I was going to stay any longer.

We were lucky in that Building 7 mostly blocked the malignant clouds of dust. Things were really chaotic when we got to the street. People were crying and carrying on about the south tower collapsing but at first I couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t make sense, how could it fall? There was a lot of dust and smoke and I figured it would clear and the tower would still be there. After a minute or 2 the awful truth hit me, the South tower was totally gone. I knew that probably at several thousand people were probably dead and that a hell of a lot of firemen wouldn’t be coming out.

We were still looking at the remaining tower and more people were jumping from it. The people on the street were screaming at them not to do it but there is no way that they could have heard. I started walking north with several of my coworkers but we kept looking back. I was wondering what was going through the minds of those who were still trapped in the north tower. What could they possibly be thinking after seeing the other tower collapse? What were the last thoughts of those who jumped? The regrets that must have went through their minds as they leapt to their deaths. I thought about my daughter and if that had been me up there. I was constantly trying to dial my cell phone but the service was overloaded. Someone near by had a cell phone that was able to get through and I asked them to relay a message to my parents that I was ok. I found out later that they did get it and it eased their minds.
After what only seemed like a few minutes I heard another rumble and I turned and watched the second tower fall. It was a surreal experience. I felt like I wasn’t in my body, like I was watching a Tom Clancy novel happening. The whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion and the last thing I saw was the TV antenna as it toppled down into more clouds of dust and smoke. People were screaming and crying all around me but I was totally numb at that point. It just couldn’t be happening I thought. Then I started to get mad at those who had done it, but who were they? How could they kill so many so easily? What would happen next?

I would like to say that the rest of the day passed in a blur but didn’t. I can remember every moment up till I finally got home late that evening after basically walking ½ the length of Manhattan. It was such a perfect fall day. I remember the crowds flinching every time a plane would fly overhead. The terrible realization that those planes were fighters and they were flying combat air patrols of the city. How everyone jumped when a loud bang came from a UPS building as they passed. The few cars parked on the side of the avenues with their doors open and the radios on and the crowds they attracted. Listening to Rudy on the radio asking for people to volunteer at the hospitals. Being told that there was a 4-hour wait for blood donations at the hospital and Red cross center when I stopped in to donate. The almost absolute silence in a bar where I stopped to rest my legs as everyone watched the drama played over and over on the TV. Watching fire departments from the suburbs pouring into the city to aid the NYCFD. Correction department busses loaded with officers heading to the site. The mayhem at the George Washington Bridge because no one was allowed across on foot. Watching as people filled up their cars and trucks to give people a lift to NJ. Watching guys in suits hanging off a truck to get a ride like something from a third world country.

One thing that really stuck with me was the absence of any type of panic though. Throughout the entire afternoon I saw countless acts of kindness. The NY reputation for rudeness went out the window that day and I don’t think that it will return. For me I still think about the final thoughts of those who died. I have made changes to my life to hopefully avoid having any regrets when my time comes. There are probably a hundred other thoughts in my head about that day but for now I’ll leave it here.

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Afghanistan has long been a patchwork of different ethnic groups spread across its mountainous landscape. The largest group, the Pashtuns, makes up less than half the population. This group provided the leaders of the country.

During the 1900s, Afghan kings tried to modernize in order to survive. Trying to balance Islamic beliefs with a modernized society was not an easy task. Deeply conservative tribesmen resisted many of their efforts. The kings tried to end “purdah” for women, which confined them to a life behind the veil. Rural tribesmen overthrew King Amanullah in 1929 when he attempted to give women their freedom. By 1959 women were given the legal right to choose for themselves whether or not to wear the veil. For the next couple decades women in the cities wore Western clothes and girls attended schools.

In 1973, King Zahir Shah was deposed while in Italy. Pro-Soviet officers and the king’s brother were responsible. Communist forces announced radical social and economic changes, which the population rejected. Afghanistan had always staved off invaders, including Britain in 1842. The independent citizens were not pleased with their new Soviet residents. In the city of Herat, Ismail Khan led a rebellion that was responsible for killing Soviet advisers and their families.

