May 30, 2004

*For Bill C

Maybe this will get Bill interested in Star trek.

Sunday's strip at User

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May 29, 2004


Found over at Sgt Stryker's Daily Briefing

If you've ever experienced a disk-crash (and who hasn't?), I know you will see the logic behind this: Data recovery service Disksavers has hired Kelly Chessen, a former suicide-prevention counselor, to do customer service. (800) 440-1904

God knows I have had some customers that had to be pulled in off the ledge after a crash.

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May 27, 2004

*Let's Talk Bras

The biggest scam in the history of the world is the bra.

Slideshow attention to the prices, if you will.

The most expensive bras generally offer the least support for those of us larger than, say, an A cup. So on the plus side, I will never ever be tempted to buy a $215 bra.

Even so, what could possibly cause a bra to cost that much? Material? Doubtful.

Here is my theory: the lingerie industry is preying on the insecurities of small-breasted women. The fancy bras are just fancy packaging.

So the question is: do you guys care about the packaging?

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May 26, 2004

*Quote of the Day

Pete the Blogless sent me an interview via Andrew Sullivan that had the following exchange between a Canadian and an American:

BW&BK: "Do you think 9/11 will be viewed as the first event in the US empire's decline and fall?"

JS: "No. This is not an empire, first of all. If the United States was an empire, your country would be our 51st state."

Read it all, but there is some strong language.

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May 25, 2004

*Children of the 80s Rejoice!

Color is back!

Twenty-three years ago it was deemed perfectly acceptable to paint your eyelids like a parrot with lemon yellow on the brow bone, bright purple on the lid and electric-blue eyeliner to top it all off....From Day-Glo orange chiffon to fierce fuchsia lip gloss, the plastic rainbow of the early '80s palette is now hot and black is no longer instantly cool.

I noticed some months ago the Kohl's catalogue looked like a throwback to my junior high years. I remarked on this to my sister, age 22, who rolled her eyes. She treats anything that smells of the 80s with complete disdain. She favors "Seattle style"--drab colors, baggy pants, etc.

I've been wearing more color lately--although I never really gave it up. I'm one of the lucky ones who can pull off any color. I don't shy away from yellow or lime-green t-shirts. Bright blue is one of the best colors on me.

I even brightened up my site.

I've been happily awaiting the return of Big Hair and have even grown it out so I could be ready. On the occasional weekend, I curl it and poof! Giant hair!

Yay, 80s!

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*Quote for Any Ol' Day

Courtesy Bacchus, who is not safe for work and whose link to the entry I want is not working:

"Errol Flynn died on a 70-foot yacht with a 17-year-old girl. Walter's always wanted to go that way, but he's going to settle for a 17-footer and a 70-year-old."

-Mrs. Walter Cronkite

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I'll Give You a Topic...

I really like these questions. More so when people answer them. So please leave a comment.

If you could put one secret microphone anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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May 23, 2004

*Tornadoes: They're Everywhere! They're Everywhere!

Not a good weekend to be in Iowa. Worse for some * than others.

I think I was as close to a tornado as I ever have been in my life. Hard to guesstimate distance when you're driving 90 miles an hour in the other direction, though.

On a less dangerous note, saw Shrek 2 and highly recommend it. :-)

* Anyone around here who wants to help with cleanup Sunday at Bradgate, they can use more volunteers. Park on either the east or west side of town and they'll shuttle you in. Free lunch. Anyone else can donate to the Red Cross.

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May 21, 2004

*You Asked, Jayme Answers

Jayme has answered your questions! (And incidentally, Jayme, you are wrong in assuming no one sent in questions for you.)

I want to first of all thank jen for not only making
this possible...but making all the questions..because
God knows noone sent any in.

When and why did you start blogging?

About 3 years ago. I wanted to get info across to
people, and I at the time(and still) my parents never
listened to anything I said, so I thought blogging
would help. It was either crack or blogging. My
parents always said "Jayme that's fucked up" Now I get
random people to say it.

How did you first learn about blogs?

3 years ago. I was at a bar and......wait different
learning experience. Ummm...3 years ago. I found a
site called It looked cool, and like drugs,
everyone was doing it.