In 1979, with the new Communist regime failing, Russia decided to intervene. Russian troops murdered Afghan President Amin and installed a new regime in his place. The new leader was Babrak Kamal, who was meant to smooth over the discontent in Afghanistan. However, the occupation of the country by 100,000 Russian troops fueled resentment amongst the Afghans. The former problems between different tribal groups and the quarrels between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims disappeared. Everyone seemed united in hatred of this foreign occupation.

The Russians now faced a formidable opponent. Afghanistan had maintained its independence throughout history thanks to its mountainous terrain and tradition of guerrilla warfare. Now the Afghans also had the support of the United States. President Ronald Reagan wanted to supply weapons and money to the Afghans’ fight against the Russian “evil empire.”

The Mujahideen (soldiers of God) used American anti-aircraft missiles to destroy 600 Russian aircraft, which the Soviets could not afford to replace. Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union in 1985 and quickly looked for ways to withdraw from Afghanistan. Gorbachev backed Najibullah as the new leader, and in early 1989 the Russians withdrew their troops.

Russian money and weapons kept Najibullah in control of Kabul, but the collapse of the Soviet Union meant the collapse of the communist regime in Afghanistan. The Mujahideen marched to Kabul in the spring of 1992 while Najibullah and his family sought refuge at the UN compound. They were safe there until 1996 when Taliban fighters hung Najibullah and his brother.

The fall of the Soviet Union overshadowed the events in Afghanistan. The fall of Kabul didn’t register in the Western world. The Afghan warlords carved up the country for their own gains. The population that expected liberation was now subjected to looting, rape, and other whims of the Mujahideen. Up to four million Afghans fled to other countries...mostly Pakistan.

Many of the refugees felt abandoned by the Western world. Islamic fundamentalism grew, as did the resentment of a generation of young men. These students, or “Taliban,” were bitter and disillusioned. The warlords were running Afghanistan, and the Taliban wanted to put a stop to the lawlessness. Enter Mullah Muhammed Omar, who lost an eye fighting the Russians. In 1994 he, a few students, and 16 guns confronted a local warlord. The man had kidnapped two girls so his men could rape them. The small Taliban group defeated him, and Omar had him executed.

Mullah Omar’s law and order was welcomed by the Afghan people, and the Taliban was now being helped by Pakistan and Saudi fundamentalists. Pakistan’s interest was mostly economic, hoping to establish trade with a peaceful Afghanistan. Saudi interest was largely religious, given the Mullah’s appreciation of their land as the source of pure Islam.

Mullah Omar executed the captured leaders of the Mujahideen, and when the Taliban took Kabul in 1996, they took Najibullah and his brother, as well. Their hanging was a sign for the country that the Taliban was in control. Mullah Omar became Emir, the leader of the faithful.

The Emir issued a religious edict requiring women to once again wear the full burka. Women were also restricted to keep their education and work in the home. Widows could not work to feed their children. The Taliban insisted God would provide. The war had left many widows, and they now faced poverty and starvation.

The lawlessness of the warlords was gone, and some were attracted to the Taliban’s return to “pure” Islamic values. Some people regarded Afghanistan as a model for Muslim societies. One of them was Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden was born the seventh son of a wealthy Saudi construction magnate in 1957. He fought with the Mujahideen after 1984, but then turned against America in 1991. He believed the Saudi government was a puppet for the United States and resented American troops being allowed to attack Iraq from Saudi Arabia. He spent several years in exile in Sudan, but was driven out for his support of terrorism.

In 1996 Bin Laden returned to Afghanistan, where Omar was wary of him at first. Soon Bin Laden won him over with his fanatical Islamic beliefs. Bin Laden married one of Omar’s daughters and set up Al-Qaeda (Citadel) training camps in Afghanistan. The Taliban had only aspired to purify Afghanistan, but with the joining of Omar and Bin Laden, they now planned a global anti-American movement.

The final culmination of their efforts was the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

(ed. That’s right. Final.)

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1974 Trivia: Patty Hearst

Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley, CA, home by a group called the Symbionese Liberation Army. Two months later she announced in a taped message that she was joining the SLA of her own free will and changing her name to Tania. She was later photographed robbing a San Francisco bank.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Jane Pierce

Jane was very dedicated to her children. Sadly, one son died in infancy and a second son died at age four. Benjamin was the Pierce's only remaining child, and Jane focused most of her attention on him and his upbringing.

The daughter of a minister, Jane was devoutly religious. She made sure "Bennie" received a strong religious education. His days were filled with worship, Bible readings, and hymns.

When her husband Franklin was being urged to run for the presidency in 1852, Jane was quite unhappy. She had never liked his involvement in politics, and was happy in Concord where Franklin had set up a law practice. Bennie picked up on his mother's angst and said he hoped his father would not be elected.

Franklin was elected, and the family made arrangements to move back to Washington. Two months before the inauguration, the three of them were on board a train from Boston to Concord when it derailed. The cars of the train fell down an embankment, and Franklin pulled his wife from the wreckage. He found his son crushed beneath a beam. The Pierces' thirteen-year-old son was dead.

Jane never really recovered from the loss of her third son. She didn't attend her husband's inauguration and when she did arrive in the White House she kept pretty much to herself for the first two years. Jane reconciled her son's death as God's will, deciding that God didn't want Bennie to be a distraction to his father while he was president.

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September 09, 2003

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Abigail Fillmore

Abigail was a schoolteacher when she met Millard Fillmore. Her love of books and learning would continue throughout her life, and when she moved into the White House she was dismayed by the lack of books in the executive mansion.

She decided to establish a library in the home, and once her husband persuaded Congress to allocate the funds necessary, the Fillmores set up a large room on the second floor. It was filled with new and old books as well as reference books and maps.

Abigail spent a good deal of time in the library, and visitors remarked that it was the most pleasant room in the White House.

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1974 Trivia: Movie Night

The top five movies of 1974:

1. The Towering Inferno, $52,000,000
2. Blazing Saddles, $47,800,000
3. Young Frankenstein, $38,823,000
4. Earthquake, $35,849,994
5. The Trial of Billy Jack, $31,100,000

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September 08, 2003

*What Do You Know?

About the human male reproductive system...

Cold showers boost the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

Men's testosterone levels are highest in summer and at dawn.

The steroid androstenol is one of the male pheromones that attracts women. Production of androstenol increases by 500% during December, which results in a larger proportion of September babies.

Some men's non-erect penises are always full of blood and do not increase in size during an erection. Some penises become more than ten times their normal size when erect.

Human penises reach adult size around the age of seventeen.

An ejaculation contains between 5 and 15 calories. The average speed of ejaculation is 17 mph, and the average distance is 6.9 inches.

The penis and clitoris develop from the same fetal tissue.

The word "honeymoon" comes from an Anglo-Saxon tradition where the newlywed couple would drink a mead rich with honey for a lunar month following their wedding. As a reputed aphrodisiac, honey was thought to increase fertility.

Viagra was originally meant to help angina patients. It relaxes certain tissues of the penis to allow more blood to flow.

Only 1% of heart attacks are triggered by sex.

According to the Kinsey report, standing is the least popular sexual position.

In the USA, most sex takes place at 10:34 p.m.

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1974 Trivia: Real Estate

"Condo Fever" was sweeping the nation in 1974. A whopping 40.3% of new housing units being sold in U.S. metropolitan areas were condominiums.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Margaret Taylor

During the 1848 election, Zachary Taylor's political enemies were afraid to attack the war hero. Instead they focused on his wife. Margaret was painted as a vulgar, illiterate woman from a poor family. Cartoons circulated of her puffing on a corncob pipe.

In truth, Margaret came from a prominent family. She was an educated, gracious, and refined Southern lady. She also happened to be allergic to tobacco. Nonetheless, the legend of Margaret Taylor and her pipe persisted for years.