Do any bloggers influence you?

Jen, because she publishing this. Actually I
really enjoy her blog. Also Moxie, I love her style
and the fact that a hot blonde has so much knowledge.
And of course Frank J., who set me on the path I am

Where are you from?

Hell...actually I am from Jamaica. Though I am white,
I am still from Jamaica...yes the island.

Describe yourself in five words.


What do you have planned for the future?

I dunno yet. I am only 16 so staying alive in this
crazy country and world is hard enough. The antichrist
will probably show up and screw all my plans up

Who is the single most important person in your life and why?

I don't have many important people in my life.

Most people would say you parents or God. Well I just
mentioned their thats good enough. But the
person most important now is my girlfriend. She sees
things just like me, and well is my true love.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

*(#@%%@!$$$# then I would ^%$#@!$%%$ with @$$$#@
(This has been censored for the younger readers.)
Honestly, nothing. God forbid people like me...

You can spend one night alone with any one person you wish--who is it?

Moxie...for sure. I would say Jen, but she'd blow me
off, even in my own fantasy...shessh.

If you had to assassinate one person, who would it
be and how would you do it?

Michael Bolton...I'd play him his own music. Better
yet, I get a drunk office worker(at Jen's work) to
sign it after a few drinks.

What (if anything) would you change about yourself?

Not sure. When you see me on Mtv's "I want a famous
face" then all your questions will be answered.

Name your five favorite movies.

Cool runnings
office space
Tommy Boy
Green Mile
Is the Paris Hilton video really a movie? If so then
...replace that with green mile.

Name your five favorite musical artists.

Bob Marley
Simon and Garfunkle
The doors
Jimmi Hendrix
Beastie Boys

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla.....wait chocolate....if I say vanilla Jesse
Jackson is going to gun me down...well... Fine, I'll
just say vanilla.

You can hijack one blog. Whose do you take and what
do you do with it?

Glen Reynolds. Use it to make a complete Alliance take
over. Force all Glen Reynolds readers to join the
alliance...or becomes a Michael
Bolton fan site..(blog)

Would you rather have the Vulcan death grip or Jedi
mind power?

Mind find out who the hell asked that
question. What type of question is that?

Thanks to jen for all the great help. Thanks to noone
for reading or posting questions.

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Friday Quote

"Poets are the heart and soul of a people."

-Jewish proverb

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May 20, 2004

Thursday Quote

"Man has succeeded in overcoming tremendous spaces, but not the distance between one man and another."

-Jewish proverb

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May 19, 2004

*Here Come the Brides

Reading an interesting article on gay marriage and this quote popped out at me:

"This generation has been subjected to an enormous amount of pro-gay propaganda," says Robert Knight

Propaganda. So it's a Gay Conspiracy, then? Like the Zionists, only better dressed?

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Wednesday Quote

"We should bolster the light rather than fight the darkness."

-Jewish proverb

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May 18, 2004

I'll Give You a Topic...

You have a voodoo doll. Who is it for and what do you do to it?

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Tuesday Quote

"Whoever argues for the sake of argument is a boor."

-Jewish proverb

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May 17, 2004

*Jen's Big Gay Time

"Same-sex marriages would be good for the economy. The floral arrangements alone would pay off the national debt."

I had a pretty nice weekend. The best part was going to the Garden's 20th anniversary celebration, which included a concert by Margaret Cho to raise funds for the All Iowa AIDS Benefit.

Not to sound shallow, but Margaret has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw her and is looking fabulous. She also went to the Garden after her show to meet and greet fans. I know a lot of the more right-wing types don't care for her, but I thought her show was great.

The mayor of Des Moines, Frank Cownie, was at the show. He's one of the few men there who wasn't prettier than I am.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from Lyndon Johnson's inauguration:

1. LBJ was very much involved in all the planning of his inaugural festivities.

2. When LBJ took the Oath of Office, Lady Bird Johnson held the Bible. This was the first time a First Lady did this and it became the custom.

3. LBJ's Bible was one given to him by his mother.

4. The inaugural parade included a group of Coast Guard cadets just as JFK's parade had four years previously. This time, however, there were three black cadets in the group.

5. LBJ was the first president since William Henry Harrison to dance at his own inaugural ball. He was only the third president to dance--but now it is customary to do so.

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I'll Give You a Topic...

If you could ask a single question of anyone alive or dead, who would it be and what would you ask?

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Quote for Monday Morning

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes."

-Oscar Wilde

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May 14, 2004

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from John Kennedy's inauguration:

1. There was a blizzard in D.C. the night before the inauguration--luckily it subsided by morning. The weather was cold and windy yet sunny for the inaugural ceremony.

2. JFK's was the first inauguration to be shown on color television.

3. Before JFK took the Oath of Office, Cardinal Cushing stepped up to the podium to pray. While giving his prayer, he noticed smoke rising from the lectern. Fearing a bomb, the Cardinal dragged his speech out to 20 minutes long in hopes that any explosion would hit him rather than the new president. The smoke was from an old motor used to adjust the lectern's height. (The Secret Service almost evacuated the area.)

4. JFK made his inauguration unique by inviting poet Robert Frost to speak. (Clinton later emulated this.) When Frost pulled out his poem, he was blinded by the sunlight and could not read. He instead recited the poem from memory.

5. JFK's parade had 32,000 participants but he noticed when the Coast Guard cadets marched by there were no blacks. Soon afterwards, the Coast Guard made a concerted effort to recruit blacks.

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May 13, 2004

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration:

1. Eisenhower and Truman had been friendly before the election, but sore feelings lingered after it was over. These were not helped when Ike declined a lunch invitation from Truman before the inauguration, and the tension continued through inaugural day. Accounts vary regarding a couple of arguments the two men had on the ride to the Capitol, but it was apparently an unpleasant ride.

2. Ike used two Bibles when he took the Oath of Office. One was the same Bible George Washington used, and the other was the Bible Ike's mother gave him when he graduated West Point.

3. The first Eisenhower inauguration ceremony was the first to include a rabbi.

4. Ike also offered a prayer of his own before giving his inaugural address.

5. Ike had helped plan the inaugural festivities, and made sure the parade was shortened.

6. Jacqueline Bouvier was a member of the press corps at Eisenhower's first inaugural parade. She was 24 years old and working for the Washington Times-Herald.

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Quote of the Day

"Some people say we should understand the terrorists; I just say we should understand where they are so we can kill them." -Buck the Marine
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May 12, 2004

Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Tidbits from Harry Truman's inauguration:

1. Truman's 1949 inauguration was the first broadcast on television. Of course, not many people saw it since not many people had televisions at that time, but that's beside the point.

2. Broadway star Tallulah Bankhead didn't have a ticket to join Truman's reviewing stand at the parage, but when she raised a commotion a Secret Service agent recognized her and let her in.

3. Bankhead loudly booed when Strom Thurmond passed the reviewing stand. Thurmond had run against Truman and Dewey in the election. Mrs. Truman murmured to a friend that she wished she "had nerve enough to do that."

4. For his part, Truman simply turned his back on Thurmond's group.

5. Truman pledged to integrate the inaugural festivities, and blacks were included in all major events--including his inaugural ball. The inaugural ball tradition was revived with Truman.

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The Skin I'm In

Let's talk birthmarks.

I have two: one is a mole on my left calf that used to be fairly prominent but has now faded so much you can barely see it. The second is a light brown rectangular patch on my left shoulder. It's approximately 1" x 1/2". If my shoulder tans, the patch gets darker, too, making it always visible.

Yes, I'm babbling about nonsense. Got a problem with that?

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So you assume your keyboard is laid out in the most efficient way, am I right? Otherwise, why in the heck would the letters be so jumbled up?

The answer, my friends, lies in the typewriter.

In the 1870s when they were first being developed, typewriters tended to jam when used with great speed, so there was the need for a built-in delay. The keys were moved around to give the delay: yours.

So here in 2004 we are using keyboards made to conform to 1870s engineering.

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Quote for Wednesday

Another Chinese Proverb:

True gold fears not the test of fire.
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May 11, 2004

Proverb for the Day

Here's a Chinese Proverb:

Pioneers plant trees, but the latecomers rest in the shade.
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*I'll Give You a Topic...