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September 07, 2003

Women's Suffrage

Per request, here is more information on women's suffrage in America in handy timeline format:

1776: While her husband attends the second Continental Congress, Abigail Adams writes John to "remember the ladies" in the Declaration of Independence.

1790: The New Jersey colony gives the vote to "all free inhabitants."

1807: New Jersey women lose the vote when a repeal is sponsored by a politician who was nearly defeated by female voters.

1854: Massachusetts grants property rights to women.

1855: Suffragists Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell marry and delete the vow "to obey" from the ceremony. (Those of you who read Laura Ingalls Wilder's books may remember that this was an issue for her as well, even though she was not a suffragist.)

1869: The territory of Wyoming is the first to grant unrestricted suffrage to women.

1870: Esther Morris becomes justice of the peace of South Pass City, Wyoming and the first female government official. The Fifteenth Amendment is ratified. Although its gender-neutral language appears to grant women the vote, they are turned away from the polls. Utah territory women get the vote.

1872: A suffrage proposal in Dakota Territory loses by one vote.

1875: Michigan and Minnesota women win the right to vote in school elections.

1878: The first federal amendment to grant women the right to vote is introduced by Senator Sargeant of California. It fails.

1883: Women in the Washington territory are granted full voting rights.

1887: The Supreme Court strikes down the law that enfranchised women in the Washington territory. Congress takes away the vote from Utah's women. Kansas women win the right to vote in municipal elections.

1893: Colorado men vote and give women full voting rights.

1896: Idaho enfranchises women. Utah becomes a state, and Utah women regain the vote.

1910: Washington State gives women full enfranchisement.

1911: California women win full voting rights.

1912: Alaska's territorial legislature enfranchises women. Oregon and Kansas women win the vote. Arizona becomes a state and includes women as voters. Presidential candidates court the female vote for the first time. Democrat Woodrow Wilson wins the election.

1913: Illinois grants women the right to vote only in presidential elections.

1914: The Senate votes on the "Susan B. Anthony" amendment, but it does not pass. Nevada and Montana women get the vote.

1916: Woodrow Wilson promises the Democratic Party Platform will endorse suffrage. Montana elects Republican Jeanette Rankin to the House of Representatives.

1917: The Arkansas legislature grants white women the right to vote in primary, but not general elections. Rhode Island grants women the right to vote in presidential elections only. New York is the first eastern state to give full voting rights to women.

1918: Rankin opens debate in the House on a new suffrage amendment, which passes. President Wilson addresses the Senate in support of the Nineteenth Amendment, but it does not win the necessary 2/3 majority of Senate votes.

1919: Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Dakota join the full suffrage states. The House votes to enfranchise women for the third time. The Senate finally passes the Nineteenth Amendment.

1920: Three quarters of state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment on August 26. American women finally have full voting rights.

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September 05, 2003

What Do You Know?

About roads...

The first major road was the Persian Royal Road, which stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Aegean Sea. It was 1775 miles long and used around 3500-300 B.C.

The Romans were renowned for their empire's roads. At its peak, the Roman Empire had 53,000 miles of roads from Britain to North Africa.

The first major motorway was built from Cologne to Bonn from 1929-1932. In 1933, Adolf Hitler began a motorway network, the Reichsautobahnen (national motor roads).

The earliest roads were the paths of prehistoric peoples; construction of roads began with the advent of wheeled vehicles.

Road improvements began in many countries during the 1880s and '90s to accommodate bicycles.

This isn't really a "road" fact, but I found it interesting: North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have the highest concentrations of cars. All of these areas have ratios of 1 car per 2-4 persons. By contrast, China numbers 1 car per 2000 persons.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Sarah Polk

During James Polk's 1844 campaign for the presidency, Sarah Polk came across an older lady who supported the Henry Clays. The lady informed Sarah that Mrs. Clay would be a better First Lady because she was an economical housekeeper who made very good butter.

Sarah replied that if her husband won the presidency, she would manage to live within the President's salary without having to make her own butter to do so.

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1974 Trivia: Watergate

This was the year that Richard Nixon and Watergate dominated the American headlines. Beginning May 9, the House Judiciary committee held televised impeachment hearings. Nixon was charged with taking part in a conspiracy to obstruct justice, failure to fulfill his constitutional oath, and unconstitutional defiance of committee subpoenas. On August 5, Nixon admitted to originating plans to have the FBI stop its investigation of the Watergate break-in. President Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974.

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September 04, 2003

The Cost of War

According to the Dictionary of American History, World War II was the most expensive war for our country. This includes veterans' benefits, interest on debts, etc. Here are the costs of American wars:

Revolutionary War - $149 million
War of 1812 - $124 million
Mexican War - $107 million
Civil War (Union side) - $8 billion
Spanish-American War - $2.5 billion
World War I - $66 billion
World War II - $560 billion
Korean War - $70 billion
Vietnam War - $121.5 billion
Persian Gulf War - $80 billion (most of this was paid by our allies)

* These numbers are not adjusted for inflation. If you'd like an idea of the adjusted totals, try here. WWII still ranks at number one.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Letitia and Julia Tyler

Letitia married John Tyler in 1813 and became First Lady when he was elected president. She was the first First Lady to die in the White House.

About two years later, when John married Julia, he became the first president to marry while in office. Julia was thirty years younger than her husband.

Tyler had 8 children with Letitia and 7 with Julia, making him the most reproductive president in history.

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1974 Trivia: Celeb Deaths

Celebrity deaths in 1974:

William "Bud" Abbott (of Abbott and Costello) died on April 24 at age 78.
Jack Benny died on December 27 at age 80.
Edward "Duke" Ellington died on May 24 at age 75.
Cassandra "Mama Cass" Elliot died on July 29 at age 33.
Samuel Goldwyn (of MGM) died on January 31 at age 91.

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September 03, 2003

Women's Rights

It's easy to take our voting rights for granted in America and other democratic countries. Women in particular often forget that our right to vote is a relatively new thing.

In the U.S., it was the 19th Amendment in 1920 that guaranteed women the right to vote in all state and federal elections. America, the birthplace of democracy, was not the leader in women's suffrage, however. That distinction belongs to New Zealand, who extended full voting rights to women in 1893. In 1902, Australia gave women the right to vote in national elections.

Around the same time America finally granted women the vote, Great Britain, Canada, Finland, German, and Sweden also gave their women the vote. By the mid-1900s France, Italy, India, China, and Japan had followed suit. By the 1990s, the only country in the world that gave the right to vote to men but not women was Kuwait.

Many Kuwaiti women run businesses. They are educated. But they still don't have the vote. Hopefully that is about to change. America's occupation of Iraq is putting additional pressure on the Kuwaiti government to extend equal rights to women. Kuwait's parliamentary elections this summer may have put enough supporters in office to finally give women equality in Kuwait.

Support for women's rights is strong in the capital, but traditional Islamic leaders in the more rural areas have long fought against extending voting rights to their women. In 1999 the parliamentary vote was 30-32. So close, but not close enough. Let's hope the supporters in the parliament are numerous enough to do the right thing this time around.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Anna Harrison

Anna's mother died when she was very young, and at age 4 her father snuck her past British lines to live with her maternal grandparents on Long Island. Her father was a Colonel with the Continental Army, and he put on a British uniform and made his way past the enemy to deliver his daughter safely to the care of her grandparents. He then snuck back and resumed fighting the British. He would not see her again until the end of the Revolutionary War.

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1974 Trivia: Home Run Kings

Babe Ruth's record of 714 home runs fell in 1974 to Hank Aaron.

Aaron hit the record-tying home run on April 4, and on April 8 hit home run 715 to pass the Babe.

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September 02, 2003

*What Do You Know About the Human Penis?

About the human penis...

Warning: you do not want to read this post. Trust me on this one.

(But if you do, let me know if you finish it.)