If you could "program" your dreams to be about anything, what would they be? And how would this ability affect your sleep habits?


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May 10, 2004

*I'll Give You a Topic...

This one was inspired by my four-year-old niece. Last night I took her with me to the store and after checking out, I had 3 cents change. I gave it to my niece, who of course lost every penny before we even got to the car.

The question: How much money could you burn or throw away (never to be found by anyone) without feeling guilty?


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*Quote for Monday Morning

"I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves."

-Bruce Grocott

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May 07, 2004

*I'll Give You a Topic

Is it too late to replace Kerry and why?


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Quote for Friday

"Conscience: the inner voice which warns us that someone may be looking."

-HL Mencken

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May 06, 2004

*This, That, and the Head of a Cat

I opened a container of chocolate-chip cookies and noticed a nice big chocolate chip all alone at the bottom. So I picked it out and ate it. Sadly, it had the consistency of a raisin rather than a chocolate chip. Happily, it tasted like a raisin. But I can't quite put the nagging thought that it wasn't a raisin out of my mind.

Also, anyone who feels the need to send me links to decapitated cats (or decapitated-anything-else for that matter)--don't.


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*I'll Give You a Topic

If you had a theme song that would play as you walk down the street or enter a room, what would it be?


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*Quote for Thursday

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

-John F. Kennedy

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May 05, 2004

*Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from FDR's first inauguration:

(Note: I am only covering his first since he had so many. And this is also a test. If you read these presidential entries and enjoy them, please leave a comment here. Otherwise I am going to assume no one actually reads them and stop doing them once I get through GWB. Thanks and have a lovely day.)

1. Before the inauguration, the Roosevelts called on President Hoover. FDR and Hoover were at odds over the New Deal proposals and had endured a bitterly-fought election. After an awkward tea, FDR politely told Hoover he did not "have to return our call if you don't want to." Hoover coldly informed FDR that the President "calls on nobody." Eleanor hustled her family out of the White House before FDR could respond. James Roosevelt later remarked that he'd never seen his father angrier.

2. FDR began the custom for the president-elect to attend church services the morning of the inauguration.

3. As was tradition, FDR and Hoover rode to the Capitol together before FDR was sworn in. FDR's attempts to be polite failed miserably as Hoover refused to speak to him.

4. During the Oath, FDR omitted "so help me God" but he remembered it for his next three inaugurations.

5. The Roosevelts held a luncheon for 1,000 people after the inaugural ceremony. Eleanor helped the staff serve, and the new President had to wait his turn for food just like the other guests.

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*I'll Give You a Topic

Which is sexier:

A. Hustler
B. Playboy
C. SI's Swimsuit Edition
D. Victoria's Secret Catalog


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*Quote for Wednesday

"The course of true love never did run smooth."

-William Shakespeare

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May 04, 2004

Let Me Explain. No, It's Too Long--Let Me Sum Up.

And it was my war. Those were my soldiers. Because I am an American.

I didn't have a blog before the war in Iraq, so I can't reference back to posts I made. You'll just have to trust my recollections.

Right before the first bombs started flying, I had a rather intense discussion (read: hostile argument) about the impending war with a friend of mine. This friend is in the NYPD and a lifelong New Yorker, so that might shed some light on his perspective post-September 11.

I'm a lifelong Democrat, so draw your own conclusions on my perspective.

President Bush had been making his case for the WMDs, and my friend took it completely to heart. He insisted we had to go to war to stop Saddam Hussein from perpetrating another 9-11 or using nuclear bombs on us.

I wasn't convinced. The inspectors hadn't turned up enough evidence to show me that we needed to boot Saddam out of power based on his weapons capability. I did state that I thought Saddam definitely needed to be removed based on human rights issues, but that I felt it may be a very bad precedent to set. We already had so many people angry at us, and now we were going to throw out a country's leader without a "legitimate" excuse in the world's eyes?

Then the bombs started.

And it was my war. Those were my soldiers. Because I am an American.

You see, regardless of individual feelings about the war, WE ARE AT WAR.