The physiology of erections was not understood until recently. Some theories were that gassy foods caused a buildup of gas in the penis. Thirteenth century physician Albert the Great thought lustful thoughts generated heat in the testicles which turned into steam, causing the penis to expand like a hot air balloon.

Roman writer Martial once wrote, "When you hear clapping in the baths, you know some moron with a giant dick has arrived."

Numerous surveys have been conducted on penis size, but few of them reach any consensus of "normal" size.

Many methods of increasing size have been used throughout history:

In 1503, explorer Amerigo Vespucci reported that native women made poisonous lizards bite their husbands' penises. This method was often successful, but occasionally an infected penis would burst. Other cultures have tried bees.

A Guyana recipe for penis enlargement involved a split eggplant and various ingredients (e-mail me if you want them)...the mixture was put on the erect penis which was then encased in the eggplant. The mixture inflamed the penis and temporarily increased the size.

Penis pulling was reported in the 1770s to be common in Russia, with nurses pulling the penises of newborn babies to lengthen them.

Some northern Ugandan tribesmen hung stones from their penises. Stretching a penis too long can make it impossible to obtain an erection, so don't try that at home.

There is a Taoist art of body control called chi kung, and the men attempt to reach sexual nirvana by lifting heavy weights with their penises. A coat hanger-like device is attached to the base of the penis and fitted with weights. They then work out with swinging and lifting motions, and some are able to lift 250 lbs 2 feet off the floor.

In 1989 an Indian man attached his penis to a car and pulled the car as a protest against rising oil prices.

The earliest recorded circumcision was in Egypt in 2300 B.C. It possibly developed as a male complement to female puberty. The onset of womanhood was marked by menstrual bleeding, so perhaps the men wanted something similar. This idea is supported in that nearly all tribal circumcisions are performed on young teen boys.

Most circumcisions involve only the removal of the foreskin, but some Arab ceremonies would remove all the skin on the penis of a boy at puberty. If the boy cried out, he was killed.

Sometimes circumcision includes subincision, which is the slitting of the underside of the penis. The cut can be half an inch long or along the entire length of the penis, depending on culture. One Aboriginal tribe would slice the penis in half to look like the tribe's totem animal...a lizard with a bifurcated penis.

In Burma men would often cut open their penises and insert small bells. Men in Malaysia used metal balls. Japanese used pearls. In Sumatra the men used small stones. All of these objects were meant to increase the females' pleasure.

Back to Burma...the more bells you had, the better lover you were thought to be. The noise would announce your presence. The best gift the king could offer was one of his own bells. It would, of course, have to be cut out and then presented to the lucky recipient.

If you've made it this far, good for you. I present the last fact about the human penis: although it has no bone, the penis can in fact snap if treated roughly. The corpora cavernosa (two blood tubes in the penis shaft) can break with a loud cracking sound if mistreated. Surgery should effectively repair the damage, but I wouldn't recommend trying it.

Source: Sex: A User's Guide, Stephen Arnott.

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1974 Trivia: Bestselling Books

The five bestselling fictional books of 1974:

1. Burr, Gore Vidal.
2. Jaws, Peter Benchley.
3. The Hollow Hills, Mary Stewart.
4. Watership Down, Richard Adams.
5. The Honorary Consul, Graham Greene.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Hannah Van Buren

Very little is known about Martin Van Buren's wife. Martin was a widower when he became president and didn't mention Hannah in his own autobiography.

Hannah and Martin grew up in the Dutch town of Kinderhook, New York. They attended the same school and married in 1807. The couple spoke Dutch at home and had five sons.

In 1819 Hannah died and Martin never remarried.

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September 01, 2003

1974 Trivia: Arafat at the UN

Welcome to the month of my birth. September. The year of my birth was as you can figure out, I will be 29 this month. You still have time to purchase gifts. Perhaps gifts will offset the trauma that comes with turning 29.

To celebrate the occasion of my birth, I will post a little fact about 1974 each day this month.

In 1974, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat made his first appearance before the U.N. He did so with a gun strapped to his side, claiming "I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand."

For more information on this event, you can visit this site.

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