There's no walking away from it. The worst thing we could do is abandon Iraq. Imagine if we yielded to the cries of "Bring the Boys Home". Imagine if we left Iraq--and the Iraqis--today.

First of all, Iraq would be up for grabs. It would be a chaotic mess, and you'd probably see a 1990s Afghanistan-type situation with warlords fighting each other.

Second of all, with the entire world watching, America would be backing down from a handful of guerilla fighters. Imagine budding terrorists' reactions to THAT.

We're there and we have to stay there. Iraq is now our responsibility whether you like it or not, and we have to finish what we've started.

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*Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from Herbert Hoover's inauguration:

(Note: as I was looking over the list of presidents I had coming up, I saw Herbert Hoover's name and decided to take a little trip over the weekend. In the Hoover library you can sit and watch excerpts of the inauguration. The crowd was excited and happy to see their hero sworn in. Hoover had won 58% of the popular vote and 444 of the 531 electoral votes. The good feelings, of course, would not last. But it is undeniable that Hoover was very popular up until the stock market crashed.)

1. Hoover's inauguration was the first to be filmed with sound.

2. Former President Taft administered the Oath and slipped up by saying "preserve, maintain, and protect" instead of "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution. No one seemed to notice.

3. Another slip-up regarding the Oath involved the Bible. Hoover had requested the Bible be opened to the Sermon on the Mount. Instead it was opened to Proverb 29.

4. The weather was rainy, but it did not dampen the high spirits of the spectators. The Hoovers shared the stormy weather with the crowd and kept their convertible top down.

5. Dispensing with an inaugural ball, the Hoovers held a charitable event instead.

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That's what this is.

Unfortunately, someone out there is sending quite a few people to this site to post anti-war and anti-American messages on the post about Taking Chance Home.

There is a time and a place for politics--and that's not it. Someone who would post a nasty comment on a humbling, moving post about bringing a soldier home is the same kind of person who would see nothing wrong with protesting a soldier's funeral, I suppose.

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*I'll Give You a Topic

If your spouse/significant other killed somone, would you turn him/her in?


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Quote for Tuesday

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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May 03, 2004

This Week

May 3
* This day is UN Press Freedom Day.
* 1971--National Public Radio debuted.

May 4
* 1961--The Freedom Riders began their journey.
* 1970--Kent State Vietnam War demonstration.

May 5
* 1862--Battle of Puebla in Mexico.
* 1904--Cy Young pitched baseball's first perfect game.

May 6
* 1937--Hindenberg disaster.

May 7
* 1945--Germany's surrender to Allied Forces.
* 1954--Vietnam's victory over France at Dien Bien Phu ended the Indochina War.

May 8
* 1884--Harry Truman was born.
* 1945--Germany's second surrender/V-E Day.

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Presidential Fun Fact of the Day

Some tidbits from Calvin Coolidge's inauguration:

1. Coolidge ascended to the Presidency when Warren Harding died. Before his inauguration in 1925, he took a few moments to sign bills into law. He hesitated over one of them however--a bill raising the pay for congressmen. He planned to address government spending in his inaugural address. Finally at 11:56 he signed the bill.

2. Former president William Howard Taft administered the Oath of Office.

3. Coolidge's inauguration was the first to be broadcast on radio.

4. Coolidge opted not to have an inaugural ball.

5. During the parade, Coolidge demonstrated little interest and appeared indifferent to the marchers--who in turn seemed to lose all enthusiasm for the event. After the parade, the president had a snack and took a nap.

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*I'll Give You a Topic

TV moms.

Who was the best and why?

Who was the worst and why?


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Quote for Monday Morning

"It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure why take the chance?"

-Ronald Reagan

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May 02, 2004


Well, I missed the 50K mark--it happened when I wasn't paying attention, so I can't thank whomever it was.

That makes this the lamest. post. ever.


What else? Oh, yes. I did my nearly-annual trek to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library today. They have an exhibit on Presidential Homes going on right now. If you're within driving distance, I'd recommend a visit. Especially if you've never been to the Hoover library.

Mmm, I think that's it. Will be blogging at full-speed this week, I promise.

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